Who Is De’arra Taylor’s Dad and What Do We Know About Her Parents?

The names of De’arra Taylor’s parents are not known but the internet star once took to her Twitter handle with the claims that Yo Gotti, the American rapper, composer, and record label boss, is her biological dad.

Though there are many who thought that Lakeisha Mims was her mother, the rumors have been debunked. Lakeisha is Yo Gotti’s ex-wife and has nothing to do with De’arra. The three children she shares with her ex-husband are known and they do not include the social media star.

De’arra Taylor’s Parents

The real identities of De’arra Taylor’s parents have remained unknown. Also, the subject has sparked heated debate among the internet star’s fans. While she constantly shares pictures of her mum on social media, De’arra has never uploaded her dad’s pictures via any of her handles. However, she once made a tweet naming American entertainer Yo Gotti as her dad, but how true is this claim?

Is Yo Gotti Really De’arra Taylor’s Dad?

Whether Yo Gotti is the father of De’arra Taylor or not is something that is yet to be established. The accomplished American rap artist, composer, and record label executive operates from a different arm of the entertainment industry and had no connection with Taylor until recently.

The duo were only linked together when De’arra took to her Twitter handle to affirm that Yo Gotti was her biological dad.

This juicy bit of information sparked a lot of assumptions and speculations that ran rife on different media outlets, and Taylor had a lot of follow-up tweets that fueled up the situation.

There was also a time that De’arra Taylor took to Twitter to narrate how her alleged dad ignored her but sadly, this particular tweet is now deleted. In another tweet she shared in 2015, the American social media star revealed that her mother single-handedly raised her. There was a cryptic tweet with a laughing emoji where she said, ‘When you see your dad for the first time after he hasn’t been in your life for all 19 years’.

With that said, we must note that none of these claims were confirmed. To date, Yo Gotti, whose real moniker is Mario Mims, never deemed it necessary to dignify the social media star’s claims with a response.

Another fact about De’arra Tylor’s alleged father that must be noted is that Yo Gotti is known to be a family man with three children – two daughters and one son – and from what is obvious, he dots on his brood. He is constantly on social media, praising his children’s achievements, but never for once did he mention De’arra Taylor. The rap artist shares his three children with Lakeisha Mims, who was briefly married to him.

Considering all these, there are absolutely no substantial grounds to pin Yo Gotti’s alleged blood ties with the social media star. Many have since concluded that they do not share DNA.

Who is De’arra Taylor’s Mum?

The name of Taylor’s mum is not known but the internet star often shares her images on social media. On special occasions like Mother’s Celebration, De’arra Taylor would take to social media to celebrate her mum for her love and support through the years.

There was a time Taylor shared a YouTube video where she was seen dressing up like her mother, but her fashion sense was as far as it got. Taylor never revealed the woman’s name, and other important facts like her career path.

With that said, we must mention that a lot of fans think Lakeisha Mims is the mother of De’arra simply because she was married to Yo Gotti, but that is far from the truth.

How Old Is De’arra Taylor?

De’arra Taylor is 28 as of 2024 and was born on the 17th of April 1996. Obviously, an American by nationality, Taylor has Afro-American ethnicity.

Taylor is not the only child of her parents, she was raised alongside a younger sister who goes by the name Zaria Mosley. Zarie also earns her keep as a social media personality.

Where Is De’arra Taylor From?

De’arra Taylor hails from the United States, precisely from Tennessee State. Though she was born and raised in Tennessee, she has long relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where she is raising her family.

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