Who is David Bromstad’s Husband or Partner?

David Bromstad has no husband, as he has never been married. He also does not have a partner. However, he was once involved in a same-sex relationship with a former police officer who goes by the name Jeffrey Glasko.

David is openly gay; he publicly declared his sexual orientation at the age of 22, which triggered a lot of backlash from fans and the general public. Since his outcoming, the gay TV personality has greatly supported the LGBTQ community. Most of his acquaintances are gay, and he has been severally spotted hanging out with people from the LGBTQ community.

Is David Bromstad Married?

David Bromstad is not married and has never tied the nuptial knot with any partner in his life.

David is one American celebrity that has courted so much public attention with his lifestyle, and needless to say, a lot has been said about him, and even more has been written via the media sources. From his controversial coming out ceremony to his relationship woes, the American interior designer took center stage in the grapevine speculations for quite a while.

Though the Design Star anchor is yet to embrace matrimony, he has been associated with a few partners since his emergence into the limelight. However, what he did with his life before fame is not known.

David Bromstad is Openly Gay

Talking in one of his interview sessions in 2012, a then 38-year-old David Bromstad revealed that he was 22 when he took the difficult decision to come out as gay. This, he said, happened in the mid-1990s.

His gay declaration was like a bombshell to fans, who wasted no time in inundating the TV personality with backlash for daring to host an event for an institution like The Salvation Army of Broward County, which is known for promoting anti-gay views.

While talking about his coming out, the HGTV’s Design Star personality said he has always known that a majority of HGTV’s followers were gay, but there was no gay presence among the talents that contest in the show. For this singular reason, David said he got really nervous about opening open about his sexual orientation after joining the show. The TV show host said he kept asking himself whether he wanted to be this person. Besides, he said he also considered the fact that no one bothered to enquire if he was gay before he joined the show.

When David Bromstad eventually made his preferred sexual orientation known to the people, his coming-out party wasn’t a huge success as it didn’t go as expected. For one, the day he chose to make the public announcement was the same day that Salvation Army was hosting an event, thus, the ceremony overshadowed his announcement.

However, that didn’t douse his spirit. In the same interview session, David announced that he has been enjoying a same-sex relationship for a long term, and the dalliance, he said, has endured for the last eight years.

Being openly gay, it was no surprise that David had been a raving supporter of the LGBT community. He goes all out to lend his strength to their events and leverages his handles on social media to promote their beliefs and positions on issues. There was one Instagram post where he was spotted dressed in all the colors of the Rainbow, a symbol of the LGBTQ.

Who Is David Bromstad’s Partner?

David Bromstad’s most popular partner was a man who goes by the name Jeffrey Glasko. Jeffery was employed by the Miami Police Department as its SWAT team leader. However, after they have dated for a while, he switched jobs and started working with David Bromstad LLC as the COO. Whether he still holds the position at David’s company remains to be seen.

David and his love interest Jeffery officially met on Valentine’s Day of 2004. They were at the same party in Firestone, Orlando, at a singles mixer party at a pub when they first crossed paths.

An all-singles mixer/partner party is a special event when people come out in search of potential boyfriends. Before that day, David said he had been crushing on Jeffery for a while but lacked the courage to approach his love interest. When he finally let his intentions known to Jeffery, he accepted his proposal, and the duo hit it off instantly. They went on to engage in a romantic relationship that lasted for over a decade.

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko Ended their Relationship after 10 Years

While their dalliance lasted, David Bromstad and his partner were all lovey-dovey, and fans were expecting their wedding announcement to hit the newsstand anytime soon, but that was not the case.

In 2015, fans learned that David and Jeffery split up because the American TV personality had a problem with alcohol and hard substance.

Glasko Sued his Ex-boyfriend, David Bromstad, Following their split

David Bromstad and Jeffery Glasko’s split was quite messy. In 2015, Glasko dragged David to court, claiming that the American TV personality breached what he referred to as their “oral cohabitation and support agreement.”

In the court document, Jeffery claimed he sacrificed his self-interest to go all out in support of David’s thriving career since 2010. Glasko’s claimed David lavished his funds on prostitutes and illicit drugs, resulting in a loss of confidence and trust in their union.

On his own part, David was prompt in responding to Jeffery’s claims through his attorney, William V. Roppolo. Dismissing the allegations, the TV show host said they were made by a very desperate man. From what is obvious, David was quite correct as the presiding judge struck out the claims, describing them as the most scandalous he ever saw.

Who is David Bromstad Dating Now?

Since his split from Jeffery, David Bromstad has been unusually quiet about his love life. However, the American TV personality in August 2016 shred a picture he snapped with an unidentified man and captioned, “My gorgeously talented BF.” However, that seemed to be a one-off, as nothing has been heard about the man since then.

Even without a partner in his love life, David seems to be enjoying a lot of outings with his buddies. He has been having a swell time with his friends, who are also part of the LGBTQ community. They have been spotted severally in public having a flirty, cheeky dynamic time together.


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