Who is Dale Russell Gudegast? All About Eric Braeden’s Wife

Dale Russell Gudegast is the wife of Eric Braeden, the German actor. The two got married in 1966 and four years later, they had their first and only child named Christian Gudegast. After so long a time, Dale still remains Eric’s wife, as their marriage has proven to stand the test of time despite the pressure that comes with fame and marriages.

Although Dale Russell is quite famous for her career as an actress, being the wife of the famous German American actor, Eric Braedrus, made her garner even more fame, as she is widely recognized as his wife. Here is all there is to know about Dale Russell Braedrus.

Summary of Dale Russell Gudegast’s Biography

  • Full name: Dale Suzanne Russell 
  • Gender: Female
  • Nickname: Gudegast
  • Date of birth: 1941, November 17
  • Age: 82 years old
  • Place of birth: Bakersfield, California, United States 
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Marital status: Married
  • Husband: Eric Braeden
  • Children: Christian Gudegast
  • Sibling: Patricia Annette Olson (Sigrid Valdis)
  • Height in inches: 5′ 10 inches
  • Height in centimeters: 177.8
  • Body Weight: 80kg
  • Religion: Christian
  • Net worth: $800,000 
  • Famous for: staring in the movie ‘ Holiday in the Sun
  • Profession: Actress

Dale Russell Gudegast was Born and Raised in Bakersfield, California

The beautiful blonde American actress who is 82 years old was born on 17th November 1941 in Bakersfield, California, the United States of America where she was also raised. Dale was born to parents who were half French and half-American. Therefore, she is of mixed ethnicity; Swedish and French ethnicity, and also an American citizen by nationality.

Dale’s parents inculcated in her a deep appreciation for family values and culture while raising her. However, their identity remains unknown to the public.

Dale Rusell had a sister named Patricia Annette Olson. She was also an actress and she came into the limelight after starring as Hilda in the popular television series “Hogan’s Heroes.” Patricia was commonly known by her stage name Sigrid Valdis. Unfortunately, she passed on in the year 2007, living behind three children whom Dale cared so much for.

Aside from this, Dale has maintained a very low profile when it comes to information about her childhood, parents, and siblings. One thing that is, however, certain from various reports concerning her early life, is that she had a good childhood.

Dale Russell Gadegast Skipped College Because of Her Passion for Acting

Who is Dale Russell Gudegast? All About Eric Braeden's Wife
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Dale Russell’s educational journey began in her home town where she got her elementary and high school education. She attended a private high school in Los Angelos, California, and after she graduated from there, she never moved on to college because she made a decision not to further her education, she was rather determined to chase after her passion of becoming an actress in Hollywood which she eventually did.

Even though she had limited experience as a newbie in the film industry,  she worked so hard to achieve her dreams, she was dogged enough to gain all the experience she needed with minor roles to become outstanding in her acting career. Her efforts eventually paid off as she got featured in a film titled ‘Holiday in the Sun’ in 2001 which brought her to the limelight.

How Dale Russell Gudegast Became Eric Braeden’s Wife

Eric and Dale first met on set in 1964 while he was working on the movie ‘Combat’. At first, their relationship started as a friendship and then gradually snowballed into a romantic relationship.

Eric took a step further to propose to Dale who happily accepted his proposal. The love birds eventually tied the knot on the 8th of October 1966. They had a small private wedding which was attended by a few friends and relatives.

Since then, Dale and Eric have been keeping the union intact. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 2019 and Dale shared a beautiful picture of them on her Facebook page to celebrate the occasion.

Meanwhile, Eric Braeden is a well-known German-American actor best known for his role as John Jacob Astor IV in the film, Titanic in 1997. He was born on the 3rd of April 1941 in Bredenbek, Free State of Prussia, Germany.

He has been featured in several movies which include the CBS soap opera The Young and Restless where he played Victor Newman, and Titanic (1997) where he played John Jacob Astor IV. He was also featured in The Rat Patrol as Hand Dietrich among others. His remarkable performances in the movie industry landed him several awards, including the Daytime Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 1998.

Dale Russell Gudegast's husband and their son
image source – Dale Russell Gudegast’s husband and their son

Christian Gudegast: Dale Russell Gadegast’s Son with Eric Braeden is now 54 years old

Just four years into their 1966 wedding, Dale Russell Gudegast and Eric Braeden had their first and only child, Christain Gudegast, on 9th February 1970 in Los Angeles where they also raised him. Growing up, Christain followed in the footsteps of his parents in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

In year 1992, as a 22-year-old, he graduated from UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and subsequently began making good of what he learned as a music and video director. In the line of his profession, Christian has credit for writing and acting in films like A Man Apart, London has Fallen, and others.

Currently, Dale Russell Gadegast and Eric Braeden’s son is a married man with three children. This makes Dale and her long-term partner grandparents.

What does Eric Braeden’s Wife do for a Living?

Aside from being the beloved better half of the well-known German American actor, Eric Braeden, Dale Russell Gadegast is one of the American actresses in Hollywood who has done decently well for herself in her acting career. She rose to fame in 2001 after starring in ‘Holiday in the Sun’, an American family comedy crime film directed by Steve Purcell where she featured as a chauffeur. Similarly, the movie featured Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen as the lead actors.

Additionally, Dale Russell began a writing career,  and she is currently writing an autobiography which is yet to be published. She has been able to amass an estimated net worth of $800,000 from her career. Aside from this, she has kept every piece of information about her career and business life private.

While Dale Russell Gudegast may not have starred in several movies as she wanted and may not have achieved the fame she hoped for through acting, she has found great contentment in her successful marriage and personal life.

Similarly, despite being married for more than 4 decades, Dale and Eric have stayed clear of every extramarital affair and have been able to weather the challenges and pressure faced by celebrity marriages, they have remained on each other’s side, bound by unscathed love.

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