Who Is Blueface’s Baby Mama, Jaidyn Alexis?

Jaidyn Alexis is the baby mama of Blueface, the American rapper. She was born on October 2, 1998, and is currently 25 years old. She is an American businesswoman, Instagram model, and social media influencer.

Jaidyn Alexis has joined the train of women who gained recognition for being associated with popular personalities. She gained recognition after she became rapper Blueface’s girlfriend-turned-baby mama. Their turbulent relationship has so far been a hot topic for discussion, thereby thrusting Jaidyn into the limelight.

Summary of Jaidyn Alexis’s Biography

  • Full name: Jaidyn Alexis
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: October 2, 1998
  • Jaidyn Alexis’s Age: 25 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mexican, Asian, and Native America
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Jaidyn Alexis’s Children: Javaugh J. Porter and Journey Alexis Porter
  • Jaidyn Alexis’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Jaidyn Alexis’s Height in Centimetres: 167 cm
  • Jaidyn Alexis’s Weight: 57 kg
  • Jaidyn Alexis’s Net worth: $1-$5 million
  • Famous for: being the baby mama of the American rapper Blueface
  • Jaidyn Alexis’s Instagram: @jaidynalexxis
  • Twitter: @jaidynalexxis

How Old is Jaidyn Alexis?

Jaidyn Alexis is 25 years old. She was born on October 2, 1998, in Los Angeles, United States. The Instagram model is an American citizen who was also raised in the United States, though where she spent her years growing up has not been revealed. She was born under the Libra sign and is a strong follower of the Christian faith.

The Instagram model inherited Mexican, Asian, and Native American roots from her parents. Meanwhile, she is yet to reveal the names and occupations of her parents. In a similar vein, there is no information as to whether she has siblings or what they do at this time.

Just as she likes to keep some details about herself vague, Jaidyn Alexis has concealed every detail about her education. To this end, the names of the schools that she attended for her early and high school education have been kept off the radar. However, all that is known is that she was educated in the United States. It is difficult to ascertain if she earned a degree or the names and locations of the college that she attended.

The Instagram Influencer Met Blueface in High School

Jaidyn Alexis was able to rise to the limelight for her romantic association with her high school sweetheart, Blueface. The ex-lovers reportedly met while they were still in high school. However, when they started dating was never revealed, but the duo reportedly dated for a long time, welcoming two children together.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the duo was involved in an on-and-off relationship that sometimes turned violent. In 2020, Jaidyn Alexis reportedly damaged Blueface’s car and property out of anger. She smashed the windows and doors of the car with a metal pooper scooper. This was after she reportedly caught the rapper with another woman in his home.

In an Instagram live video hosted by Blueface on his Instagram handle, it portrayed the lovers arguing, each trying to shut the other person up. At one point, Alexis lost it and slapped the rapper who was laying on the bed at the time. In turn, he giggled and told her that he was singing a Big Sean song.

After some time, the duo quit their relationship after welcoming a son together. However, their love was still alive and would occasionally bring them back together. Even when the rapper moved on, they were still romantically involved with each other, which resulted in the birth of their second child. At the moment, the duo is co-parenting their children and is no longer together. This notwithstanding, their love might still bring them back again.

At this point, Blueface is fully focused on his music career, as his current relationship has turned toxic. It is not clear if Jaidyn Alexis has moved on, but despite that, she is giving all her love and energy to raising her children.

How Many Children Does Jaidyn Alexis Have?

Jaidyn Alexis is the proud mother of two children, whom she welcomed with her baby daddy, Blueface. Just as his fame rubbed off on her, it has also thrust her children into the limelight, and here is all there is to learn about them.

Javaughn J. Porter

Javaugh J. Porter is the first child and son that Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface welcomed. He was born on April 29, 2019, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Since his birth, he has been cherished by both parents and has been flaunted several times on their social media handles.

After his birth, his father penned a song titled Deadlocs for him. Despite flaunting him on their social media handles, Jaidy and Blueface have succeeded in keeping the public in the dark about information concerning Javaughn. One thing that is very obvious is that the young boy is quite fond of both parents.

Journey Alexis Porter

Journey Alexis Porter is the second child of Jaidyn Alexis with Bluefcae. She was born on August 5, 2020, in the United States, though the exact place where she was born is not known. Her birth was announced in grand style by both parents.

A few months before Journey was born, Jaidyn Alexis took to her Instagram handle to share a video with the caption, “I guess Christmas came a little early this year.” The video showed her intimating Blueface to the fact that they were expecting a child. She gave him a gift box to open and their curious son was spotted urging his father to go on and open the box.

When the rapper opened the box, he saw a positive pregnancy strip and asked Jaidyn if she was pregnant. The overjoyed mother said yes, and they hugged each other. After she gave birth to her daughter, Jaidyn also announced it through her Instagram handle.

She uploaded a picture of her newborn’s tiny feet with the caption Journey Alexis Porter. The Instagram model has been a great mother to her kids and will not stop at anything to give them the best.

Blueface’s Babymama is a Businesswoman and Beauty Influencer 

Jaidyn Alexis is not just a great mom, she also has a flourishing career.  Jaidyn Alexis is a social media model and influencer. She is active on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter and has a great number of followers. The Instagram influencer often uploads videos on fashion, cosmetics, beauty, and other content on her platform.

Jaidyn Alexis is not just an Instagram influencer but also a businesswoman. She is the CEO of a beauty line based in California. The Instagram influencer is the CEO of Glendale babyface skin and body L.L.C., a healing and beauty company. It is believed that she is doing great in business.


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