Who Is Billy Strings’ Wife or Girlfriend?

Billy Strings is not married and does not have a wife but he is currently engaged to his girlfriend, Ally Dale.

Strings started dating Dale in 2014 when he was still a struggling musician; traveling on the road and playing any gig that would have him. She supported him wholeheartedly and at some point, became his tour manager. Going through the tough times together strengthened the romance between the two and they remain very much in love. Their social media accounts are littered with heartfelt tributes and pictures of them together.

Is Billy Strings Married?

Billy Strings is not married but he would soon become a married man as he is currently engaged to his beloved girlfriend, Ally Dale. Strings and Dale began dating in 2014 and celebrate their anniversary on the 31st of December each year. At the time their romance started, Billy had just kicked off his career.

He was a struggling artist with not much to his name but this didn’t interfere with his relationship with Dale. She loved him for who he was and so supported him through all the low times until he finally became a big star. Now that he is a big star, Billy Strings and Ally Dale have not allowed fame or fortune to come between them.

Dale still accompanies her beau to his concerts. She has also joined him on the red carpet for important ceremonies such as the Grammy Awards. Ally also posts sweet tributes to Billy on special days such as his birthdays. She has also shared pictures of them looking all loved up.

Billy Strings similarly reciprocates the energy and never forgets Ally’s birthday. On one occasion, he described her as “my queen Ally Dale” and insinuated that she was perfect as she lets him buy instruments and play gigs.

Also on the 18th of February 2020, he declared it Happy Queen Ally Dale Day and wished her a fabulous year filled with love, music, and pleasant surprises. Additionally, during an interview with The Guardian in March 2022, Strings stated that part of the reason his life is so good now is because he has got an amazing woman in it.

Ally Dale and Billy Strings got engaged in May 2021 in a private setting. The couple has not spilled the exact details of their engagement but taking that next step has been a profound one for them. Strings has revealed that his 2021 single, In The Morning Light, was inspired by him and Dale getting engaged.

The couple has not revealed their exact wedding date but it would be sometime soon as Dale is already shopping for a wedding dress. On the 23rd of October 2022, she shared that she had said yes to the dress. Her location indicated that she was at The Dress Theory, a bridal dress shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Who is Billy Strings’ Girlfriend?

Billy Strings’ girlfriend is Ally Dale (real name, Allyson Dale). Dale is Caucasian-American and celebrates her birthday on the 18th of February each year. Her birth year is not known but it would be in the early 90s, same as her famous boyfriend. Ally Dale is a former tour manager. She served as a tour manager for her fiancée for several years.

Her job was to make all the arrangements that would make his tour run smoothly. This includes arranging travel plans, coordinating venues, managing money, facilitating media interactions, and even selling merch. Dale did it all for years before stepping down in late 2021. Her boyfriend has praised her for her hard work and dedication and stated that she is capable of anything.

Ally Dale is now a yoga teacher and mindfulness and movement advocate. She underwent 200 hours of teacher training at the Mindful School of Yoga on the 4th of June 2022 and now runs her own yoga classes. Some of these classes are physical in nature while others are virtual.


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