Who Is Austin Ekeler’s Wife or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Austin Ekeler is not married but his single status does not mean he is romantically unattached. The NFL star has a girlfriend whose name is Melanie Wilking.

Born April 12, 1999, Melanie is a 25-year-old TikTok star who gained public notoriety alongside her older sister Miranda with their famous TikTok channel “The Wilking Sisters.” The channel is characterized by the dancing videos they used to put out together even though Melanie has become the sole act. Read on as we gain insight into the relationship status of Austin Ekeler.

Austin Ekeler Is Not Married

No lady can claim that Austin Ekeler is her husband at the moment. Frankly, the NFL star has never been married at any point in his life. While he has been in several relationships on his journey to becoming a running back for the Dodgers, he has not for once exchanged marital vows with any of the women he has been involved with.

That notwithstanding, there’s every possibility that he will likely settle down when he finds the right woman and we hope he finds her soon.

He Is In A Relationship With Melanie Wilking

Not being married does not equate to a celibate lifestyle for Austin Ekeler who has been in a relationship with Melanie Wilking for over a year now. If the name of the NFL star’s girlfriend rings a bell, it’s simply because beyond being the girlfriend of a sports celebrity,  she has also attained celebrity status through her efforts as a social media celebrity.

Austin and Melanie began dating officially in 2021. The available details of their relationship do not cover where they met or the circumstances surrounding that first meeting. We can only confirm that they fell in love at some point and have continued to show love, devotion, and attention to each other since their relationship began.

Austin and Melanie are also very supportive of each other’s career efforts. She regularly shows up for his NFL games alongside his mother while some of the videos on the social media star’s TikTok channel feature her and Austin engaging in one viral challenge or the other.

While she has shown that she is entirely capable of attracting sufficient viewers to her channel, Austin’s presence adds an extra dimension to her posts which her myriad followers have greatly appreciated. Austin, on the other hand, revels in the inspiration that comes with seeing her seated next to his mom in the stands.

Who is Austin Ekeler’s Girlfriend, Melanie Wilking?

Austin Ekeler’s girlfriend Melanie Wilking was born on April 12, 1999, in the United States. Melanie is the youngest of two children born to Dean and Kelly Wilking. Austin’s girlfriend grew up in Michigan and several sources have confirmed that she developed her love for dancing at the very impressionable age of two.

She graduated from the Warren Consolidated School of Performing Arts and has also performed as a member of the Detroit Pistons Mob Squad. Dancing helped Melanie overcome the feelings of loss and despair that engulfed her after she lost her sister who had essentially been her dancing partner.

Melanie Wilking’s status as a social media celebrity comes primarily from her contributions to the social media platform known as TikTok. On that platform, Melanie operates under the handle @melaniewilking where she primarily posts dancing videos.

She used to post the videos with her older sister, Miranda, but she is now a solo act after her sister decided to join a religious sect. That notwithstanding, Melanie has managed to garner more than 3.4 million followers on TikTok since she began posting dancing videos on the platform.

Austin Ekeler Dated Taylor Frick

Before hooking up with his current girlfriend, Melanie, Austin Ekeler had been in a few other relationships with various other women. One of the more prominent names on the list of girls he has dated in the past is Taylor Frick. Austin’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor, is a personal fitness trainer who currently works at UFC Gym in Costa Messa, California.

Taylor Frick was born in Gilbert, Arizona, the United States on September 18, 1986. She is one of two children born to Boyd and Tracey Frick. Taylor has a sister named Hailey and they were both raised in Gilbert, Arizona. Taylor’s mom, Tracey, has over 20 years’ worth of experience working in county probation divisions such as Arizona and Colorado. Her dad, Boyd, was also a long-serving probation officer in Arizona.

Taylor’s experience as a fitness trainer has its roots in her early years as a student-athlete who played soccer on the women’s soccer team of Western Colorado University. Prior to her years at the university, she received her high school diploma at Campo Verde High School.

It’s not lost on us that Austin and his ex-girlfriend attended the same university and that he was a year ahead of her. However, we cannot confirm that they were college sweethearts even though that would have been the logical assumption.

We can also not confirm when the former couple began dating exactly or how long their relationship lasted, but we can tell you that while it lasted, Frick and Ekeler were near inseparable. Both were athletes and their shared interests often meant that they spent a lot of time together. Whether it involved working out in the gym or going out on a simple date, Austin and Taylor made sure to enjoy those times in each other’s company.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the duo were living together and they came up with several ideas including the one about streaming their workouts and their incredibly unconventional but challenging Freak Flex challenge. It was great while it lasted but somewhere along the line, the former couple decided to call time on their relationship and go their separate ways.

Neither Austin nor Taylor has publicly acknowledged the reason for their split and it has left a lot of their fans wondering what precisely went wrong in the former couple’s relationship. Neither seems interested in clearing the air and Austin’s emotional energy appears to be solely focused on making his current relationship with Melanie work.

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