Who Are Slade Smiley’s Kids? Meet Grayson, Skylar, and Gavin Smiley

Slade Smiley has three children named Gavin, Grayson, and Skylar Smiley. His first child, Gavin Smiley, was born to his ex-wife, Rose Smiley, while his second child, Grayson Smiley, was born by an ex-partner in the year 2000. Smiley welcomed his third child, a daughter named Skylar Gray, in 2019.

Slade Smiley’s eldest child is a thriving software engineer, while his last child is just a three-year-old pre-schooler. His middle child, unfortunately, passed away in 2023 as a result of complications arising from brain cancer.

Meet Slade Smiley’s Children

Slade Smiley’s First Son, Gavin, is a Software Engineer and Graphics Designer

  • Date of Birth: 1st of April 1991
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Mother: Rose Smiley
  • Occupation: Software Engineer
Slade Smiley
Gavin Smiley and his wife, Kenna Smiley Image Source

Slade Smiley has two sons and his first son, and the first child is named Gavin Smiley. Gavin was born on the 1st of April 1991 in California. The young man is the product of his only marriage which was to a lady named Rose Smiley. Slade and Rose divorced in the years after Gavin’s birth, but Slade made sure to maintain close ties with his son.

As a result, his son featured prominently in his story arc on The Real Housewives of Orange County in the early 2000s. Gavin was one of the youngsters that took the show by storm and became a mini-celebrity. He was interviewed on what he was up to. He was also asked about the common impression that the teens on the show were spoiled.

Gavin made it evident that his dad did not spoil him. He was required to save up and use his money for the things that he wanted. Gavin Smiley attended Ventura College from 2009 to 2010. He later attended The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles from 2010 to 2014 and completed a bachelors degree in game art and design. Gavin Smiley has since built a career as a software engineer, graphics designer, and game developer.

He has worked as a graphics designer for Scosche Industries and as a front-end developer for GiddyUp. He has also founded ventures such as Great Attractor Studios, Everypage Inc, and Frisson Studios Inc. He is based in Los Angeles and describes himself as a multi-faceted software engineer with experience in front-end web, ThreeJS, and Unity game programming and design and a long history of graphic design and marketing.

Gavin Smiley is Married to Kenna Smiley

Away from work, Gavin Smiley is married to Kenna Smiley, an award-winning aesthetician, and businesswoman. Kenna has been a licensed aesthetician since 2010 and runs a boutique skin care studio, which provides simple and effective treatments for clients to boost their self-confidence.

Gavin and Kenna started dating sometime in the mid-2010s and, by 2018, were engaged. They later got married in 2019, and Slade and his present girlfriend did their best to support the couple with all manner of stuff for their wedding ceremonies, such as customized welcome signs and wooden seat reservation signs. Gavin and Kenna make their home in Ventura County and have two cats.

Slade Smiley’s Second Child is a Son Named Grayson Smiley

  • Date of birth: 16 May 2000
  • Died: 7 February 2023
  • Age: 22
  • Mother: Michelle Arroyo
Slade Smiley
The late Grayson with his mom, Michelle Image Source

The second of three children born to Slade Smiley is Grayson Smiley-Arroyo. Grayson was the product of his relationship with a lady named Michelle Arroyo and was born at the dawn of a new millennium in 2000. Slade and Grayson’s mom never got married, and at some point, they later went their separate ways. Michelle got primary custody of Grayson, while Slade was asked to pay child support of about $3,500 each month.

He paid for some time but later owed so much that this caused problems between him and Michelle. It also led to nasty media reports about him. Slade was later able to have his child support obligations reduced, and it seems he kept up with payments after that, as the story did not surface in the news anymore.

He Died of a Brain Tumor in 2023

Grayson was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of six. The doctors gave him just a few years to live, but he proved to be a fighter and a warrior and lived for 16 years after the diagnosis. It wasn’t an easy ride, though. Grayson endured years of treatments and chemotherapy and underwent as many as 29 surgeries, many of which were on his brain.

These procedures, unfortunately, came with complications that wreaked havoc on his major systems, including his heart. Despite all this, Grayson maintained an upbeat attitude about life. He took classes at home. He also loved hip-hop music and playing video games. He was also partial to pirates and nicknamed himself Captain Gary the Lord.

Grayson Slade lived life to the fullest and passed away on the 7th of February, 2023. His mom, who had been his longtime carer and sole health advocate, announced the death and stated that his heart had given out. Grayson’s death elicited tributes from his loved ones, including Becky Arroyo. She described what his life had been like and stated that despite it all, he still had the biggest smile and gave the biggest hug.

Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley’s partner, also paid tribute to Grayson. She shared videos of Grayson hanging out with his younger half-sister and declared that they would love him forever. She also stated that he was always dancing and singing and was a true beacon of light and hope. She described him as an angel on earth and an incredible warrior.

Slade Smiley’s Third Child is Daughter Skylar

  • Date of birth: 10th of July 2019
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Mother: Gretchen Rossi
Slade Smiley
Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi with their daughter, Skylar Image Source

Slade Smiley’s third child is a daughter named Skylar Gray. She was born on the 10th of July 2019, and her mother is his long-term partner and fiancée, Gretchen Rossi. Slade and Rossi have been dating since 2009 and got engaged in the early 2010s. Fans have been waiting to see when they would formalize their vows, but they are in no hurry to do that. They have instead focused on merging their lives in the ways that matter, one of which was having a child together.

The couple had to go the IVF route, but it all proved to be worth it when they welcomed Skylar, and they now lavish a lot of love on her. For instance, when Skylar turned one in 2020, they went all out and threw her a mermaid-themed birthday party. The party was quite the extravagant bash and featured real-life mermaids, a six-tiered cake, and incredible decorations.

Even more importantly, they had loved ones around to celebrate the little lady. Skylar is currently 4 years old, which is the preschool age range. There is the possibility that she is enrolled in preschool. It is also possible that her parents have kept her back home for some more months of tender loving care.

Skylar often makes appearances on her parent’s social media pages. Her proud mom has revealed that she has achieved specific miles stones such as walking and swimming ahead of time and even before she turned one. The little girl is a smart cookie.


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