Who Are David Bromstad’s Siblings and Does He Have A Twin Brother?

David Bromstad has three older siblings, and none of them is his twin. The celebrated designer is the last child of his parents’ four children.

Among his siblings, David Bromstad is the celebrity, and none of his folks have any other link to the spotlight except through him. Their celebrity status of David has rubbed off on his siblings, and many wish to know more about them. Let’s meet the Bromstad siblings.

Is David Bromstad a Twin?

David Bromstad does not have a twin brother, as speculations have gone rife about it. David was born on August 17, 1973, to Diane Marlys Bromstad and Richard Harold David Bromstad, who welcomed him as their fourth and last child, but the designer was born alone.

He has three siblings who are older than him. Assumptions about David Bronstad’s twin brother may have come from the fact that he shares similar features with his brother Dean. Nevertheless, David Bromstad is not a twin. He shares a close bond with his family, but they are not fans of making public appearances.

Meet David Bromstad’s Siblings

David Bromstad has three older siblings – a brother named Dean Richard Bromstad and two sisters – Dynelle Renee Bromstad and Dyonne Rachael Bromstad. One fact that is known about them is that they have a mixed origin.

While their mother, Diane Marlys Bromstad (nee Chang), has Swedish–German ancestry, their father, Richard Harold David Bromstad, is of Norwegian ancestry. The family is a close-knit one, but to date, David remains the most popular one among his siblings and parents.

Dyonne Rachael Bromstad

Aside from her name, other details about Dyonne Rachael Bromstad have not been made public. These details include her date of birth, age, and even occupation. Going by the fact that David is 50 years old, it is safe to say that Dyonne is over 50. However, we can say she shares the same parents as her popular brother David Bronstad.

Like her other siblings, Dyonne also grew up in Minnesota and was born into a home of mixed ethnicity. Their parents raised them to maintain a close relationship with one another, and they have kept that fire burning. There is no information about the personal life of Dyonne to show if she is married with kids.

Dean Richard Bromstad

Mostly known as the older brother of David Bromstad, Dean is the only brother David has and is the one people mistake to be his twin. His name is the only personal detail available about him, as his date of birth, age, and occupation is not known.

Dean Bromstad is the only member of the family who has not been featured on David Bromstad’s social media pages. He prefers to stay off media attention, and to date, it has remained a mystery what he does for a living.

Dynelle Renee Bromstad

Also born to Diane Marlys Bromstad and Richard Harold David Bromstad, who are also David Bromstad’s parents, Dynelle Renee Bromstad is mostly recognized as David Bromstad’s older sister. Her other details, such as date of birth, age, and occupation, are not public knowledge. She also grew up in Minnesota, as David is said to have spent his childhood there with his siblings.

According to reports, one of David Bromstad’s sisters is a talented interior designer, and he has collaborated with her on many occasions. David also started a small design company named ‘Dragonfly Designs’ with the said sister, but there is no confirmation of her identity. Thus, between Dyonne and Dynelle Bromstad, one is an interior designer by profession.

The two sisters have also worked with their younger brother David on his television show, and he doesn’t spare a moment to share how much he loves his family.

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