What Is Storm Reid’s Ethnicity and Who Are Her Parents?

Storm Reid’s ethnicity is African-American, and she was born on the 1st of July 2003 to African-American parents; Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid. Though many think she has Asian roots, Storm Reid’s dad and mom are African American.

The actress was just three years old when she appeared in her first television commercial and made her short film debut at age nine. This shows how supportive her parents have been of her career, and so far, they have not changed the way they rally behind her and her siblings. They even moved the family from Atlanta, Georgia, to Los Angeles, California, to give their children better career opportunities.

Storm Reid’s Ethnicity and Nationality Explored

The actress was born in Atlanta, Georgia as the last child of her parents, who are both African Americans. Storm Reid’s parents, Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid, are Black Americans, and this also applies to their children. As a result of her place of birth, Storm Reid’s nationality is American, while she inherited her African background from her folks. Thus, Storm Reid is an African-American actress.

She was raised with three siblings; a brother, and two sisters. Storm seems to be the most talented among the bunch and aspired to be an actress from an early age. Starting off in a TV commercial at age three, her parents spotted her talent for the performing arts and moved to os Angeles to give Storm a better chance at becoming somebody in the industry, and that move has paid off.

Storm’s Academic history is not really known, but she did finish high school and went to prom with actor Sayeed Shahidi. She has played roles in acclaimed movies and TV shows, including 12 Years a Slave, Sleight, A Wrinkle in Time, When They See Us, Euphoria, The Invisible Man, and The Suicide Squad, among many others. She has also received many award nominations, including Teen Choice Award for Choice Fantasy Movie Actress, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Breakthrough Role in a Motion Picture, and BET YoungStars Award.

Her career achievements at such a young age have drawn attention to her parents, and people want to know who they are. It is quite clear that she is able to attain such heights through the support of her parents. Let’s meet Storm Reid’s folks who made sure she got all the support she needed to push her career to the next level.

Who are Storm Reid’s Parents?

Storm Reid’s parents are identified as Rodney Reid and Robyn Simpson. Even though the actress’s parents provided all the support she needed to thrive in the movie industry, they are not famous on their own.

Her dad is the less famous one and has not made any public appearance so far. Storm’s mom has a history in the entertainment industry as a producer with just a few credits to her name. As a result, not much has been revealed about Storm’s folks, including when they met each other or when they got married.

Meet Storm Reid’s Dad, Rodney Reid

  • Full name: Rodney Reid
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife: Robyn Simpson Reid
  • Children: Iman, Josh, Paris, and Storm
  • Famous for: Being Storm Reid’s dad

Storm Reid’s dad has been identified as Rodney Reid, and that is almost the only information available about him. The actress mentioned him a few times during interviews, but the much she has shared lingers around the fact that she got her height from him.

The year Rodney Reid was born is not known, and the same applies to his occupation. There are reports that when Storm’s mom relocated to Los Angeles with her to boost her chances of career success, her dad stayed back in Georgia with her other siblings. This is evident in the fact that the actress is often seen in pictures and videos with her mom, while her dad is always missing from the picture. However, there are other reports that the whole family migrated together.

Who is Storm Reid’s Mom, Robyn Simpson Reid?

  • Full name: Robyn Simpson Reid
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Rodney Reid
  • Children: Iman, Josh, Paris, and Storm
  • Famous for: Being Storm Reid’s mom
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Robyn Simpson Reid is Storm Reid’s mother, and she is a producer. Like her husband, her birth details have not made it to the public space. Robyn is known for her work on The Jamie Foxx Show (1996) and Poultry and Prejudice (2004). Interestingly, these are the only projects she has worked on.

Considering her background in the movie industry, it is safe to say that Storm Reid’s mom is responsible for guiding her through her journey up to this stage. Robyn is said to have relocated to Los Angeles with Storm when it became obvious her talent would go far with the right push.

Between her parents, Storm seems to be closer to her mom. They are also business partners and run their own production company known as A Seed and Wings. The mother-daughter duo has graced a lot of TikTok videos together, displaying their dancing moves. Robyn raised her daughter to be a devout Christian, and the young actress always speaks out about the morals she learned from her mom.

“One of the most valuable qualities she’s instilled in me is the courage to be unapologetically myself. I don’t let anyone make me feel small. I don’t let anyone tell me I don’t belong in certain spaces.”

Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid Has Three Other Children Besides Storm

Storm Reid is not an only child as Paris Reid, Iman Reid, and Josh Reid are the other children born to Robyn and Rodney. Paris and Iman are Storm Reid’s sisters, while Josh is her only brother. Storm is the last child born to Rodney and Robyn.

It appears that among Rodney and Robyn’s children, Storm is the only one who has attained celebrity status. However, Paris has made some impact in the entertainment industry as she worked at The Late Late Show production office.

Is Storm Reid Related To Zendaya?

Storm and Zendaya – image source

Storm and Zendaya are playing on-screen sisters on the set of Euphoria, and fans can’t help but spot the uncanny resemblance between the two. While Zendaya plays Rue Bennett, Storm depicts the role of Gia Bennett, Rue’s younger sister in the HBO series.

The casting directors obviously chose them for the roles because of their resemblance, but fans have wondered if there is more to it, perhaps if they are related in real life. The truth is the two ladies are just friends and professional actresses. They are not related in any way.

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