Michael Bolton Health Update: Is He Still Sick?

Michael Bolton has not confirmed any serious health issues despite the rumors that he is battling Parkinson’s. 

The 71 year-old award-winning singer unintentionally sparked rumors about his health through some of the posts he shared in recent times. Cancellation of concerts due to health-related reasons also contributed to the speculations that he might be battling some serious diseases. However, it seems he is only dealing with minor illnesses as a normal human being.

Does Michael Bolton Have Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s disease is one of the diseases some fans claim Michael Bolton is suffering from. The speculations stemmed from some movements they noticed him make.

Taking to Twitter, some fans showed concern about the singer’s health, tweeting: “@JennaHagerBush saw Michael Bolton with you on the Morning Show. Does he have Parkinson’s disease? Sure looked like it.”

Another Twitter user noted that he sounded great, but “movement and looks were disturbing”. Notwithstanding the concerns, the singer has not made any public statement about his alleged battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Legendary singers like Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Bennett have, however, made their health problems public. While Bennett confirmed that he had Alzheimer’s disease in February 2021, Osbourne shared that he was now battling Parkinson’s disease in January 2020. Bolton, on the other hand, is yet to confirm any serious illness that has befallen him.

Does Michael Bolton have Samson Syndrome?

Among the speculations about Michael Boton’s health problems is the claim that he is suffering from what is called Samson syndrome. While there is no evidence of this, many sites have shared the news, leaving more concerned fans on their trails.

Nevertheless, there is no confirmation that Samson syndrome is an actual disease. Netizens only came up with the name “Samson Syndrome” because of the severity of his symptoms. They apparently thought his illness is very serious and required a strong name to explain it.

Michael Bolton has Cancelled His Concerts Due to Health-Related Issues

While there have been concerns about his health, it seems Michael Bolton is hale and hearty. The singer did miss some gigs because he was sick and doctors suggested he should get some rest. However, these episodes were nothing to worry about. Bolton came down with a minor illness in the fall of 2021, and this led to a few days’ break.

The six-time AMA and two-time Grammy winner took to Twitter in 2019 to tell fans that his doctors advised him to take a break during his Finland show. Either way, Michael seems to have recovered quickly and gotten back on stage to perform a string of concerts in the U.K. in the second half of October 2021. He tweeted;

“My dear fans in Finland, it is with a heavy heart that, under doctors’ orders, I will be unable to perform at my show in Oulu on Friday due to illness. I struggled through the show in Tampere and have been ordered to rest and get treatment.”

Another episode emerged in October 2021 when the singer postponed some of his gigs in the UK. However, this seems to be nothing serious. He reportedly came down with a minor illness and was soon back on his feet to perform the same month.

Where Is Michael Bolton Today?

Michael Bolton is still active in his singing career. The American singer represented his hometown of Connecticut at the American Song Contest 2022, debuting with the song “Beautiful World.”

Though the competition commenced months after he canceled some of his concerts due to health issues, Bolton made it to the finals of the American Song Contest but finished in the seventh position. He is also active on social media and has often shared pictures and videos on his Instagram. Generally, the music legend looks well and has not shown any sign of being seriously sick.

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