What Happened to DJ Paul’s Hand

DJ Paul’s hand, specifically his right hand, is deformed. This deformity is caused by a nervous condition known as Erb’s Palsy. The Memphis, Tennessee-born disc jockey was born with the condition and usually wears a glove on the deformed hand during his live performances.

Born Paul Beauregard on January 12, 1977, DJ Paul is a renowned American solo rapper as well as a founding member of the hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia. His stellar musical talents and accomplishments have made him a regular feature of the American musical spotlight. However, the fact that he normally wears a glove on his right hand for live performances has inadvertently drawn the public’s and the media’s attention to his condition. This article answers all your questions about what happened to DJ Paul’s hand.

What Deformed DJ Paul’s Hand?

As previously mentioned, the deformity in DJ Paul’s right hand was caused by Erb’s Palsy, a neurological condition otherwise known as brachial plexus injury.

This is contrary to various suggestions that he may have been involved in an accident. We have also established that the rapper was born with the condition he jokingly calls his baby arm.

DJ Paul's Hand

It solidifies the assertion that this deformity occurs as a result of difficult childbirth that often leads to the child’s neck being stretched in a manner that ultimately damages the brachial plexus, a network of nerves running down the spine and gives feeling to the nerves in the arms, hands, and wrists.

What Does DJ Paul’s Right Hand Look Like?

DJ Paul’s right-hand looks significantly less developed when compared to his fully formed left hand. This abnormality is a feature of the aforementioned medical condition he was born with.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), roughly one or two in 1,000 babies are born with Erb’s Palsy, which can be temporary or permanent.

Furthermore, in some kids, as was in the case of the rapper, the affected hand is visibly smaller than the unaffected hand, largely due to the fact that nerves affect growth.

The study further shows that the deformed hand will continue to grow as the child grows. However, it will grow slower, and the size difference will become more conspicuous as the child gets older, a fact that has aptly played out in the case of DJ Paul.

DJ Paul’s Condition Doesn’t Stop Him From Working

Many people with a similar medical condition to the talented rapper and disc jockey may have relied on humanitarian aid and charity to survive, but not DJ Paul, who is not just surviving but thriving as one of the foremost DJs and rappers in the United States today.

Several outlets, including Earn The Necklace, report that the rapper gets by on an average of just three hours of sleep a night, reinforcing his work ethic and dedication to his craft as a musician.

DJ Paul feels that if he is not working, he is losing and not really giving his life what he should be giving it, a statement well-reflected, not just in all his musical accomplishments as a solo performer and a member of the Three 6 Mafia, but also in his 2011 win on the VH-1 cooking competition show Famous Foods.

Does DJ Paul Go Without Gloves?

He rarely does. In fact, ever since DJ Paul became a big deal in the music industry, his fans have barely caught sight of him without a glove on his deformed right hand. Several theories exist about why he keeps it covered, including that he does not want the unnecessary attention it will draw to detract from the thrill of his performances.

There is also the possibility that he may be self-conscious about it, and exposing it to the public whenever he performs would attract questions he is unwilling to answer.

Whatever the case, it would seem that DJ Paul never appears in public without a glove to cover his deformed right hand, a reality further reinforced by the fact that there are no internet pictures of him without a glove.

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