Warren Jeffs Spouse: Meet All The Wives The FLDS Leader Married

Warren Jeffs had over 78 wives, including Millie Blackmore, Nolita Collen Blackmore, Anie Mae, Nolita Collen, Naomie Jessop, Brielle Decker, and Marrianne Jessop. 29 of his wives were inherited upon his father’s death, while he married 56. Meanwhile, out of his wives, 24 were underage girls between 12 and 17 years old.

Warren Jeffs was an American religious leader who was convicted of several sex crimes. Jeffs was the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a polygamist denomination of the Latter-Day Saint movement. The religious leader was well-known for his numerous wives, some of whom he married and some of whom he inherited from his father. Everything there is to know about the wives that he married has been explored in this article.

How Many Wives Did Warren Jeffs Have?

Warren Jeffs had over seventy-eight wives, including 56 of which he married and 29 of which he inherited from his father right after his death. His wife comprises both mature and underaged girls between the ages of 12 and 17 years. At the time that he was arrested, 24 girls out of his wives were underage.

Right after his arrest, some of his wives went away, while others remained loyal. All about the religious leader and his polygamous lifestyle have been featured in the Netflix documentary Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey. Meet some of Jeffs’ known wives.

Barbara Jeffs

Barbara Jeffs is Warren Jeffs’ second spouse. She was born in 1965, but where she was born, as well as her month and date of birth, is not clear. Details of when she became the religious leader’s wife and how old she was at that time have also not been mentioned. However, she was married to the religious leader for a long time and welcomed children with him, though the number of children that she had for him is not known.

According to reports, her only known child is Racheal Jeffs, who later spoke about her mother. Based on reports, Barbara suffered from cancer and was locked up in a room and fed through the door by Warren, who told her that she suffered because she had an evil spirit. However, in 2004, she died of cancer at the age of 39 and was buried at the Yearning for Zion ranch in Texas. Her body was later exhumed and buried next to that of her father in Arizona after the ranch was put up for sale by the state.

Meanwhile, Racheal Jeffs revealed that her father did not allow her and her siblings to see their mother’s casket. Her mother’s outside family, some people from the compound, and those that were not part of those living in the compound were also restricted from attending the funeral.

Millie Blackmore

Millie Blackmore is one of the wives of Jeffs Warren, who was married to him at the age of 13 in 2004. She was born in 1991 in Canada to Brandon J. Blackmore and Gail Blackmore, who were also core members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Warren Jeffs Spouse

Prior to her marriage to Warren, she had never met him. However, the religious leader asked her parents to give him their daughter in marriage, and they happily did so. They took her across the Canadian border to the United States to get married to Warren. Millie got married to the religious leader in a spiritual wedding that took place in Colorado City, Ariz.

Her parents were not left out during Warren Jeffs’ trial. After the religious leader was sentenced, Warren Jeffs’ spouse, Millie Blackmore, maintained that she lived with her mother and remained loyal to the FLDS. She keeps a very low profile, and as such, where she is at the moment is not known.

Nolita Collen Blackmore

Nolita Collen Blackmore is one of Warren Jeffs’ spouses and was married off to him at the age of 12 in 2004. Being that she was 12 at the time of her marriage, she was born in 1992 in Canada to Brandon J. Blackmore, a devout member of the church. Since marrying Warren was considered honorable, Nolita was taken with her sister, Millie Blackmore, across the Canadian border to get married to Warren.

Warren Jeffs Spouse

Nolita eventually wed the religious leader at the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints compound near Eldorado, Texas, in the United States. After Warren’s sentence, Millie’s half-brother, Brandon S. Blackmore, revealed that her whereabouts were not known.

Alyshia Rae Blackmore

Alyshia Rae Blackmore is one of the Canadian girls who became one of Warren Jeffs’ spouses at the age of 12. She was born in 1992 in Canada to parents who were core members of the church. Alyshia was among the three girls that were transported across the Canadian border by Brandon J. Blackmore and Gail Blackmore to get married to Warren Jeffs.

Just like Notalia, Alyshia wedded Warren at the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints compounds near Eldorado, Texas, in the United States. Her whereabouts after the religious leader was incarcerated is also not known.

Josephine Jessop

Josephine Jessop is also one of the wives of Warren Jeffs and Naomi Jessop’s sister. Meanwhile, nothing is known about her birth details or when she became the religious leader’s wife. However, based on information from credible sources, she had about five children with Warren before he was sent to jail.

Before she left the FLDS, she was given an eviction notice together with her sister, Naomi, after the religious leader was incarcerated. Josephine fled with her sister in a van with her children, where they were met with a flash flood at the Utah-Arizona border. Unfortunately, Josephine Jessop and four of her children died, except for her oldest son, who got out of the van to seek help.

Della Black

Della Black is one of the numerous wives that Warren Jeffs had. Meanwhile, her date and place of birth are not known, as well as how old she was when she got married to the religious leader. Based on research, she had about five to six children with Warren before he was sentenced.

After the religious leader was jailed, she was given an eviction notice, which made her seek a better place for herself and her kids. However, while on her way away from the FLDS with her kids, they encountered a flash flood that killed her and her children, leaving just two survivors. Meanwhile, this happened on the same day and place as that of Naomi Jessop and Josephine Jessop.

Brielle Decker

Warren Jeffs Spouse

Brielle Decker is the 65th wife of Warren Jeffs, who was married to him at the age of 18 years. Though her age and place of birth are not known, she grew up in Sandy, Utah, in the United States. She attended the Alta Academy, owned by FLDS, where Warren Jeffs was the headmaster.

The American national revealed all about her horrible experience with Warren at the TED Talk and Year of Polygamy Podcast. She revealed that at the age of 18, her father wrote to the church, recommending that she become one of Warren’s wives without her consent. On that same day, he received a phone call that confirmed his request.

Brielle Decker went on to state that her mother and siblings were not supportive of the marriage, but her father went on with it as he considered it honorable. However, after she eventually became the religious leader’s wife, she was put in a house of hiding where the FLDS put people whom they did not want the authorities to find out about.

Eight years after she was married to Warren, she escaped and changed her identity, and started living a normal life. According to reports, she later purchased Warren’s 44-room mansion, which she used to house other women who fled the FLDS, those who are mentally ill, and those who are substance addicts. Briell Decker later got married to her boyfriend, Steven, who was not a member of the FLDS.

Who Is Warren Jeffs’ Spouse Naomi?

Naomi Jessop is one of Warren Jeffs’ spouses. Despite being known as one of the spouses of the religious leader, little is known about her. Based on this, her birth details, where she is from, and when she got married to Warren are not clear, but according to research, she had three children with the religious leader.

However, after the religious leader was jailed, she was given an eviction notice in 2015 and got ready to get away with her children. While she was fleeing in a van with all her children, they were met with a flash flood that killed all of them at the Utah-Arizona border.

Who is Warren Jeffs’ Favorite Wife?

Warren Jeff’s favorite wife is Naomie Jessop, who was once the 17th wife of Warren’s father, Rulon. Naomie was born in Utah, but her date, month, and year of birth have remained vague. Meanwhile, she was born into an FLDS polygamous home to a father who had six wives and many children.

After she had completed high school and was set to get into college, her father told her that she would get married to Prophet Rulon. According to her revelation in the docuseries Preaching Evil, she was taught that it was an honor, and so she took it that way and got married to Rulon Jeffs. She did not welcome any children with Rulon because he had prostrate issues before his death in September 2002.

After the death of Rulon, Warren secretly married seven of his father’s wives, including Naomie, in October of that same year. A few months after the marriage, she became his scribe, documenting his daily activities, teachings, and sermons.

Naomie played a huge role in the life of Warren after he got enlisted on the FBI’s most wanted list for his numerous crimes. While the religious leader was on the run, she stood with him and fled with him. She revealed that they had to change their clothing to blend in with the public and crisscrossed the country, visiting tourist places and many others.

Meanwhile, Naomie stated in the documentary that she became an accomplice to her husband because she thought that he wouldn’t get justice if he turned in to the authorities. However, she began questioning his movements afterward, though she never made it known to Warren.

Naomie proved her loyalty and was with her husband till the day that he was apprehended near Las Vegas, Nevada. On the day of the arrest, she was with her brother and Warren, however, she was later discharged together with her brother since there was no evidence against them.

Naomie Jessop was later ousted from the FLDS by Warren in 2017, and she went away for good. After she left, she began studying nursing.

Who is Warren Jeffs’ Youngest Wife?

Marrianne Jessop is Warren Jeffs’ youngest wife, who was married off to him when she was just 12 years old. Details about when she was born and when she became the religious leader’s wife were not mentioned. Based on research, Warren raped Marriane on a temple bed after they got married. There are also no records of whether she had any children for him or not.

Warren Jeffs Spouse

However, after Warren was jailed, she was sent to a foster home and was later taken in by a cousin who was a former member of the FLDS. She later fled her cousin’s home and was reportedly seen for the last time at the back of her cousin’s house in Texas.

What Did Warren Jeffs Do To His Wives?

Warren Jeffs had a tradition of having a sex session, which he tagged a heavenly session, in which all his wives were expected to partake in the sex session. He also ensured that they wore uniforms and never had contact with the outside world. He also did not allow them to read books that were not that of the FLDS, nor were they allowed to attend school. The polygamist also had a watchword for all his wives, which was to keep sweet and always smile, no matter what.

Does Warren Jeffs Still Have Wives?

Warren Jeffs still has wives. Since the religious leader has been incarcerated, he still holds the power of the FLDS. While many of his wives went away, some still remained loyal to him and have not remarried nor moved on.

Some of the loyal ones are at the secret houses of the FLDS, known as the House of Hiding or House of Hostage, waiting on Warren’s release. Based on reports, two women who were suspected to be his loyal wives tried smuggling contraband materials to him in the prison, but they got away before the authorities could get to them.

Did Warren Jeffs Marry His Mother?

After the death of Rulon Jeffs, Warren Jeffs married all his father’s wives except for two of them. One of his father’s wives, Rebecca Musser, who is an author, fled from the FLDS compound, while the other, whose name was not mentioned, refused to become his wife.

The fact that he married his father’s wives raised speculation that Warren Jeffs might have married his mother too. However, the truth remains that he did not marry his mother, and there is no information on what she was up to after the death of Rulon Jeffs.


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