Truth About Nyjah Huston’s Ethnicity and Parents

Nyjah Huston’s ethnicity is mixed; he is of white, black, and Japanese descent. His mother, Kelle Huston, is white, while his father, Adeyemi Huston, is of black and Japanese ethnicity.

Nyjah Huston is a professional American skateboarder who has five times won the overall championship. The 29 year-old professional skateboarder is the world’s highest-earning skateboarder in the world. He started his world-famous career before the age of 10, and by 2004, he became famous. Nyjah Huston’s ethnicity has been a concern to the public following his parent’s background, and here is all to know about it.

What is Nyjah Huston’s Ethnicity?

Nyjah Imani Huston’s ethnicity is mixed, which comprises white, black, and Japanese. The skateboarder was born on November 30, 1994, in Davis, California, the United States of America. According to his place of birth, he is an American citizen. He was born to Kelle Huston and Adeyemi Huston.

Nyjah spent part of his life in the United States before his father decided to move the whole family to Puerto Rico. While they were still in Puerto Rico, at the age of 13, his parents pulled the string on their union and parted ways. His father took custody of him, while his mother took custody of the remaining children and relocated back to California.

Nyjah Huston lived with his father for almost two years, adhering to his strict rules. After a long court divorce process, he went to live with his mother. He has four other siblings, namely Jahmai, Ahbi, Klade, and Isha. He was raised alongside his siblings in the strong Rastafarian way of life. They are all seen to share a close bond with each other.

Who are Nyjah Huston’s Parents?

Nyjah’s mother, Kelle Huston, was born in the 1970s in the United States of America. She is of white ethnicity and is an American citizen. The award-winning skateboarder’s mother maintained good Rastafarian faith and was a spiritual person while she was married to her ex-husband.

Details of her early, primary, and high school years are unknown. Kelle is an alumna of the University of California. She has a flourishing career and has worked as an executive director at Let If Flow, a non-profit organization that specializes in the repair of inoperable wells in developing countries.

Kelle is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Nyjah Huston Incorporation, located in Laguna Beach, California, the United States of America. In addition, she is a specialist in business management, athlete management, visionary, and troubleshooting.

Nyjah Huston’s father, on the other hand, is Adeyemi Huston. His date, month, and year of birth are unknown, but he is seen to have been born in the 1970s. The celebrity dad gained popularity for being the father of the professional skateboarder. He is of a mixed race with black and Japanese ancestors.

Adeyemi Huston’s home country is the United States of America, although he is a strong believer in the Jamaican religion, Rastafari. He obtained his high school education in his hometown, while other information on his education remains unknown. It can be said that Nyjah’s skating prowess was inherited from his father, as Adeyemi started skating when he was a teenager.

With his passion for skating, he vowed that his children would take the same path which they did, but Nyjah took it to the professional level. Having trained his son to become a pro and competed internationally, he became his son’s manager and videographer, training and escorting him to various tournaments.

Nyjah Huston’s Parents Started Dating From Sixth Grade

Nyjah Huston’s parents, Kelle and Adeyemi, met in Merced, California, in their junior high school. She was a blonde cheerleader by the time they started dating in sixth grade. According to Kelle, she was attracted to her estranged husband because he was the bad boy in town and also for his rebellious spirit. Her parents were never in support of their relationship because of his lifestyle.

They took a break for a while, later got back together in high school, and developed each other in the Rastafarian way of life. Kelle Huston described her religion as a philosophy that questioned the purpose of life and helped her look deeper within herself. She further stated that it made her a spiritual person, which made her play the traditional motherly role. They isolated their five children and themselves from society and lived as a mini cult because they did not want their children to be exposed to American culture.

Kelle and Adeyemi Huston Separated When He Was Thirteen Years Old

Kelle Huston and Adeyemi Huston separated when Nyjah was thirteen years old. According to Kelle, while her children grew up, she found out that their isolated lifestyle wasn’t good for them as they needed to mingle with the rest of the children and attend normal schools. She felt like they were holding them back from progressing and had to forfeit her belief system.

She was supportive of her children’s curiosity to meet the outside world, but her husband wasn’t, so she chose their happiness over his wish. When Nyjah was 13 years old, Kelle went with her other four kids to visit California, leaving the skateboarder behind because of the tournaments that he was to honor with his father. For her, it wasn’t a mere trip but an escape from her strict husband for the sake of her children.

After about a year, Kelle Huston filed for divorce. In court, she testified that she and her two older children were physically abused by Adeyemi. The abuse included grabbing, kicking, squeezing, and pushing. In addition, she stated that the boys felt intimidated by their father and would not waste the court’s time justifying the claims, but all her claims were denied by Adeyemi.

The court later ruled in her favor and granted her full custody of all her children. According to a court mediator, Adeyemi stated that the court ruling was a conspiracy set against him because of his race and lifestyle. He further stated that he was the reason for his son’s success.

Nyjah Huston Shares a Closer Relationship With His Mother 

The professional skateboarder is seen to be closer to his mother than his father. During the court’s proceedings, Nyjah sent his father a message in which he informed him that he was re-signing with an established company, not the one that he hoped to build with his son’s money.

In his father’s words, he replied, “I guess we are now rivals. Father to son, I love you and wish you well. Skater to Skater and friend to friend, you are like a traitor only to yourself. Se ya!” Nyjah apologized to his father, stating that he would do what is best for himself and thinks his father would do the same.

Having worked as his son’s manager and videographer, he had some his son’s skateboard videos that would help his career but refused to release them to him. Nyjah brought up the issue during the court ruling, and his father was ordered not to destroy any of his footage.

After some time, Nyjah Huston went to check on him in Puerto Rico to retrieve them but found out that he had moved. Despite all the struggles, the pro skateboarder still wishes that his dad would have made a huge impact if he was still with him. He also wishes that his dad should be proud of him wherever he is because of his achievements. Nyjah currently shares a closer relationship with his mother and has her on his payroll under the Nyjah Huston Incorporation.


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