Tracing Jesse Rutherford and Devon Carlson’s Relationship and Breakup

Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson were in a long-term relationship that began in 2015. However, in 2021, the couple broke up after being together for around six years. The exact reason for their breakup remains unknown, but signs of trouble started appearing on their social media accounts. Jesse and Devon both made changes to their profiles, with Devon removing “Jesse’s girlfriend” from her TikTok bio and Jesse deleting his Instagram posts and unfollowing everyone.

While the breakup deeply affected some fans, it appears to have been amicable, and both parties are now focusing on their individual lives. Jesse has not publicly addressed the breakup, but Devon confirmed it during a podcast interview without giving specific reasons. Despite the split, the couple’s fashion-forward style and collaborations with brands like Marc Jacobs and Frankie’s Bikinis have left a lasting impact on their followers. This article does a deep dive into the former couple’s relationship and breakup.

Revisiting Jesse Rutherford and Devon Carlson’s Relationship

Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Rutherford’s relationship has garnered significant attention in the limelight. The couple first met in a mall, bonding over their shared love for clothes and fashion. They started dating in 2015 and remained together for almost seven years.

Throughout their relationship, Devon and Jesse seemed to have a peaceful and happy time together, as indicated by Devon’s remarks in interviews. Fans adored the couple and their fashion-forward style, which combined elements of mall fashion and high fashion with a DIY twist.

Despite their public presence, Devon and Jesse managed to maintain a level of privacy regarding the details of their relationship and breakup. In 2015, they briefly broke up but later reconciled. The exact reasons for their final breakup in 2021 remain unknown, as both parties have chosen to keep the details private. Devon, who has her own social media presence and business, spoke about the breakup on a podcast, describing it as a mutual and drama-free split.

Although their relationship received attention, Jesse Rutherford and Devon Carlson’s breakup seemed amicable, with no public comments from Jesse regarding the split. Both individuals have chosen not to publicly move on to new relationships after their breakup. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Devon and Jesse remain on good terms. It is worth noting that there is no confirmed information or evidence to suggest that Jesse cheated on Devon.

Overall, Devon Carlson and Jesse Rutherford’s relationship had a significant presence in the limelight due to their shared love for fashion and their public appearances together. Their breakup, while garnering attention, remained private in terms of the specific reasons behind it.

The couple’s ability to maintain a positive and amicable relationship post-breakup demonstrates their maturity and respect for one another. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Devon and Jesse continue to be admired by fans for their fashion sense and individual pursuits.

When Did Jesse Rutherford and Devon Carlson Start Dating?

Jesse Rutherford and Devon Carlson officially started dating in 2015. The former lovebirds first met around 2013 or 2014 at a restaurant, where they started casually talking through mutual friends. Their connection grew, and they eventually began dating. They embarked on a long-term relationship that lasted for a relatively remarkable length of time.

Their relationship officially began at the beginning of 2015. Although they briefly broke up during that year, they quickly reunited and have been together ever since. Despite their young age, their commitment to each other remained strong throughout their time together.

Devon Lee Carlson gained initial fame through her sister’s YouTube channel, but she has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Her sense of style is highly regarded, and she has collaborated with renowned designer Marc Jacobs. Jesse Rutherford, on the other hand, is recognized for his edgy fashion sense and has been influenced by his work in retail. The couple’s fashion choices are often celebrated, and they are considered as fashion inspirations.

How Long Did Devon and Jesse Date?

Devon Carson and Jesse Rutherford’s relationship lasted for about six years, beginning in 2015 and ending in 2021. The couple was known for being very open about their relationship on social media.

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They often posted pictures of each other on their Instagram accounts and occasionally appeared together in interviews and public events. They were even referred to as the “internet’s favorite couple” by fans due to their frequent displays of affection online.

When Did Devon and Jesse Break Up?

Devon and Jesse broke up in 2021 after more than six years together. Their fans discovered the news through social media updates and Devon’s confirmation during a podcast interview. Despite the lack of explicit reasons for their split, fans have noticed hints and expressions of emotions from both parties.

The signs leading up to it, such as the couple deleting photos together on social media, were very obvious to their fans. Their breakup became known to the public when Devon confirmed it during a podcast interview. She described it as a mutual and drama-free decision.

Although neither of them has explicitly stated the reason, fans noticed subtle hints, such as the removal of their relationship status on social media. Devon seemed to express her feelings about the breakup in a TikTok video where she lip-synced to Selena Gomez’s Same Old Love. This video gave fans the impression that the breakup may not have been entirely amicable.

Why Did Devon and Jesse Break Up?

The main reason for Devon Jesse’s breakup has yet to be revealed to the media and the general public even though there have been speculations that Jesse cheated on Devin when they were together. The veracity of these speculations has yet to be confirmed.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that the decision to end their relationship was a mutual and drama-free one. Devon herself confirmed the breakup during a podcast appearance and it is worth noting that there is no evidence to suggest that Jesse cheated on her.

Despite the breakup, they have remained friends and both have moved on. Jesse is now in a relationship with Billie Eilish, while Devon is reportedly dating Duke Nicholson.

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