Mikey Williams Siblings: What To Know About His Sister and Brother

Mikey Williams’ siblings are Skye Williams and Marvin Williams. The famous American basketball player is the son of Mahlon Williams, a former basketball legend who is currently a high school basketball coach.

It is not surprising that Mikey Williams and his siblings took a career in sports considering the fact that they are actually born into a sports family. The siblings took up careers in basketball and softball, which we believe was highly motivated by their parents who are basketball and softball players. As we progress, we will take a cursory look at Mikey Williams’ siblings and all that is needed to be known about them.

Meet Mikey Williams’ Siblings

Skye Williams is Mikey Williams’ Sister

  • Full Name: Skye Williams
  • Date of Birth: 2007 or 2008
  • Age: 17 or 16 years old
  • Occupation: Softball Player

Skye Williams is one of Mikey Williams’ siblings who has established a name for herself in sports, just like her older brother. The only distinction is that she plays softball while her brother is a basketball player. She does, however, play high school softball for Chula Vista, California’s Mater Dei Catholic High School. Skye stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches which is 174 centimeters.

How Old Is Skye Williams

Currently, Skye’s date of birth has not been confirmed. However, some sources claim that she is between 16 to 17 years old. Unlike her older brother, she seems to be private with her personal information. Details of the elementary school she attended remains unavailable, but she is currently a student of Mater Dei Catholic High School in Chula Vista, California.

Just like her brother, Mikey Williams, who started playing in his high school, Sky is fully active in her school’s softball team. She represents the institution in competitions and has bagged lots of records. She has covered over 23 games and has attained an average point of 196 with a point of 318 OBP, 6RBI, 11 hits allowed, and 11 runs allowed. These points have earned her the 4th position on the list of best softball players in California.

Skye Williams has gained over 70 thousand Instagram followers. She bought into her brother’s influence to build her influence on social media. Most times, she posts stories that relate to her family, which shows how closely attached she is to her other sibling not only Mikey Williams.

Meet Marvin Williams, Mikey’s Brother

  • Full Name: Marvin Williams
  • Date of Birth: 2009
  • Age: 15 years old

Marvin William is the last of Mikey Williams’ siblings, but most of his personal information is not available to the public. However, it is observed that he is taking the path of his brother and father as he has shown an interest in basketball. Among his unavailable personal information is his date and month of birth. The 15-year-old Marvin is in middle school level and lives with his parents at Charlotte.

Here Is A Glimpse at Mikey Williams’ Parents

The fame attained by Mikey Williams and his siblings is based on the background set by their parents, Mahlon and Charisse Williams. This is evident judging by their career choices, which goes in line with their academics.

Based on an interview with the Charlotte Observers in early 2021, Mahlon stated that he wants all his children, including Mickey Williams, to have their college certificates even though they will want to focus on their various careers.

He further stated that he would be more proud of them if they will add another degree after their first university degree. The NBA legend stated that most young people abandon their education to focus on their careers. This, he regarded as not the best option, stating that education for their children is very important to him and his wife.


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