Meet Weston Cage’s Spouse and Children

Weston Cage’s ex-wife is Hila Cage, however, he has been married thrice and has four children from different relationships. Weston Cage’s children’s names are Lucian Coppola Cage, Sorin Coppola Cage, Cyress Cage Coppola, and Venice Cage Coppola

Though he has been married three times, Cage only shares his children with two of his ex-wives. Danielle Cage is the mother of his first two kids, Lucian Coppola Cage and Sorin Coppola Cage. His last two kids are a set of twin girls named, Cyress Cage Coppola, and Venice Cage Coppola

Hila Cage Coppola Is Weston Cage’s Third Wife

  • Date of Birth: 30th September 1989
  • Age: 34
  • Occupation: producer and realtor
  • Married for: about three years

The name of Weston Cage’s third wife is Hila Cage (née Aronian). Born in Israel, Hila is an alum of California State University Northbridge, where she studied Science, Business Management. She is listed as a realtor, producer, and businesswoman credited as Co-founder of BarWeek

They Got Married in 2018

Weston was just coming out of his divorce from Danielle Cage, his second wife when he first crossed paths with Hila, and they commenced dating immediately. After going steady for a while, the duo eventually became officially engaged on May 2017. They went on to exchange wedding vows on April 28th, 2018

The couple was joined in a star-studded ceremony on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and the theme was described as “Romantic Seventies”

Weston Cage’s dad, Nichols Cage, had to miss the occasion because he was very busy, according to reports. However, the groom’s mum, Christine Fulton, was on hand to walk her son down the aisle. The couple’s big day was graced by Francis Ford Coppola (Weston’s uncle) and Talia Shire (his great aunt).

The Couple Split in 2021 and Are Now Locked in Legal Battles 

Looking at Hila and Weston Cage’s union, the couple seemed to be living in marital bliss as the Israeli lady often gushed about her spouse on social media platforms. A year after their wedding in December 2019, Hila took to her Instagram handle to celebrate the man in her life on his birthday.

Describing Weston as a man with a heart of gold, Hila said she knows she can count on her husband’s love and affection, which she described as a sure thing, just as the sun rises. Hila went on about how she feels so special just because of the way Weston Cage treats her and doesn’t spend a minute without thinking about him. “You’re always on my mind and heart,” she concluded.

The couple share two daughters, and the last we heard, they were doing great. However, there are recent Instagram post showing that Weston is now engaged to be married to Ermelinda Manos. He and Hila split around 2021. It remains unclear if their divorce has been finalized, but the couple is currently locked in a vicious legal battle for child and spousal support.

Who Was Weston Cage’s First Wife, Nikki Williams?

  • Date of Birth: 9 November 1988
  • Age: 35
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Married for: One year

Before he became the husband of Hila Cage, Weston Cage had already gone through two marriages and two divorces. His wife number one has been identified as Nikki Williams. Reports said that Nikki is of South African origin and works in the music industry as a singer cum composer.

According to the tidbits we gathered from sources, Nikki and Weston exchanged wedding vows in 2011. The couple’s marriage barely lasted for one year before it came crashing down. The duo filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2012, marking the end of their one-year marriage.

Danielle Cage Was Weston Cage’s Second Wife

  • Date of Birth: May 12th, 1990,
  • Age: 34
  • Occupation: Movie producer cum manager
  • Married for: Three years
Weston Cage
Danielle image source

Barely one year after he divorced his first wife, Weston found love again in the arms of Danielle Cage. Born on May 12th, 1990, Danielle is a Los Angeles native who earns a living in the entertainment industry as a movie producer cum manager. She is best known for productions such as Spindletop, Deet ‘n Bax Save The World, and As Night Comes.

Weston married Danielle in 2013, but unfortunately, their union lasted for only three years before they went their separate ways. The couple concluded their divorce proceedings in 2016, but before then, they had already produced two children.

It was Danielle that was granted sole custody of the two kids post-divorce, and Weston was mandated to be remitting $8k on a monthly basis as family support which would cover car payments, health insurance, and rent.

Weston Cage is a Father of Four Children

Weston Cage is a father of four. His second marriage to Danielle Cage produced two sons, Lucian Coppola Cage and Sorin Coppola Cage. After he married his third wife, Hila, they welcomed a set of twin girls in 2020, namely, Cyress Cage Coppola and Venice Cage Coppola.

Lucian is Weston’s First Child

Given the full name, Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage, at birth, Lucian is Weston Cage’s first child. He arrived on the 1st of July 2014, precisely at 3:14 p.m. Weston shares his first son with his second wife, Danielle

Explaining their choice of names for the baby boy, Danielle told US Weekly that Lucian is Romanian, and that is because she has Romanian roots. They named the boy Augustus in honor of Weston’s grandfather, who bore the moniker.

Lucian, who is a pre-teen, is showing interest in soccer. After his football team emerged as the winner in a recent match, Weston took to his socials to upload Lucian’s picture. The proud papa mentioned that his son scored a beautiful goal. The boy is still young, but there is a likelihood that he may choose to play soccer in the future.

Sorin is Weston Cage’s Second Child

Sorin Reid Cage Coppola is the second son of Weston Cage. Born on the 29th of May 2016, Sorin is the least known son of Weston. Since he was born, neither Weston nor Danielle has bothered to share the youngster’s image on social media.

Weston Cage Welcomed Twin Daughters in 2020

Cyress Zara and Venice Zohar Cage Coppola are Weston Cage’s twin daughters born to him by his third wife Hila Cage. The twin girls arrived on the 8th of April 2020.

Previously in September 2019, an excited Hila took to her Instagram page to announce that she was going to be a first-time mother in a few months’ time. She even let on the twins’ names through the same post. Since then, Hila has been sharing cute photographs of her twin girls through her socials.

The identical twins are still babies and are too small to start taking an interest in any career path for now.

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