Meet Rhona Unsell Who Was Carl Weathers’ Spouse for 22 Years

Rhona Unsell is the second ex-wife of Carl Weathers, a Hollywood actor and former professional football player. The estranged couple got married in 1984 and were together for 22 years before severing ties in 2006 without welcoming any children together. 

Unlike many people who were thrust into the limelight and utilized it to become famous, Rhona Unsell did not do so, as she maintained a low profile despite being Carl’s ex-wife. Rhona, whose low profile continues to amaze people, seems to find peace in keeping her personal businesses to herself. Read on to keep tabs on other interesting facts about Rhona Unsell.

Summary of Rhona Unsell’s Biography

  • Full Name: Rhona Unsell
  • Gender: Female
  • Place Of Birth: United States of America
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Rhona Unsell’s Ex-husband: Carl Weathers
  • Famous For: being Carl Weathers’ ex-wife

What is Rhona Unsell’s Age Now?

Rhona Unsell’s age is currently not available in the media. This is a result of the fact that she does not mention details of her month, date, and year of birth. Even though there are reports that she was born in the United States, there is no mention of a specific state or county. Since her date of birth is not available, it is difficult, if not impossible, to establish her birth sign.

There is also no news about her parents or siblings, as well as what they are up to at the moment. Other details about where she spent her childhood and her ethnicity have remained vague. Evidently, the spotlight just found her beside her celebrity husband, Carl Weathers.

Consequent to the fact that she has remained tight-lipped about sharing details about herself, there are no records of her education. This includes the names and locations of the schools that Carl’s ex-wife attended in primary and high school. Further details on whether she earned a degree or not have also not been mentioned.

Rhona Unsell and Carl Weathers Got Married In 1984

Although the place and the year that Rhona Unsell and Carl Weathers met are not known, it is assumed that she met her ex-husband between late 1983 and early 1984. This is based on the fact that the actor just concluded his divorce from his first wife, Mary Ann Castle, in July 1983, after being married for 10 years. On February 20, 1984, Rhona and Weathers tied the knot. While the marriage was Rhona’s first, it was her husband’s second marriage.

Rhona’s marriage to Mr. Weathers stood the test of time for two decades and a few years. Throughout their marriage, there were no secrets or scandals involving the couple. Rhona was reported to be intolerant of interviews and all the celebrity media brouhaha, as she often turned down recognitions and was always seen hand-in-hand with her husband, Carl Weathers.

Not only did Rhona turn down interviews and unnecessary publicity, but she also made her husband, Weathers, do the same on matters that related to her. Reports showed that her husband, Carl Weathers, barely mentioned her in his interviews. When asked direct questions concerning his wife, Mr. Weathers would assert that his wife, Rhona Unsell, is a life that he wants to keep away from the media. Consequently, people attributed the success of their marriage to Rhona’s private policies and reluctance towards a celebrity lifestyle.

Why did Carl Weathers Divorce His Ex-wife?

Following the fact that Rhona Unsell is quite reserved, it comes as no surprise that she remained mute about making the reasons for her divorce known. In 2006, Carl Weathers officially announced that he and his second wife, Rhona Unsell, were getting a divorce.

That was the last time the actor mentioned Rhona to the media. Meanwhile, Rhona never mentioned her divorce to anyone, and neither did she share her marital experience with the actor with the media. Their 22-year marriage came to an end without welcoming any children together; however, while she was still married to the actor, she was a stepmother to his sons, whom he had welcomed from his first marriage.

As stated earlier, Carl Weathers was previously married to Mary Ann Castle in 1973, and their marriage came to an end in 1983. After his marriage to Rhona ended, Carl Weathers went into another relationship and later went on to marry Jennifer Peterson in March 2007. Their marriage was short-lived, as it came crashing down in 2009, ending in a divorce.

Rhona Unsell

Where is Carl Weathers’ Ex-wife Now?

Rhona Unsell’s whereabouts at the moment are not known. There has been no news or picture of her making a public appearance. Interestingly, she has no social media account, so there is nowhere to monitor her life and affairs. There are also no details on what she does for a living or how successful she is in her career.


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