Meet Pedro Rivera’s Wife Juana Ahumada

Juana Ahumada (born August 7, 1980; Age: 43 years old) is the wife of Pedro Rivera, the famous Mexican singer.

She worked with the singer initially at his side before their work relationship transited into an intimate one that led to a marital union. As well as being a singer and owner of the world’s largest Latina record labels, Juana Ahumada’s husband is also an actor. However, this piece focuses on his beautiful second wife, Juana Ahumada – let’s learn more.

Summary of Juana Ahumada’s Biography

  • Full name: Juana Ahumada
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 7, 1980
  • Juana Ahumada’s Age: 43 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mexican-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Juana Ahumada’s Husband: Pedro Rivera
  • Juana Ahumada’s Step-children: Juan Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr., Gustavo Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Jenni Rivera, and Rosie Rivera
  • Juana Ahumada’s Height in Inches: 65 inches
  • Juana Ahumada’s Height in Centimetres: 165 cm
  • Juana Ahumada’s Weight: 55kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 34-28-40 inches
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 86.36-71.12-201.6 cm
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Juana Ahumada’s Net worth: $400K – $500K
  • Famous for: Being Pedro Rivera’s second wife

Juana Ahumada Is A Mexican Woman

Pedro Rivera’s wife, Juana Ahumada was born on August 7, 1980. She was born in Mexico to parents whose identities she has withheld from the media, consequently, the public does not know anything about them. She has a mixed ethnic background and holds a Mexican-American nationality.

Growing up as a young child, Juana enjoyed the love and attention of her closely-knit family. She was raised in Mexico in a well-to-do family, however, Ahumada keeps a low profile and does not disclose personal details to the public.

Juana Ahumada also keeps her family members secret so we can’t tell if she has any siblings. Nothing is known about the level of education she has attended but she is said to have attended a Mexican high school. Also, Juana is a graduate of Unity College.

Juana Ahumada And Pedro Rivera Started With An Employee-Boss Relationship

Juana Ahumada’s relationship with the Latina music legend, Pedro Rivera, began when she started working as his aide over a decade now. Ahumada was Rivera’s assistant for about eight years and it was while working together that they probably fell in love with each other.

Though the exact time they started developing feelings for each other is not known, it would be recalled that Pedro Rivera’s first wife had once accused the singer of infidelity. Despite the fact that the relationship between him and Juana was not known at the time, people are beginning to speculate that Juana was Pedro’s partner in the affair that he was accused of.

According to Juana, she loves her husband because he is passionate. She explained on A New Day TV show that her husband has a ‘never give up’ spirit and respects everyone around him, however, she came short of explaining how and when her professional relationship became romantic.

On the other hand, the iconic singer and actor said that they share similar interests. He made it clear that they both still have a lot of learning to do and emphasized that he is unbiased about anyone and enjoys life as it comes.

Typically, Juana Ahumada is one that loves to keep her business to herself as she was relatively unknown until her marriage to Pedro Rivera. It is therefore no surprise to realize that there is not so much known about the early stages of their relationship and how long they had dated before walking down the aisle, However, there are speculations that they were together for a couple of years before they became public.

She Became Pedro Rivera’s Wife In A Private Ceremony

After several years of being just an aide, Juana Ahumada became a celebrity wife on February 28, 2019, when Pedro walked down the aisle with her in a private wedding. The ceremony held at Huntington Park, California. It had only three persons in attendance; the intending couples and the wedding officiant.

As mentioned earlier, Juana Ahumada is very reserved. As a result, she kept her marriage to her boss to herself for quite a while – Rivera also did the same. They only made the information about their union public after a couple of months – towards the end of 2019, when they finally decided to spill the beans on a TV show, Uno Nuevo Da.

Before this duo got married, Pedro was married to Rosa Saavedra. They tied the knot in 1963 and went their separate ways in 2008. The divorce was blamed on Pedro’s shameless string of affairs. The marriage, however, lasted for more than four decades and produced six children, more than twelve grandchildren, and about four great-grandchildren.

They had four sons – Pedro Jr., Gustavo, Lupillo, Juan Rivera – and two daughters, Rosie and Jenni Rivera. On the flip side, the 43-year-old Juana Ahumada had never been married before her union with Pedro Rivera. Not just that, she does not have any children yet but she is a proud stepmother of six Riveras.

They Were Dragged When They Eventually Announced Their Marriage For Several Reasons

Ever since this couple announced that they were married, fans have not ceased to throw tantrums. Mrs. Rivera seems to be on the receiving end as she has been criticized severely. First, they compared Juana with Pedro’s ex, Rosa, saying she is an attention-seeker. They alleged that she got married to her boss just to be famous. However, she is yet to respond to any of these allegations.

Again, the public has frowned at the age difference between the couple. This is because while Juana Ahumada is 43 years old, her husband, Pedro Rivera is 81 years old, which means they are almost three decades apart. Naysayers have found it unreasonable that a man with children and grandchildren would be married to a lady that is even younger than his children.

They claim that the Mexican culture frowns at marriage as theirs. In their opinion, Rivera should remain single or marry an older woman. Despite the dust that has been raised, Juana Ahumada and Pedro Rivera appear unperturbed. They are currently enjoying their marriage and there is no news of any form of crisis in their marriage.

What Does Pedro Rivera’s Wife Do For A Living?

The wife of the Mexican songwriter and actor, Juana Ahumada, works as his aide. She has been his secretary for over eight years before they got married and she remaines his secretary even as Mrs. Rivera.

Aside from being Rivera’s assistant, there is no information about any other career or business path. And if there is, it is not public because she maintains a low profile and barely speaks with the media. However, her net worth is estimated to be around $500K. In addition to this, Juana is currently absent from most social media platforms.

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