Meet Miles Mitchell Murphy, Son of Eddie Murphy and His Ex Wife Nicole

Miles Mitchell Murphy is the second son of Eddie Murphy, the famous American actor and comedian, and Nicole Murphy, his ex-wife. Miles enjoys celebrity status primarily due to his father’s fame, but despite his father’s successes in the entertainment industry, he has yet to identify with a professional career publicly.

Eddie Murphy had Miles Murphy with his ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy, on 7 November 1992. Miles has been living in luxury thanks to his parent’s wealth, although he’s unable to escape the eyes of the media. Here is all we know about Eddie Murphy’s son, Miles Mitchell Murphy.

Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Miles Mitchell Murphy
  • Nickname: Myles
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 7 November 1992
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Age: 31 years old
  • Ethnicity: African-American 
  • Nationality: American 
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight 
  • Religion: Christian 
  • Marital Status: In a relationship 
  • Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Girlfriend: Carly Olivia 
  • Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Child: Evie Isla 
  • Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Parents: Eddie Murphy and Nicole Ronnette Mitchell
  • Siblings: Bria Murphy, Shayne Audra Murphy, Bella Zahra Murphy, Zola Ivy Murphy, Eric Murphy, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Izzy Oona Murphy, Max Charles Murphy, Christian Murphy.
  • Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Height in Centimeters: 178 cm
  • Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Weight: 75kg (165 lbs).
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Net worth: $200 million
  • Famous for: Eddie Murphy’s son

How Old is Miles Mitchell Murphy?

Miles Mitchell Murphy is 31 years old. He was born on 7 November 1992 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Additionally, he is an American with African-American roots and a Christian.

Miles Murphy was born to Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell. His father, Eddie, is a Grammy award-winning actor, comedian, and singer well-recognized for starring in the movies, Coming to America, Dr. Dolittle, and his popular TV show, Saturday Night Live. On the other hand, his mother, Nicole, is an actress, model, and entrepreneur who has established an enterprise dealing with cosmetics and jewelry.

Miles Murphy was raised in a rich film and theatrical family; hence he studied at the BRIT Performing Arts school, where he majored in theater. In addition, the celebrity kid acquired training at the prestigious Rose Bruford Drama School. Miles did not have to go to any public school for his education because he was homeschooled.

How Many Siblings Does Miles Mitchell Murphy Have?

He has ten siblings: Bria Murphy, Shayne Audra Murphy, Bella Zahra Murphy, Zola Ivy Murphy, Eric Murphy, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Izzy Oona Murphy, Max Charles  Murphy, and Christian Murphy. He has five direct siblings and five half-siblings.

His parents, Nicole and Eddie gave birth to their first child, Bria, in 1989. Miles is the second, followed by his sister Shayne Audra, born in 1994. Similarly, Zora Ivy was born in 1999, and the last child, Bella, was born in 2002.

Besides his biological siblings, Miles Murphy has three half-sisters and two half-brothers. His half-sisters are Angel, born in 2016, and Izzy, born in 2016. On the other hand, his half-brothers are Eric, who was born in 1989, Christian, born in 1990, and Max, born in 2018.

He shares a close bond with both sides of his siblings. Besides, he grew up with so many of them and is still in contact even in their adulthood. However, most of his siblings live private lives, away from the media attention.

Are Miles Mitchell Murphy’s Parents Still Together?

Miles Murphy’s parents, Eddie and Nicole, are divorced. The pair got married in 1993, and after living together for over thirteen years, they decided to go their separate ways in 2006. However, the cause of Miles’ parent’s divorce remains a mystery.

After the divorce, Nicole was given custody of all the children, including Miles. Notwithstanding, Miles still maintains a close relationship with both of his parents. Besides, he shares a lot in common with his father, and they’re quite close. Apart from their striking resemblance, both share a common love for sports. The duo prides themselves in their super athletic abilities and great sense of humor.

What Does Miles Mitchell Murphy do For a Living?

Eddie Murphy’s son, Miles, has kept a quiet profile regarding his occupation. Unlike most celebrity kids, he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps into the comedy industry, nor did he work to be an accomplished actor. In essence, what he does for a living is not known.

However, Miles has been in the spotlight since childhood because he is the son of two celebrities. Miles is always attracting the cameras, with his father being a popular and accomplished actor and his mother being a famous actress.

Miles Mitchell Murphy Has a few Movies Credit 

Besides, Miles Murphy has appeared in several movies where he played minor roles. He is in the following movies:

  • 2001- The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • 2002- The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • 2003- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  • 2021- Coming to America

Since his last cameo in Coming to America, Miles hasn’t appeared in any other film. Although many predicted e d follow in his father’s footsteps, he still hasn’t.

Is Miles Mitchell Murphy Married?

As of the time of writing this, Miles Murphy isn’t married. However, has been in a relationship with a lady named Carly Olivia Fink. The pair have been together for a while, and their relationship is blessed with a beautiful daughter called Evie Isla.

Miles and Carly welcomed their daughter, Evie, on 2 July 2019. Moreover, she is Eddie Murphy’s first grandchild. Her grandparents were overjoyed with the news of her birth that their Instagram feeds were loaded with pictures of her. Eddie’s granddaughter is five months younger than his youngest son, Max Charles Murphy.

Despite having a child together and being together for this long, Miles hasn’t revealed plans of getting married to Carly. The two have, nonetheless, remained faithful to each other. Aside from Carly, Miles hasn’t been linked with any relationship, both past and present.

How Tall is Miles Mitchell Murphy?

Eddie Murphy’s son, Miles, is 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters) tall. Judging by his height, Miles takes after his father, who is 5 feet 9 ¼ inches tall. In addition, the celebrity child weighs about 75kg (165 lbs).

Furthermore, Miles has short black hair and black eyes. However, information about his body measurements hasn’t been disclosed.

Is Miles Mitchell Murphy on Social Media?

On social media, he is active on Instagram with the handle @mahllz though the account is private. But aside from his personal account, he is also frequently featured on his girlfriends Carly Olivia’s IG page @carly.olivia

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