Meet Nathaniel and Peggy Prescott, Dak Prescott Parents

Dak Prescott’s Parents are Nathaniel And Peggy Prescott. His father is an African American who was a commercial driver, while his mother was a European American who worked as a Travel Plaza manager.

Nathaniel And Peggy are only famed for being the parents of Dak Prescott, the American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. Though Dak doesn’t flaunt them, they did a great job of shaping him into the great star that he is today. Here is all there is to know about Dak Prescott’s parents.

Who Are Dak Prescott’s Parents

Nathaniel and Peggy Prescot are Dak Prescott’s parents. Although there are no records of how they met each other for the first time, reports have it that they started dating in 1979 when they were still seniors in high school, but how long they dated before getting married has been off the record. All that is known is that they got married and lived as a couple, though the date they tied the knot and the type of ceremony they had are unknown.

Nathaniel and Peggy’s marriage came to an end while their children were still young. Based on the fact that nothing is known about when they got married and when they divorced, there are no credible details of how long they were married. However, it is believed that their union lasted for more than five years before it fell apart.

Meanwhile, the reason for their split is not clear, but some sources have it that it was due to varying interests. Further details of whether the divorce was settled amicably or if it was a messy one are unknown. All that is known is that Peggy Prescott was given full custody of her five children, whom she raised in a trailer park in Princeton, Louisiana.

Unlike many couples who would turn enemies after going their separate ways, Nathaniel and Peggy remained close after their divorce. Meanwhile, while their union was Peggy’s first marriage, it was Nathaniel’s second. But, further information about his first ex-wife and how long they were married before getting divorced is scarce owing to the fact that Nathaniel is reserved when it comes to his relationships. However, they reportedly welcomed a son known as Elliot before calling it quits.

Meet Dak Prescott’s Father, Nathaniel Prescott

Nathaniel Prescott is Dak Prescott’s father. He was born in 1961 in the United States, but information about his date, month, and precise place of birth are not available. He was born to African American parents but their identities are not known. There are no credible details about whether he is a lone child or had other siblings.

Similarly, details about the schools where he received his elementary and high school education are scarce. It is also not known if he earned any degree from any university, as nothing has been mentioned in that regard.

Nathaniel And Peggy

Dak Prescott Credits His Father For His Football Career Success

Nathaniel Prescott played a vital role in his son, Dak’s career success. Though he was not there throughout his younger years, Dak’s love for football was because of him. Nathaniel was a football player who had a collegiate career but could not make it to the professional level.

However, after years of not living together with his son, he made a turn to become closer to him. Nathaniel wanted a strong father-son relationship, but the public believed that he came to his son because of his achievements. Nathaniel Prescott debunked all such claims, making the public see that he wanted to be closer to support his son’s career. He made it known that he traveled far distances to watch him play, and this made him miss many of his games.

In an interview with Fort in 2017, Dak revealed that he always had a tight relationship with his father, which was different from his brothers. He also stated that they have their own individual relationships, and his father is always there for him.

At the moment, Nathaniel lives in Frisco, Texas. He moved there to be able to make it to most of Dak’s games, and he has been quite supportive all these years. He is often spotted by the sidelines cheering his son on and watching him achieve all that he wants him to in his football career. The former linebacker is also helping his son look after his two dogs, Goat and Legend.

What Does Nathaniel Prescott Do For A Living?

Nathaniel Prescott was a former football player who played for Grambling State University as a defensive end and linebacker. However, he could not actualize his dreams of becoming a professional footballer as he sustained serious injuries on his knees.

Nathaniel was not just in love with football; he was also an avid lover and fan of the Dallas Cowboys and he also made his son love the team before he began playing with them.

Dak Prescott’s father once worked as a commercial driver in the Louisiana oil fields. He later moved on to Austin City Bus as a driver. However, what he does for a living at the moment is not known, as he is focused on ensuring that his son becomes the best that he can be in his football career.

Who Is Dak Prescott’s Mother, Peggy Prescott?

Dak Prescott’s mother, Peggy Prescott, was born on September 4, 1962, in the United States, but there are no credible details of her exact place of birth. She was of European American descent and was born under the Virgo birth sign. She was born to Glyndell W. Ebarb, a former U.S. Air Force and high school principal, and Margaret Ebarb, whose occupation is not known. Peggy was not a lone child, as she had two other siblings, Melissa Slusher and Phillip Ebarb.

Nothing is known about where Dak Prescott’s mother had her elementary and high school education. There are also no details on whether she furthered her education at any university or not.

Unfortunately, Peggy was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and battled the illness for a year and a half before losing the battle. She died on November 3, 2013, in Vinton, Louisiana, United States, at the age of 52. At the time of her death, Dak Prescott was playing at Mississippi State University.

Peggy Prescott Was Dak’s, Driving Force

Just as Dak Prescott credits his father for being there for him, he owes all of his success to his mother. After Peggy divorced her husband, Nathaniel, she began raising her children solely, working to ensure that they got the best. Dak revealed that prior to his professional career, his mother gave him tips to use in football and made him have confidence in himself.

Before her death, it took her time to tell Dak about her cancer diagnosis because she couldn’t stand to see him hurt. She sent him away and told him to stay back there. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2013. Her death broke Dak Prescott’s heart but did not stop him from playing his next match, which was in honor of his mother.

Dak Prescott has done so many things to honor his mother. Prior to her death, he once shaved his hair to support and encourage her during her fight with colon cancer.

After her death, he changed his initial jersey number with the Dallas Cowboys, which was No. 10 to No. 4 which was his mother’s birthday, and took to his Instagram to celebrate her posthumous birthday.

The quarterback said that his mother was his hero, No. 1 supporter and fan. He went on to state that it was tough watching what cancer did to her, but all he could do was love, support, and encourage her when she was down.

Dak occasionally texted his mother before every match through his phone and leaves the texts there, hoping that she will read them. He also acknowledges all her efforts in shaping him into who he is whenever he receives awards in his career. He would often sign his signature in the air, saying, “Mum, I love you.” The quarterback explained that if she were to be alive, she would be crying and laughing at the same time as he received his awards.

In honor of his late mother’s memory, Dak Prescott launched a non-profit organization known as the Faith Fight Foundation. The foundation helps people who facing difficult times in life, like suicide, health challenges, and more.

What Did Peggy Prescott Do for A Living?

While Peggy Prescott was still alive, she was the manager of the I-220 Travel Plaza near Louisiana Downs. Due to the way that she worked to make ends meet for her children, she often spent a lot of time at work. Most times, her children would go to her workplace to help her out.

Nathaniel and Peggy Have Other Children

Though Nathaniel and Peggy are famed for being Dak Prescott’s parents, they also welcomed other children from their marriage. They welcomed a total of four children, including the quarterback, who is the youngest in the family. Though Dak often talks about his parents, his other siblings also have a strong bond with their father and lots of memories about their mother to share. Here is what to know about their other children.

Tad Prescott

Tad Prescott, born Thaddeus J. Prescott is the oldest child of Nathaniel and Peggy Prescott, He was born on November 25, 1985, and is 39 years old. Though he is also famed as the older brother of Dak Prescott, he has a flourishing career of his own.

Tad is an avid football lover who played as a defensive end but did not make it to the professional level. For the love of football, he got a tattoo of a football on his right shoulder. Meanwhile, he hosts a podcast known as U Don’t Know Me Yet which has been inactive since May 2022.

At the moment, what he does for a living is not known, but it is known that he is making a decent living. Tad also has a good relationship with his father, though he has never said anything about it.

Just like Dak, Tad also has lots of sweet memories to share about his mother. He has also been supportive of Dak’s career and would endeavor to make it to most of his games as well as speak for him. Tad is currently married to the love of his life, Holly Prescott, and lives in Orange, Texas, in the United States. He is also a father to a girl, Kennedy, and a son, Jace McKenzie Prescott II.

Jace Prescott

Jace Prescott was the middle child of Nathaniel and Peggy. He was born on May 10, 1988, in the United States and died in 2019.. He attended Northwestern State University, where he majored in psychology with a minor in general studies.

He was also a football lover and played as an offensive lineman. He played while in college but couldn’t get to the professional level as he sustained a wrist injury. He also had a football tattoo on his body.

Though his relationship with his father is not known, it is believed that they had a good father-son relationship. Just like Dak, Jace was very close to his mother and was there with her during her battle with colon cancer.

Her death affected him so badly that he became depressed and later committed suicide at the age of 31. His death came as a huge blow to the whole family. It hit differently with Dak, as he said that he would never get another hug in his life like the one Jace gave.

Natalie Prescott

Natalie Prescott is the only daughter of Nathaniel and Peggy. Unlike her brothers, she maintains a relatively low profile and as such, little to nothing is known about her. All all that is known for sure is that she is older than Dak Prescott.

She earned a degree from a prestigious university, though the names of the schools that she attended as well as her course of study have remained vague. Just like her brothers, she also loves football, but it is not known if she gave it a try. While it’s said that Natalie Prescott works in Louisiana, her exact workplace is unknown.

Nothing is known about her relationship with her father, but they are believed to maintain a good father-and-daughter relationship. Like her other siblings, she also has a great memory of her mother, as she was very close to her. At the moment, it is not known if she is married and has welcomed children or not.


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