Meet Joey Scarborough’s Children Katherine, Joey and Andrew

Joey Scarborough’s children are four in numbre and they are Joey Scarborough, Andrew, Katherine, and Jack Scarborough.

Joey Scarborough’s kids are from two different marriages. The first two are Joey and Andrew while the second two are Katherine, his only daughter, and Jack, his last child. Joey’s kids are all grown up, and the first three are already forging their own career paths in life.

How Many Are Joey Scarborough’s Children?

Joey Scarborough has four kids. Joey and Andrew Scarborough came from his first marriage to Melanie Hinton; the couple lasted from 1986 to 1999. His last two kids, Katherine Clark Scarborough and Jack Scarborough, were born during his marriage to Susan Waren from 2001 to 2013.

The famed journalist is now married to Mika Brzezinski and though they don’t share any children, Mika brought her two daughters, Emilie Hoffer and Carlie Hoffer, into the marriage. The girls are products of her marriage to Jim Hoffer.

Joey Scarborough’s Oldest Son Bears his Name

  • Date of Birth: 1989
  • Age: 35
  • Mother: Melanie Hinton
  • Occupation: Journalist

The first child of the famed American journalist is Joey Scarborough. Born in 1989, Joey is the product of the reporter’s first marriage to Melanie Hinton. He was born in the United States and is currently  35-year-old Joey, but his exact place of birth has never been mentioned in the public space.

The details of Joey’s earliest academic journey are not documented, but when he was ready to go for higher studies, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his dad and went to study journalism and political science at the University of Alabama.

Joey is Following in his Dad’s Footsteps

As a graduate of journalism and political science, the younger Joey went on to launch a career in the media world. At the early stage, he occupied himself with writing music reviews and video games for The Florida Sun. The media outlet happens to be the brainchild of his dad and is listed as a local Pensacola-based tabloid.

From The Florida Sun, Joey moved a notch higher when he scored a plum job with ABC as its social media editor. During the latter part of August 2013, the younger Joey commenced work at The New York Daily News as one of its staff reporters. However, it was later speculated that he left the Daily News, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Joey Scarborough’s First Son Is Married

On the 25th of June 2016, Joey Scarborough took the proverbial walk down the aisle alongside his partner, Catherine Byrnes Grenfell. Catherine works and earns a living as a realtor with the Nashville, Tennessee-based real estate firm, VILLAGE.

The couple’s wedding occurred some weeks after Joey’s younger brother, Andrew, married. The ceremony was officiated by The Rev. Gary Klingsporn.

Joey and Catherine have been married for over seven years, but it is not known if they have children. The couple seems to prefer keeping their personal lives under the shed, which has made it difficult for anyone to get information about them.

Joey Scarborough’s Second Child is Andrew Scarborough

  • Date of Birth: January 1991
  • Age: 33
  • Mother: Melanie Hinton
  • Occupation: Musician

Born in January 1991, Andrew Scarborough is the second son of Joey Scarborough and the younger Joey’s only biological sibling. They both share the same mother, Melanie Hinton.

Andrew was born seven years before his parent’s union came crashing in 1999. He has been ailed by a lot of health issues; his father revealed in 2005 that he was born with the disorder called Asperger’s which is a slight form of Autism. Apart from Asperger’s, Andrew also suffers from diabetes, his dad revealed this in June 2011.

As if that was not enough, Andrew had a home accident in September 2016 when he fractured his skull after falling down a flight of stairs at their house. This bit of information was made known to the public by his father’s current wife, Mika Brzezinski while hosting The Morning Joe.

Explaining Andrew’s absence from the episode, Mika said they had a family emergency. According to Mika, Andrew was admitted to Bellevue Hospital and was already stabilized and on his way to recovery. Joey Scarborough himself also updated fans via a Twitter post where he assured them that Andrew was doing great, but that it was a frightening day and a rather long night.

There is no information about Andrew’s career path, but that does not mean he is not working. However, he seems to be a private person and doesn’t let information about his professional life slip out. He even set his Instagram handle to private to tighten every loophole.

Joey Scarborough’s Second Son is a Married Man

Just like his big brother, Joey Scarborough, Andrew has also shed the cloak of bachelorhood to embrace matrimony. On the 3rd of June 2016, he said “I Do” to the love of his life, Brianna Keller. It was an intimate ceremony attended by family and close friends of the couple.

The proud father, Joey, was the first to share the good news via his social media as fans poured in their congratulatory messages. Andrew and Brianna now reside in Connecticut.

Who is Joey Scarborough’s Daughter?

  • Date of Birth: 8th of August 2003
  • Age: 20
  • Mother: Susan Waren
  • Occupation: Musician

Joey Scarborough’s only daughter is Katherine Clark Scarborough and she is a product of his marriage to his ex-wife, Susan Waren. Katherine was born on the 8th of August 2003 and her current age is 20. She was barely nine years old when her parents called off their marriage in September 2012.

Following their divorce, Joey and Susan got joint custody of their children, thus, Katherine was privileged to grow up under the watch of her mum and dad despite the fact that their relationship already ended.

Katherine is Forging a Career in the Music Industry

Katherine has a career in the entertainment industry as a vocalist, and has been composing and releasing tracks on Spotify and SoundCloud. Her debut EP hit the music stand on the 10th of April 2020 and from the look of things, it got a lot of good reviews from fans and critics.

Apart from her career as a budding musician, Katherine is also experimenting with a career in business. She already launched her thrift store called Good Thrift Co., which is dedicated to charity. The aim of the store is to sell clothing items at affordable prices to enable the poor and the less privileged to get access to good clothing items. Katherine has taken to Instagram several times to share updates about her thrift store.

Jack Scarborough Is Joey Scarborough’s Last Child

  • Date of Birth: May 2008
  • Age: 16.
  • Mother: Susan Waren:

The last child born to Joey Scarborough is Jack Scarborough. Jack came into the legendary journalist’s household in May 2008 and is currently 16.

Nothing much is known about Jack but he was also born to Susan Waren just like Katherine. Reportedly, the youngster was born two months before full term, weighing just 2lb, 10oz. The circumstances surrounding his birth made Joey take two weeks off work to assist his wife.

The 16-year-old is of school age and is currently undergoing his earliest academic journey, though the details are not known.

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