Meet Jasmine Tookes’s Parents Sean Tookes and Cary Robinson

Jasmine Tookes’ parents are Sean Tookes and Cary Robinson. Jasmine Tookes’ father, Sean Tookes, is a musician, while her mother, Cary Robinson, is a celebrity costume designer and fashion stylist.

Jasmine Tookes is a hot sensational model who is well-known for being one of Victoria’s Secret’s top models as well as having walked the runway for the majority of top brands. Tookes’ parents got married in 1991 and divorced after living together for some time. She has a good relationship with her mom but things are strained between her and her dad.

Jasmine Tookes’ Mother, Cary Robinson, Was Born In California

Jasmine Tookes’s mother is Cary Robinson. Cary Robinson was born on August 25, 1973, in California, United States. She was raised in California and spent part of her childhood in Germany after her parents relocated there. The costume designer is an American citizen who is of English, African American, and English descent.

Cary Robinson was born to Ira L. Robinson and Sharon Jean Johnson. Her mother was a teacher, while her father was an attorney. There are no details on the number of siblings that she has or how successful they are in their careers.

Despite gaining a spot in the limelight, Cary is yet to reveal details about her educational background. This includes the names and locations of her elementary and high schools. Furthermore, the name of the college or university she attended, as well as her course of study, is yet to be revealed.

Cary Robinson is a Celebrity Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist

Cary Robinson has a flourishing career as a celebrity costume designer and fashion stylist and gained a little fame before her daughter’s rise to fame. Initially, she was pursuing a career as a court reporter, but it did not go through.

She later worked in a hair salon as a receptionist while in school. While she worked at the hair salon, her colleagues introduced her to a personal stylist after showing her a lookbook. This spurned her interest in the career and she was recommended for an internship with a popular celebrity stylist.

With time, Cary Robinson mastered the skill and got a job where she worked as an intern and a personal hair stylist to some Hollywood stars. Jasmine Tookes’s mother later gained fame as a celebrity stylist after she was asked to be the personal stylist of an Oscar-winning actress whose identity was not revealed.

Since then, Cary Robinson has worked as a costume designer and fashion stylist for over two decades. She is also notable for working with top fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret, styling their top models like her daughter, Jasmine, Lais Ribeiro, Josephine Skriver, and many others. She has also worked in the TV and film industries as a costume designer and fashion stylist.

She Influenced Her Daughter’s Rise to Fame

Since Cary became a successful costume designer and fashion stylist, she began bagging gigs with top brands. After she called it quits with her husband, she was left with her daughter, whom she took care of and spent most of her workdays with. While Cary was working on a photo shoot, Jasmine, who played volleyball and was a keen gymnast, was discovered.

The model, who was then 15 years old, began her modeling career. From her teens to date, she has modeled for top brands like Ugg boots and Gap, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and many others.

Jasmine Tookes’ Father, Sean Tookes, is a Former Musician

Sean Tookes is the father of Victoria’s Secret’s angel, Jasmine Tookes. Unlike the model’s mother, who is very much in the limelight, her father lives away from the prying eyes of the media. Based on this, he did not reveal any details about his date of birth, making his age unknown. All that is known about his birth details are that he was born in the United States but spent part of his childhood in Germany.

While Sean Tookes is an American citizen, he is of African American descent. He was born to Luther Tookes, ex-military personnel, and Vivian Louise Hampton, whose occupation was not disclosed. Being that Sean lives away from the limelight, it is unknown if he has siblings or not.

Jasmine Tookes’s father has kept details of his educational background out of the media. Meanwhile, it was revealed that he pursued a career in music, but it turned out unsuccessful. What he does for a living at the moment is not known.

Jasmine Tookes’s Parents

The Model’s Relationship With Her Father is Strained

After Jasmine Tookes’s parents divorced, it was revealed that he left Jasmine with Cary and moved. According to a post by the Daily Mail, Jasmine’s grandfather, Luther Tookes, revealed that she has had next to nothing to do with her paternal family since she became a supermodel.

He further revealed that after Jasmine’s parents divorced, her mother always brought her to Georgia to meet her paternal family. As of then, she would have fun with the family while he would take her shopping. Her meeting with her paternal family became less frequent after she began landing modeling jobs and it completely dried up after she became a supermodel.

Luther also revealed that he knows that Jasmine has not met with her half-siblings and that her dad does not see her that much. This is evidenced by the fact that her dad has not been spotted an any of her fashion runways. He however expressed his wish to meet her in person and not just see her on television

Jasmine Tookes’s Parents Met in Germany

Jasmine Tookes’s parents reportedly met in Germany while their families lived in the country. The estranged couple dated for a while, though they did not disclose how long they dated before getting married. They have also remained tight-lipped about when they got married and the type of wedding ceremony that they had.

After they moved back to the United States and settled in Huntington Beach, they gave birth to Jasmine. Shortly after they moved back to the USA, their marriage hit the rocks. Though they did not disclose the reason for their split or when they divorced, their marriage reportedly crashed after Sean’s music career wasn’t successful. Sean Tookes moved to Atlanta, Georgia, leaving Jasmine with her mother back in Huntington Beach.

After their marriage crashed, Sean Tookes moved on and got married in 1995. He got married to Jaquelyn, with whom he had two children. Cary Robinson also moved on with a mystery man, with whom she welcomed a daughter.

Jasmine Tookes’ Parents Had Other Children After Their Divorce

Jasmine Tookes’s parents only gave birth to her before they divorced. However, after they moved on with their new lovers, they welcomed other children who have become the supermodel’s half-siblings. Here is a peek at Jasmine’s half-siblings.

Chloe Danielle

Chloe Danielle is the second child that Cary Robinson welcomed with her mystery lover after she divorced Sean. Chloe was born on October 20, 2009, and is currently 14 years old. Just like Jasmine, she is a gymnast and child model.

She once took part in the seasonal catalog of the popular fashion brand, J. Crew alongside her half-sister, Jasmine. It is believed that, with time, she might take up modeling as a full-time career.

Sean Tookes Jr.

Sean Tookes Jr. is the first child that Jasmine Tookes’s father welcomed with his current wife, Jaquelyn. Just like his father, very little is known about him. There are no details about when and where he was born.

He reportedly graduated from high school in 2020 and should be in college if he chooses to further his education. Sean does not have a strong relationship with his supermodel half-sister, as it was revealed that they never met. He currently lives with his father and the rest of the family in Georgia.

Jaquelyn Elizabeth Tookes

Jaquelyn Elizabeth Tookes is the second child that Sean Tookes and his current wife have welcomed. Just like her brother, her parents have kept her out of the spotlight, making little known about her. Based on this, her age is not known as her birth details are unclear. Though she is still in school, her level of education is not currently known.

She lives with her parents in Atlanta, Georgia, and aspires to be a model someday. Jaquelyn does not share a strong bond with her famous half-sister, as they have never met.



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