Meet Aren Marcus Jackson Who Was Tia Torres’ Husband For 12 Years

Aren Marcus Jackson is the ex-husband of Tia Torres, the founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center for pit bulls, and the star of the Animal Planet reality TV series Pit Bulls & Parolees.

Aren Marcus Jackson was born in 1970 and is presently 54 years old. He has had several troubles with the law and spent many years in jail. It was during one of his jail stints that he met Tia, and they started dating. They later got married when he was released in 2006 and worked together to build up Villalobos Rescue Center into a center of repute. Sadly, what could have been a happily ever after was cut short following Aren’s arrest and prosecution in 2007.

Summary of Aren Marcus Jackson’s Biography

  • Full name: Aren Marcus Jackson
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1970
  • Aren Marcus Jackson’s Age: 54 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: straight
  • Marital Status: divorced
  • Aren Marcus Jackson’s Ex-wife: Tia Torres
  • Aren Marcus Jackson’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Aren Marcus Jackson’s Height in Centimetres: 175 cm
  • Aren Marcus Jackson’s Weight: 60 kg
  • Aren Marcus Jackson’s Net worth: $100,000
  • Famous for: Tia Torres’ ex-husband

How Old is Aren Marcus Jackson?

Aren Marcus Jackson is 54 years old in 2024, as he was born in 1970. Some sources say he was born in 1968, but an LA Times news report in October 1993 placed his age at 23, and that is a reliable source. Beyond his age, much of Aren Marcus Jackson’s background details remain shrouded in mystery. His exact birthplace is not known, though he grew up in California.

The names of his parents and siblings also remain unknown. It is not known if he finished school and completed his high school diploma. One thing that is certain is that his life is one that has been marked by several crimes and multiple stints in jail.

When Did Aren Marcus Jackson Become Tia Torres’ Husband?

Tia Torres and Aren Marcus Jackson got married in 2006, but their love story actually started years before that. Back in 1993, Jackson was arrested for grand theft auto and attempted murder of two peace officers. He was convicted and sentenced to a lengthy jail term. While in prison, his dog was left without care and landed with Tia, who by then had started her pit bull rescue charity.

Tia started looking for the dog’s owner and eventually traced Aren to prison. They became fast friends, and things later turned romantic. By the time Aren came out of prison on parole in 2006, they got married and moved in together. Aren proved to be of great help with Tia’s dog rescue charity, and she decided to continue hiring parolees to help out.

It was the typical killing of two birds with the one-stone scenario. She was rescuing despised dogs as well as a category of individuals that society often looked down on. Tia and Aren’s efforts did not go unnoticed. In 2007, they were voted the most important people in Los Angeles by a well-known publication. Soon after, they got offers to film a reality TV show based on their dog rescue charity.

Is Tia Torres Still Married to Husband Aren Marcus Jackson?

Tia Torres and Aren Marcus Jackson are no longer married. The couple divorced sometime in the late 2000s or early 2010s. Their split was due to Aren’s arrest and conviction for 11 felonies. The conviction resulted in another lengthy jail term, and Torres filed for divorce after some time.

The exact date of her divorce filing is not known, but she herself did confirm in a Facebook post back in 2018 that she and Aren were no longer married but now divorced. She wondered why people were always interested in her love life and quite fascinated with Aren, pointing out that he only appeared in a few episodes of the reality TV series.

Why Did Aren Marcus Jackson Go To Jail?

Aren Marcus Jackson was jailed for multiple crimes, including vehicle burglary, receipt of stolen property, grand theft of personal property, etc. He is alleged to have committed the crimes in June 2007 while out on parole for the crimes that he had committed back in 1993, i.e., grand theft auto and attempted murder.

As the story goes, back in June 2007, some individuals parked their cars at a public spot where they were watching a soccer game. Upon returning to the vehicle, they discovered that the car had been broken into with some personal effects, including credit cards removed.

An individual driving a truck later attempted to use the stolen credit card at a gas station, and the cops investigated the surveillance footage. The truck had a distinctive sticker, and investigations revealed that it belonged to Aren and Tia Torres. The investigators also concluded that the individual in the footage was likely Aren and conducted a search on his and Torres’ property.

The search revealed various stolen items, including a motorcycle, three driver’s licenses, two social security cards, and a payroll check, all bearing the names of persons other than Aren.

Aren Marcus Jackson was subsequently charged with 11 felonies, namely one count of second-degree burglary of a vehicle; one count of unlawful taking of a vehicle; one count of receiving stolen property, vehicle; three counts of receiving stolen property, one count of grand theft of personal property, and four counts of theft, access cards/account information.

He battled the charges, contending that the evidence was obtained improperly. He also argued that it was other individuals who had access to their property that stole the items. The court agreed with him on some areas, but he was ultimately sentenced to 15 years and eight months in jail.

Aren Marcus Jackson
Tia Torres and her ex-husband, Aren Marcus Jackson Image Source

When is Aren Marcus Jackson’s Release Date?

Aren Marcus Jackson’s release date is 2024. As pointed out earlier, he was convicted and sentenced to 15 years and eight months. His date of conviction is likely either 2007 or 2008. Therefore, when one does the math, it is obvious that he will come out in 2024. It is also possible that Aren Marcus Jackson may already be out of jail as convicts rarely serve their full sentence and often get some time off.

It must be noted that the reason he got the harsh sentence in the first instance was due to the fact that he had multiple previous convictions, including two previous felony convictions, which meant that he had run afoul of the three strikes law of California.


Who is Aren Marcus Jackson?

Aren Marcus Jackson is Tia Torres’ ex-husband. They got married in 2006 but divorced in 2018 following his incarceration for multiple crimes after a 2007 arrest.

How Old is Aren Marcus Jackson?

Aren Marcus Jackson is presently 54 years old as he was born in 1970. His nationality is American, while his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Is Aren Marcus Jackson Married?

Aren Marcus Jackson is not married to the best of public knowledge. His wife, Tia Torres, divorced him after he was jailed, and there is nothing to show that he has remarried since.

Does Aren Marcus Jackson Have Kids?

Aren Marcus Jackson has no kids, as his marriage to Tia Torres was too short to produce kids. Tia, however, has four children, two adopted sons and two daughters from past relationships.


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