Meet Angus Young’s Wife Ellen Young

Ellen Young is the wife of Angus Young, an Australian musician, songwriter, and lead guitarist famous as the co-founder and the only remaining founding member of the hard rock band AC/DC. She is a Dutch public figure who has been married to her husband since 1980. 

Angus Young and his wife Ellen Young have shown a high degree of marital commitment as they have stood the trail of time in their marriage. The couple has maintained a union that has spanned for over 44 years and is still counting. Being that the Rock and Roll singer’s marriage to his wife has contradicted the divorce trend in the entertainment industry, interest has also been placed on who his wife is and what she is currently doing. Read on, as we have all about Angus Young’s wife detailed.

 Summary of Ellen Young’s Biography

  • Full name: Ellen Van Lochem Young
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ellen Young’s Husband (Wife): Angus Young
  • Ellen Young’s Height in Inches: 6 feet 3 inches
  • Ellen Young’s Height in Centimetres: 1.93 m or 193 cm
  • Ellen Young’s Weight: approximately 83 kg
  • Famous for: being the wife of the legendary rock and roll lead guitarist, Angus Young

Who Is Ellen Young?

Ellen Van Young is the wife of the Rock and Roll singer and guitarist, Angus Young. She was born into a Dutch family in the Netherlands, in the European part of the world. Ellen Young prefers to have every bit of her personal life left private, so most of her personal information is unknown. As a result of this, her month, year, and date of birth weren’t disclosed, making it practically impossible to know her age.

Ellen Young

She is a Dutch citizen, while other details of her zodiac sign are scarce. This further extended to the withholding of information about her family and background, as the names of her parents and what they do for a living are also not disclosed. Likewise, details of whether she has siblings and what they are up to at the moment are also not mentioned. Ellen Van Young did not mention where she grew up, but all that is known is that she had a childhood full of sweet memories.

Angus Young’s wife has decided to keep the public in total darkness, as she did not reveal any information about her education. Due to this, the names and locations of the schools that Ellen Van Young attended in elementary and high school are not known. She has also kept information about whether she attended a college as well as the course that she studied under wraps.

Angus Young and Ellen Young Met in the 80s

Angus Young crossed paths with Ellen Van Lochem in the Dutch town of Arnhem in 1979. According to reports, Ellen had a prior romantic involvement with Bennie Jolink, the frontman and lead vocalist of the Dutch band Normaal. It’s worth noting that Normaal served as the opening act for AC/DC during one of their tour performances. Despite their eventual separation, Ellen Young’s strong affinity for hardcore metal music was greatly influenced by her previous relationship with Bennie.

Her love for rock music played a significant role in bringing Ellen and Angus into each other’s lives. Adrian Vandenberg, a Dutch rock artist, confirmed their longstanding friendship. He revealed in a 2018 interview on the White Line Fever podcast that he was the initial link between Ellen and Angus Young, the renowned guitarist of AC/DC.

Teaser, the band led by Adrian Vandenberg, extended an invitation to serve as the opening act for several AC/DC concerts, one of which was slated in Arnhem. Subsequently, Ellen approached Vandenberg and requested to be included on the guest list along with her friends. Fortunately, Ellen’s name was added to Adrian Vandenberg’s guest list, allowing her to meet the members of AC/DC in a more private setting.

It was during these encounters that Ellen and Angus first crossed paths. Following this, she and Angus began their journey together, and the rest remained history.

Ellen Young Became Angus Young’s Wife in 1980

Angus Young and Ellen Van Lochem’s relationship progressed rapidly. They became engaged within a year, with their wedding taking place in 1980. Much like their wedding, the Youngs have kept their marriage exceptionally discreet. Despite being married for many years, they continue to value their privacy when it comes to their marital life.

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all, as Angus is an extremely private individual. Despite Angus having been one of the most globally recognized figures at one point, he never disclosed any details about his marriage or romantic involvements to the media. Additionally, because neither of them currently utilizes social media, it’s challenging to gather any insights into their married lives. Nonetheless, considering that Ellen and Angus have been married for 44 years and ticking, it’s evident that they have established a successful approach to their relationship and continue to follow it.

Meanwhile, Ellen Van Young rose to prominence after she got married to Angus Young. Although the band may not be as prominent as it once was, AC/DC was among the most successful European rock bands. Angus, who co-founded AC/DC with his older brother Malcolm in 1973, was regarded as one of the finest guitarists of his era. They frequently embarked on worldwide tours, visiting some of the world’s most prominent cities for their concerts, and Ellen Young often accompanied the band on these journeys.

Does Angus Young Have Children With Ellen Young?

No! Angus Young and his wife have not disclosed any information relating to them welcoming children since they got married. On the other hand, it was not disclosed that the couple had decided not to have children. Meanwhile, it is also not known if their children are also part of the things they successfully kept from the public’s knowledge, being that they are very private with their personal lives.

Further looking at the lives of Ellen Young and Angus Young before they got married to each other, there is no information about any of them having a child before they got married. Therefore, we stick to the fact that Ellen and Angus currently don’t have any children.

What Does Angus Young’s Wife Currently Do For a Living?

Ellen Young’s occupation at the moment has not been disclosed. However, it is believed that she is enjoying her life with her husband in full. Being that the legendary lead guitarist is reported to own homes in the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands, we believe that they are currently living in one of their homes and enjoying the remaining part of their lives.


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