Maximiliano Camacho Jones Is Rebecca Jones’ Son With Alejandro Camacho

Maximiliano Camacho Jones is the son of Alejandro Camacho, a Mexican actor and producer, and the late Rebecca Jones, a Mexican-American actress. He was born in 1989 and is also recognized as the half-brother of fast-rising actress Francesca Guillén. However, the 35 year-old son of Rebecca Jones is immensely popular due to his parents’ celebrity status.

Unlike his parents, Maximiliano prefers to live a low-profile life and purportedly devotes his attention to his career as a DJ in New York City. Notwithstanding, fans of his parents, Alejandro and Rebecca, are still very much interested in knowing who Maximiliano Camacho Jones is.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones’ Bio

  • Full name: Maximiliano Camacho Jones
  • Gender: Male 
  • Date of birth: 1989
  • Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Age: 35 years old
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Nationality: American-Mexican
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight 
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Marital Status: Single 
  • Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Parents: Alejandro Camacho (father) & Rebecca Jones (mother)
  • Siblings: Francesca Guillén (Sister)
  • Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Height in Centimetres: 171 cm
  • Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Weight: 70 kg
  • Hair Color: Brown 
  • Eye Color: Brown 
  • Maximiliano Camacho 
  • Occupation: Musician, DJ, Composer, & Pianist.
  • Jones’s Net Worth: $5 million 
  • Famous for: Son of Alejandro Camacho & Rebecca Jones 

How Old is Maximiliano Camacho Jones?

Maximiliano Camacho Jones is 35 years old. He was born in 1989 (his birth month and day are unknown) in the United States. He is Mexican-American by nationality and holds Hispanic ethnicity. Meanwhile, his religion is Roman Catholicism.

Furthermore, Maximiliano’s father is Alejandro Camacho, a popular actor, and producer who hails from Mexico. On the other hand, his mother is the late Rebecca Jones Fuentes Berain, who was born on May 21, 1957. Until her death on March 22, 2023, she was also a well-recognized American actress.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones and his parents
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Maximiliano Camacho Jones Studied Music 

Information regarding Maximiliano’s educational background and qualifications isn’t available at the moment. However, the Mexican-American seems to be well educated as he is fluent in English and has a professional career. Moreover, several reports confirm that he studied music in New York City.

What Does Rebecca Jones’ Son Jones Do?

Initially, Maximiliano Jones wanted to pursue an acting career just like his parents, however, he lost interest along the way. Nevertheless, he ultimately chose a career in music following his passion for art. By this, he took after his grandfather (from his Father’s side), Gordon Jones, who was a renowned musician during his active days until he passed away in 2007.

So while both his parents mostly lived in the entertainment limelight, Maximiliano chose to keep a low profile and reportedly focused on his career as a musician and a DJ in New York City. Besides, he’s held other musical careers working as a composer and pianist. It is yet to be known if the brown-eyed celebrity son would one day follow in his late mother’s footsteps and take on the screen as an actor.

What is Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Net Worth?

Maximiliano Camacho Jones has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has a decent career in music as a DJ, composer, pianist, and musician. Although he earns a reasonable sum from his music career, his earnings are also from his late mother’s wealth.

His late mother, Rebecca Jones, left behind an enormous net worth estimated to be around $6 million. She was a well-to-do actress and TV personality who appeared in many blockbusters and so was able to generate that huge sum. However, Maximiliano’s assets, like his cars and apartment, are unknown; but he lives a relatively modest life.

Is Maximiliano Camacho Jones Married?

Maximiliano Camacho Jones’ low-key lifestyle has left many in the dark about his marital status. Similarly, he’s not come out to disclose any information on this issue to the public. But with all indications, we can conclude that Rebecca Jones’ son is single.

Maximiliano has never been spotted with or reported to be in a relationship with anyone. Likewise, he doesn’t have any children or reported romantic affairs with anyone. He currently lives alone in his apartment in New York City. It is not known if he plans to get married soon or if he is in any serious relationship, as his personal life is out of the media lens.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones’ Step-Sister Took After His Father as a Professional Actress 

Maximiliano has an elder half-sister named Francesca Guillén, who was born on June 14, 1977. She is also a film, theater, and television actress. Her acting career began at age 5, in 1982, on the TV program “Juguemos a cantar,” and she’s appeared in many others like Such Is Life, Borderland, Jaime Chabaud’s play Lluna, and so on.

Francesca is Maximiliano’s half-sister from his father’s side. Her mother is Bárbara Guillén, who is also an actress. Francesca has had a successful acting career, and she’s been awarded the Female Revelation from the Theatrical Journalism Association (APT) for her scintillating performance in a Jaime Chabaud play titled Lluna.

Where is Maximiliano Camacho Jones Now?

Maximiliano Camacho Jones is currently working and living in New York City. The Mexican-American is a musician, composer, songwriter, pianist, and DJ. And unlike his parents, he chooses to live a non-celebrity lifestyle.

Furthermore, he has no family of his own and is still relatively single. He hasn’t disclosed any plans of getting married or starting a family. It is reported that Maximiliano studied music at a school in New York City. He is currently focused on his different electronic music projects.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones Rebecca Jones' Son With Alejandro Camacho
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Maximiliano Camacho Jones Still Spends Quality Time With His Parents 

Though he lives in the United States, he frequently visits and spends quality time with his parents, especially when his mom was alive. In July 2013, the upcoming musician appeared with his parents having a family dinner at a restaurant in Mexico City. After their get-together and sharing cigarettes, each one left the restaurant separately. While Camacho got into his car, Rebecca left the place, holding her son by the arm.

Maximiliano was last seen publicly at his mother’s funeral. His mother, Rebecca Jones, died on March 22, 2023, at age 65, in the presence of her family members. According to reports, Rebecca departed peacefully and with a profound appreciation toward her family, to whom she devoted her entire life. During her days, she was a renowned actress celebrated for her performance in Imperio de Cristal, for which she earned the accolade of Best Actress at the El Heraldo de México Awards and Best Lead Actress at the TVyNovelas Awards in 1995.

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