Who Is Lin-Manuel Miranda and What Do We Know About His Wife and Sons?

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an award-winning American actor, director, singer, playwright, composer, and lyricist best known for creating Broadway musicals such as Hamilton and In the Heights. He is also known for his work on Disney’s Moana and Encanto. Miranda is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Vanessa Nadal and they have two sons, namely Sebastian and Francisco.

Lin-Manuel Miranda lives for entertainment. He is also a producer and decent rapper known to freestyle in his speeches: he remarkably rapped and rhymed through his Tony Awards acceptance speech in 2008. A versatile entertainer with unquestionable talent, the American lyricist is widely celebrated for his creative skills, which have fetched him some of the most coveted awards in the industry, including three Tony Awards, three Grammys, and a Pulitzer Prize.

Among other awards and prestigious recognition, the actor has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has won an Emmy, two Oliver Awards, and has received nominations for an Academy Award, four Golden Globes, and much more. In 2016, Time magazine named Miranda one of the 100 most influential people in the world. That same year, he received a star in the Puerto Rico Walk of Fame.

Obviously, his popularity has sparked off people’s interest in his personality, especially as regards his soaring career, private life, and family background. The actor is also known for activism and efforts to promote the welfare of Puerto Ricans. This has left many asking questions about his connection to the Caribbean island.

Biography and Profile Summary

Age/Date of Birth:
44 years old (16 January 1980)
5feet, 7inches (1.75 m)
Puerto Rican
Wife or Girlfriend:Vanessa Nadal (m. 2010)
Parents:Father: Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda
Mother: Luis A. Miranda
Net Worth:$80 million

Key Takeaways

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda was born in New York and raised in Inwood, Manhattan, New York City.
  • He is of Puerto Rican descent but has remote Mexican, Black, and Caucasian ancestry
  • His parents, Luis A. Miranda and Luz Towns-Miranda are prominent Americans
  • Lin-Manuel has one sibling, an older sister named Luz Miranda-Crespo
  • He has been married to Vanessa Nadal since September 2010
  • Nadal is an adjunct professor and the mother of Miranda’s sons, Sebastian and Francisco Miranda.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Born and Raised In New York 

The versatile entertainer was born on the 16th of January 1980 and as you would easily find, his place of birth was in New York City. The 44 years old actor spent most of his childhood in Inwood, a neighborhood situated in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of those people whose current career is a product of their childhood passion.

His exposure to several musical genres, especially Salsa, helped to spark his love for theatre and interest in other facets of entertainment. Several reports have traced the beginning of his career journey to his pre-teen years. He was a student of Hunter College Elementary School, after which he proceeded to Hunter College High School. It was here that he had his first stage performance.

As the story goes, it was a 20-minute musical directed by journalist Chris Hayes who was Miranda’s classmate. The actor began writing musicals thereafter and ultimately built a career around it. He would later proceed to Wesleyan University where he majored in Theatre Studies and graduated in 2002. Miranda loved the idea of writing plays because he could confidently play any of the parts he wanted and when he was in college, he exposed himself to more playwriting and performance.

He has since taken part in the creation of several Broadway musicals, including West Side Story, Merrily We Roll Along, and Bring It On: The Musical. As an actor, he has appeared in films like The Odd Life of Timothy Green, The Polar Bears, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. You would also find him in television series such as Do No Harm, DuckTales, and Bartlett, among many others.

He gained inspiration to write his successful musical, Hamilton, from Alexander Hamilton’s biography written by Ron Chernow. It took him six years to eventually complete the work. The Broadway musical debuted in 2015 and it did enjoy favorable reviews and critical acclaim.

The Actor Is of Mixed Ethnicity and His Parents Are Luis A. Miranda and Luz Towns-Miranda

The famous Hollywood star was born to Luis A. Miranda and his wife, Luz Towns-Miranda. Both of his parents are prominent figures. While his mother is a clinical psychologist, his father is a founding partner of The MirRam Group. Both of Lin’s parents are Puerto Ricans but on several occasions that he was questioned about his ethnicity, the actor described himself as a quarter Mexican with a remote Black and Caucasian ancestry.

According to  Megan Smolenyak, an American genealogist famed for tracing the linage of popular figures, David Towns and his partner Sophie were Miranda’s great-great-great-great-great grandparents. Sophie was an African American woman from Virginia, a former slave, whereas David Towns was White.

Luis A. Miranda

The MirRam Group is an independent consulting firm whose activities are mostly based in New York. The company founded in 2000 has become a leading political and government affairs firm, thanks to Luis’ extensive knowledge and experience in various government parastatals and public offices.

A student of the University of Puerto Rico and New York University, Luis has held managerial positions in the New York City Department of Employment, NYC Board of Education, Community Service Society, Aspira of New York, and once served the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering as its director of field services and research.

From the 1980s through 1990, Luis Miranda served in various capacities under three Mayors of New York City. First, he was a special advisor for Hispanic Affairs to Mayor Edward Irving Koch. Under Koch’s administration, Luis also served as the director of the Mayor’s Office for Hispanic Affairs and was a board member of the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation.

He served in that capacity through the David Norman Dinkins’ administration and would later be appointed Chairman of the board by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Before he co-founded MirRam Group with Roberto Ramirez, Luis was the founding President of the Hispanic Federation, a nonprofit organization that concerns itself with issues affecting the Hispanic Community. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s father is also the founder of Amber Charter School located in East Harlem.

Anyone close to Luis knows that his leadership experience extends beyond the public affairs sector. He has served on the boards of the Caribbean and Latino Studies at the City University of New York Graduate Center, Center for Latin American, Campaign for Fiscal Equity, and John Jay College Foundation. At the moment, Luis is the chairperson of Viva Broadway and a member of advisory boards like R.Evolucion Latina and Nielsen Ratings.

Luz Towns-Miranda

Since 2005, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s mother has been a member of the New York State Psychology Board. Also a member of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Board, Luz has been carrying out custody evaluations for the Family and Supreme courts for over two decades. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology which she obtained from New York University.

Luz also has a postdoctoral certificate which was acquired from the aforementioned university’s Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy; this was in 1998. The mother of two was licensed to practice in 1985 and since then, she has rendered her services to various organizations. While her practice majorly revolves around the assessment and treatment of foster care children, she teaches family practice residents at Montefiore Medical Center and the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center.

Since 1989, Luz has been a consultant for the Community Associate of Progressive Dominicans and has helped the organization develop meaningful mental health programs. She also serves The Acacia Network in the same capacity; the establishment is known to offer substance abuse and mental health services in the Bronx, New York. That’s not all, Miranda’s mother is a popular figure at Einstein’s College of Medicine where she worked with the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Social and Family Medicine.

As it is with his father, Miranda shares a great bond with his mother. Luz said she realized her son was very talented when she watched him perform in a church during his fourth or fifth grade. Thereafter, Luz did whatever she deemed fit to encourage Miranda. The actor is very appreciative of this, he once shared that his love for craft grew stronger through the help of his mother who would advise him to take a pick from every experience — whether it’s chores or heartbreak or losing friends.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Has an Older Sister Named Luz Miranda-Crespo

Lin-Manuel Miranda has only one sibling, an older sister with whom he was raised in a Hispanic neighborhood. Lin and Luz spent most of their childhood in New York but their parents often send them to Puerto Rico to spend some time with their grandparents. Like her parents and younger brother, Luz Miranda-Crespo is also accomplished in her career. According to her Linkedin profile, she was a student of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Luz attended the private research university located in Troy, New York, from 1991 to 1995 and obtained a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Engineering. After this, she began working as a project manager for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), a position she held from 1996 to 2000. It was in the latter year that she became the CFO of the firm her father co-founded, MirRam Group.

Miranda-Crespo remains the chief financial officer of the firm to date. This means she has served the company in that position for over two decades. To acquire the knowledge she needed for the position, Luz obtained an MBA in Accounting and Economics from New York University’s Stern School of Business.  Since 2012, Luz has been volunteering at Montclair Cooperative School, she is the secretary of its board of trustees.

Lin-Manuel’s sister is married to a fellow named Luis Crespo and they are parents to at least four children. Luz has a good relationship with her famous brother who said she also played a role in the development of his career. In one of his many interviews, the entertainer stated that his sister grew up with the original rap stars and introduced him to the genre which influenced some of his most popular works like In the Heights.

His Wife Vanessa Nadal Is an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University School of Law

Because of the nature of her husband’s career and the level of recognition he has gained thereof, Vanessa Nadal has often been only reported as the wife of the famous playwright. While she is proud to be the special woman in Lin-Manuel’s life, the mother of his kids, it is not the only thing she has going for her. The woman is also very accomplished like other relatives of the Hollywood star. She was a student at Hunter College High School from 1994 to 2000.

Thereafter, she proceeded to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was a member of a dance troupe at the institute and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Chemical Engineering; this was in 2004. Following her graduation from MIT, she became a research and development scientist for the Innovative Ageless Skin Platform of Johnson & Johnson, a position she held from 2004 to 2007.

Before this, she interned with the firm in the same department and also interned with MIT and the Austrian Academy of Sciences as a lab researcher. Vanessa left her position at Johnson & Johnson to study at Fordham University School of Law from 2007 to 2010 when she bagged her Juris Doctorate. She also studied law at Universidad Pontificia Comillas in 2009. Before her career in law took off, she interned at the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division and King Ramsey Perry & Howell, LLP.

She later became a Summer Associate with Jones Day, a Law Clerk, and then an Associate. In 2016, Vanessa Nadal became a self-employed Legal Consultant; this remained so until December 2018. It was in January 2019 that she became an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University School of Law. She is reputed as a co-founder of what is considered to be the first law school program on Cosmetics Regulations.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal Have Known Each Other Since High School

While Lin-Manuel Miranda has been busy with the demands of his career, his wife Vanessa Nadal has been holding down the home front. The couple has known each other since their childhood, they attended the same high school. Despite this, they never dated as Miranda couldn’t muster the courage to talk to Nadal. She was too gorgeous and I have a total lack of game, explained the composer.

Their love story only began almost a decade after high school when Lin reached out to his now-wife on Facebook. The year was 2005 and the actor invited Nadal to one of his shows. She showed up but Miranda didn’t get to talk to her all through the night. Nonetheless, he asked a friend to get her number. All the while, Nadal was not aware that he liked her.

Utilizing the number he asked his friend to get, Lin-Manuel invited Nadal for another show. While he was performing, Vanessa realized that she fancied him. They got to talk for the first time after the show and the actor invited his crush over to his home to play the Grand Theft Auto game. She obliged and it marked the beginning of their relationship.

The Couple Got Married on The 5th of September 2010

Things have been going smoothly for Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa since they started dating. After the actor invited her over to his home and they bonded over a video game, they started visiting each other frequently and soon exchanged keys to their apartments. According to Nadal, it was easy to see that Miranda was serious about his intentions. He made a deliberate effort to introduce her to people who are important to him. This showed Vanessa that she was important to him.

A few years into their relationship, in 2008, In the Heights won Miranda a Tony Award for Best Original Score. Rapping through his acceptance speech, the playwright publicly proclaimed his love for Vanessa: “…you still leave me breathless, thanks for loving me when I’m broke and (for) making breakfast…”, he said.

In 2016 when Hamilton won two Tony Awards for Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score, he presented a sonnet for an acceptance speech and it revolved around Vanessa. At that point, Vanessa and Lin-Manuel had been married for over half a decade. It’s no secret that they walked down the aisle on the 5th of September 2010.

Theirs was a spectacular ceremony that had Miranda perform “To Life” from Fiddler on the Roof for his bride. The fairytale wedding was held at the Belvedere Mansion in Staatsburg, New York. It featured a 22-piece orchestra and performances from the famous Puerto Rican singer, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and the beloved Panamanian musician, Ruben Blades.

Lin Manuel Miranda Weddding
image source

It is clear that Vanessa Nadal loves and supports her husband as much as he adores her. In his 2016 Tony Awards acceptance speech, Marinda stated that she is the reason anything gets done. Nadal has always been seen beside her husband at industry events. She also creates the time to watch him perform on stage but would boo anytime he kisses someone on stage.

Miranda and Nadal Are Now Parents to Two Sons

Their relationship has only grown stronger over the years. There has never been any report of infidelity nor claim that the two are having marital issues. In 2017, after about seven years of marriage, the actor inked his ring finger with the letter “V” to yet again acknowledge his commitment to his wife. Needless to say, “V” is the first letter of his wife’s name.

The fact that their union has witnessed a decade and they seem to be very much in love and committed to each other has left people asking questions about the secret of their successful union. For Miranda and Nadal, there are no secrets behind their happy marriage other than the fact that they are both responsible individuals who genuinely love each other and are interested in building a future together.

It is easy for them to get along and grow together as a couple because while Vanessa is beautiful and smart, she is not vain and arrogant. Also, Lin-Manuel is extremely grounded despite the massive clout he wields as a versatile and celebrated entertainer. The two have not only thrived in their careers and as a couple but also as parents. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal are parents to two adorable sons named Sebastian and Francisco Miranda.

Sebastian Miranda

Roughly four years into their marriage, Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife Vanessa Nadal welcomed their first child, a son they named Sebastian. The 9 years old was born on the 10th of November 2014. At the aforementioned 2016 Tony Awards speech, Miranda described Sebastian as the “most beautiful reprise” of Vanessa.

Given that Sebastian is still a lad, much is yet to be learned about him. It is still early to tell if he would follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in entertainment. However, he can definitely count on the support of his parents in whatever career path he chooses when he comes of age.

Francisco Miranda

Over three years after they had their first child, the couple welcomed their second, another son named Francisco. He is 6 years old as he was born on the 2nd of February 2018. His father took to Twitter to announce his birth, disclosing that he weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces.

Like his older brother, much is not known about Francisco apart from the obvious. He has a lot of growing up to do and does not concern himself with thoughts about what the future holds for him.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Nadal are known to be very protective of their kids. They have kept them away from the attention that comes from Miranda’s career and has even avoided sharing their pictures online. In a 2019 tweet, the actor acknowledged that keeping Sebastian and Francisco out of the spotlight would get harder as they get older. With that, he appreciated his fans for respecting the decision to keep his kids away from the spotlight and for helping to protect them.

Key Takeaways

Where is Lin-Manuel Miranda From?

Lin-Manuel Miranda is from New York City. He was born at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan in 1980 to Puerto Rican parents – Luis A. Miranda, Jr. and Luz Towns-Miranda.

What is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Ethnicity?

He is of Puerto Rican descent from his father’s side, along with Mexican, African-American, and English heritage from his mother’s side.

What is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Age?

Lin-Manuel Miranda is currently 44 years old. He was born on 16th January 1980 in Manhattan, New York City, United States.

Who Are Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Parents?

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s parents are Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda, who is a clinical psychologist, and Luis Miranda Jr., a Democratic Party consultant.

Is Lin-Manuel Miranda Married?

Yes, Lin-Manuel Miranda is married to his High school sweetheart Vanessa Nadal. The pair tied the knot in 2010 after dating for five years. During their wedding reception, Miranda surprised Vanessa with a wonderful rendition of To Life from Fiddler on the Roof, and Vanessa’s family also joined him to perform the special number.

Who Is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Wife?

Lin-Manuel’s wife is Vanessa Nadal. Vanessa is a New York-born lawyer and graduate of  Fordham University School of Law. She had previously worked at Jones Day, an American International law firm. Since 2019, she has been working as an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University School of Law.

Who Are Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Kids?

Miranda and his wife, Vanessa Nadal, have two sons – Sebastian and Francisco. Their first son, Sebastian was born in November 2014 and is currently 9 years old, while Francisco was born in February 2018 and is 6 years old.

How Much is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lin-Manuel Miranda has an estimated net worth of $80 million. He made his wealth largely from his acting career, music career, and other endeavors.

What is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Height?

He stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches, equivalent to 1.75 m.

Fact Card

Profile Summary
First Name:Lin Manuel
Last Name:Miranda
Also Known As:
Lin Manuel
Composer, Lyricist, Actor, Singer, Rapper, Producer, and Playwright.
Famous For:'In the Heights and Hamilton'
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Hunter College High School, Wesleyan University
Educational Qualifications:
BA degree in Theatre
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
44 years old (16 January 1980)
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Birth Place:
Washington Heights, New York, United States
Puerto Rican
Country of Residence:
United States of America (USA)
Physical Attributes
5feet, 7inches (1.75 m)
65kg (143 lbs)
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Other Body Measurements:
Chest: 44 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Hips: 46 inches
Biceps: 19 Inches
Marital Status:
Vanessa Nadal (m. 2010)
Family and Relatives
Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda
Mother:Luis A. Miranda
Sebastian, Francisco Francisco Miranda
Siblings:Luz - Older Sister
Other Relatives:
Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth:
$80 million
Salary:$6 million each year
Source of Wealth:
Various Career
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