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Corey Feldman
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A cursory glance through Hollywood’s celebrity line up will reveal a lot of personalities who started as kids. However, there aren’t quite as many, if any, that had the same kind of resume that Corey Feldman boasted by the time he was 3 years old.

Born to celebrity parents as he later confessed, he never really had a childhood. He was thrown into his Hollywood career very early by the decision of his parents. He later admitted in an interview that this wasn’t his decision nor would it have been.

However, he would go on to lead a stellar career in his teens, bringing us iconic 80s movies like The Goonies, Gremlins and cult classic, The Lost Boys, with fellow teen sensation Corey Haim.

Corey Feldman Wiki

Corey was born and raised in Reseda, Los Angeles, California on July 16, 1971. Feldman’s parents had a celebrity portfolio of their own too. His father, Bob Feldman, was an artist and a music producer. His mom Sheilda Feldman, besides having a stint as a cocktail waitress was also a former Playboy bunny. He had four siblings: two sisters and two brothers, Mindy, Eden, Devin and Brittnie.

His early acting career began when he got his first professional acting gig, a McDonald commercial, at the age of 3. Following that, his life became a hub of frenetic activities. He has appeared in over 100 commercials and 50 TV series including Micky & Mindy, One Day at A Time and Eight Is Enough.

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He made his film debut in the 70s and had some brief appearances in movies such as The Fox and the Hound and Time After Time. The 1980s were a memorable time for Corey Feldman as his career really kicked off. The most memorable was in 1987 when he starred in the movie The Lost Boys with Corey Haim. They became best of friends and worked together on a string of movies following the success of this 1987 classic. Feldman and Haim started something of a duo force and started to be known as ‘The Two Coreys’. Corey’s 80s roles also brought us movies like 1984’s Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and 1986’s Stand By Me.

However, being on screen wasn’t Corey Feldman’s only skill. He was the voice of Donatello in the 1990s original live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Unfortunately, as is often the case for a good number of teen celebrities, Corey descended into a life of drugs and sexual abuse, according to his memoir, Coreyography. His battle with drugs was very much public and documented. As he fought to regain control over his life and sanity and relaunch his dwindling career, he took lesser movie roles and eventually went into music. His debut album was titled Love Left.

He regained his iconic status as a leading celebrity with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III and continued to do movies with his friend, Corey Haim with their last ever role together being the 1996 comedy, Busted, where Haim was the lead character. This also happened to be Feldman’s first motion picture in a directing capacity.

The sequels to The Lost Boys came in 2008 and 2010, with Corey Feldman reprising his role in both movies. Haim didn’t play a part in any of these movies because he was deep in a life of drugs and his relationship with Feldman had disintegrated as was seen in the second season of their reality show, The Two Coreys. Corey Feldman would go on to future in many more movies and release a few more albums including Still Searching For Soul, Former Child Actor and Angelic 2: The Core. He also appeared in the reality series, The Surreal Life and Dancing on Ice, a British television show.

Corey Feldman’s Wife, Son, Girlfriend

Feldman, who was emancipated from his parents at the age of 15, got married to Vanessa Marcil in 1989, a marriage that lasted only four years as they divorced in 1993. They had no child together. Corey Feldman’s only child, a son, came from his second marriage to Susie Sprague. They got married in 2002 and the ceremony was officiated over by a Rabbi – owing to Corey’s Jewish roots, and also by the iconic 90s rapper, MC Hammer (An ordained minister). Susie filed for divorce in 2009, and this triggered a 5-year battle where both she and Corey sought for custody of their son. The divorce was finalised in 2014 and two years later, Corey tied the knot for the third time with longtime girlfriend, Courtney Anne Mitchelle at the Elton John’s Fizz champagne lounge, at Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

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Is Corey Feldman Dead or Gay?

In 2010, there were rumours that Corey Feldman was dead. It was eventually revealed to be a mixup. He had been mistaken for his longtime friend Corey Haim who was the deceased. He died of natural causes at 38, even though it was initially thought to be of an overdose.

Since Corey released his autobiography detailing he and Corey’s experiences with sexual abuse as young teenagers, he has been surrounded with rumours of homosexuality. Millions have at one point or another regarded him to be an in-the-closet homosexual. He also spent a lot of time with Micheal Jackson as a teen star which further fuelled the rumor. But he has constantly denied these rumours, stating that he is not gay and that Jackson was not the kind of guy to sexually abuse children.

He defended Micheal during his child molestation trial in 2005, when the pop star was accused of sexually abusing a 15-year old cancer survivor boy. In 2017, Corey decided to name the men that had abused him and Haim as kids as a way of honouring his friend and exposing the blackness in the industry. He had previously used a pseudonym for them in his memoir.

On the 2nd and 14th of November of the same year, he named the two abusers on the Dr Oz show. He named Cloyd Jon Grissom, actor and one-time personal assistant and Alphy Hoffman, a former talent agent and the owner of a Hollywood underage club.

Corey Feldman Height, Net Worth

Corey has a build that would put him in the category of the less than average American man’s height. He comes in at 5 feet 4 inches (1.65m). He has brown eyes and natural brown hair color.

His net worth is valued at $2 million. For someone whose career has featured more than 60 movies, television shows and a few albums, he should be worth much more. His period of dip has something to do with this.