The Strange Thing About Anya Taylor-Joy’s Eyes and Teeth

Anya Taylor-Joy’s eyes, her slightly crooked front teeth and her misaligned teeth have been the strangest things about the actress.

Anya Taylor-Joy is an award-winning actress who gained prominence with the horror films The Witch, Split, and Glass. The actress has so far won various awards for her acting prowess, including the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Awards. This has led to a lot of people wanting to know more about her, even seemingly unimportant details such as her eyes and teeth, which the actress seems to have worked on.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Eye Condition

Anya Taylor-Joy’s eye condition is termed Waardenburg Syndrome. This is a genetic condition that can cause hearing loss and changes in the pigmentation of the skin, hair, and eyes. The actress was born with this syndrome and this made her a fragrance addict.

As she got older, she became addicted to apothecaries and began mixing her own scents. Anya Taylor-Joy revealed that she made use of various fragrances to make her get in character for her role. In the movie Morgan, she made use of cotton and dirt because she was not allowed outside and she desperately needed the smell.

In another movie titled Thoroughbreds, she smelt more like alcohol. She revealed that she smudged a little bit of vodka on her wrist. When going to bed, Anya Taylor-Joy revealed that she loved putting on peppermint or lavender. In addition, her eyesight has made her unable to see herself in car windows.

Why Are Anya Taylor-Joy’s Eyes Too Far Apart?

As stated earlier, Anya Taylor-Joy’s has an eye condition known as Waardenburg syndrome. This eye defect made her eyes appear far apart from each other and made her look more like an alien. As a child, this seemed like a big challenge to her as she was abused and bullied by people.

Anya Taylor-Joy revealed that while she was in high school, she used to be locked in lockers, barred from classes, and not invited to things. The actress revealed that back when Facebook was still a thing, she never knew that her eyes were so far apart. Someone tagged her in a picture with a fish and told her that that was her because her eyes were like those of a fish.

According to her, she was pretty upset about that and stopped looking in the mirror for a very long time. However, as the actress grew, she began to love herself and looked more in the mirror, though she doesn’t spend much time in the mirror. Anya Taylor-Joy’s eyes have also given her more confidence as she keeps making waves in the movie industry.

What Happened To Anya Taylor-Joy’s Teeth?

Anya Taylor-Joy has slightly crooked teeth that do not line up perfectly with each other. Her teeth seem to incline towards the top left part of her mouth. The actress’s upper teeth also seem longer than the lower teeth, thereby overlapping the lower front teeth excessively when she closes her mouth. This has further caused her teeth to stick out.

Anya Taylor-Joy also has diastema in some of her teeth. Diastema is also known as the gap between teeth. She has a diastema between her two lower teeth. There are also gaps between her first molar and second molar. A slight gap can also be noticed between her canine tooth and second premolar.

Did Anya Taylor-Joy Get Her Teeth Fixed?

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Eyes

Yes! Anya Taylor-Joy had her teeth fixed. The actress began wearing teeth braces when she was 18 years old. According to the actress, she did not want to use braces because she had the notion that it would make her look old. However, she got over her fears after she saw how good it looked on her friends who used it then.


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