Katie and Derek Married at First Sight: Are They Still Together?

Katie and Derek were cast members of the 10th season of the reality TV show Married at First Sight (MAFS). They got married on the show, but their relationship hit the rocks a short while later. 

The matching of Katie and Derek on MAFS looked very promising, as they had a lot of things in common; however, the reverse turned out to be the case. During the reunion, Derek told the show’s organizers that their relationship wasted no time going south. According to him, Katie cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, and that was where their issues started. They later called it quits with their relationship and divorced in 2020.

What Happened To Derek After Married At First Sight Season 10

Following season 10 of Married At First Sight, Derek Sherman got the shock of his life when his wife, Katie Conrad, confessed to having an affair with her ex-boyfriend.

When it comes to the reality TV show MAFS, Katie and Derek are names that need no introduction. The duo was part of the couples that agreed to get married on Decision Day of season 10, and they had high hopes that their relationship would work, given a little chance.

However, things did not go as expected. According to Derek, their marriage was tumultuous, with constant altercations that eventually led to the end of their relationship. The cybersecurity engineer initially expressed fear that Katie may likely cheat on him with her ex-boyfriend, and he was not wrong. He said he first heard it from people outside before confronting his wife, and that was when she confessed to it. In fact, Katie reportedly slept with her ex the day after their honeymoon.

When the cast of Married At First Sight converged for the next reunion, Derek disclosed that their relationship had come to an end. In his narration, he said that Katie never got over her ex-boyfriend, who was always at her neck, urging her to leave her new marriage and return to him.

When Derek started suspecting his wife, the ensuing accusations sparked a lot of heated arguments between them. Going forward, adjusting to their new life became too difficult and this led to dissatisfaction with each other.

Though Derek was reputed to have a sweet, loving, and caring nature, he became extremely impatient with Katie, who in turn accused him of getting too emotionally involved with other female cast members. She also claimed they lacked mental compatibility as a couple and found Derek to be immature and childish, with unreasonable goals and ambitions.

At a point in their relationship, Derek and Katie started distancing themselves from each other. In fact, Katie took to sleeping in a separate bedroom and gave Derek the option of being good friends with her.

On his own part, Derek asked that Katie try and keep an open mind while they give their marriage another shot. After she packed her stuff into a separate bedroom, Katie requested that they conduct an open marriage whereby each party would be free to date anybody of their choice.

This was like a catalyst that quickened Derek’s breaking point and he decided to let her go when she eventually confessed to cheating on him with her ex. With no other remedy in sight, Derek, who claimed he was heartbroken, had to ask for a divorce in 2020.

Who is Katie’s ex on Married at First Sight?

Katie’s ex on Married at First Sight is Derek Sherman. A native of Maryland in the United States, Derek works and earns a living as a cybersecurity engineer. However, he gained public attention following his appearance on MAFS and for his marriage to Katie Conrad during the show’s 10th season.

During the show, Derek was 26 while Katie was 25, and the reason they were paired was because they were found to have some level of compatibility, and there was evidence of similarities in their family backgrounds. For one, both came from broken homes, as their parents are divorced.

Though Katie had a lot of doubt about the institution of marriage, Derek still believed it could work out given the right circumstances.

What is Katie from Married at First Sight doing Now?

Katie still works as a mental health professional in the United States. Surprisingly, she is now happily married and she achieved this feat without the help of MAFS experts. In 2020, during the pre-pandemic period, Katie met a man named Brandon Eaves via a dating site.

Some tidbits gathered from her social media handles revealed that Brandon works in the US Air Force as an instructor. His office is the Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi. He is also an alum of the Air Force Academy.

After they met on the dating site, Katie and Brandon scheduled their first date only to discover that they were both residing in the same flat. After they finished dinner, they spent quality time talking while getting to know each other. The ensuing lockdown presented the couple with enough opportunity to know each other better, and that was when love came calling.

Brandon popped the big question a few months later and by mid-2020, they exchanged wedding vows. Earlier in 2022, Katie told fans that she was expecting her first child, and in September 2022, they welcomed their son, though the details are not known.

What is Derek from Married at First Sight doing Now?

Derek Sherman still works as a cybersecurity engineer, but relationship-wise, he is still single. He appears to be the only one who is not in a rush to tie the knot.

An adventurous guy, Derek is the type who loves to travel and is constantly exploring new places. Following the breakup of his marriage to Katie, he visited Japan, where he explored a lot of scenic sites. The cybersecurity engineer is a resident of Washington, D.C., though the rest of his family lives in Colorado.

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