Meet Jimmie Allen’s Parents and Family

Jimmie Allen’s parents are James E. Allen and Angela Allen. The American country singer and songwriter best known for his songs Blue Jean Baby, This is Us, and Make Me Want To, is the fourth of seven children born to his parents.

The entertainer first appeared on America’s Got Talent and American Idol before venturing into music, which gave him global recognition. Jimmie Allen’s parents have a close bond with their famous son, so it is not surprising when he credits them for being the reason for his career success. Here is all there is to learn about his parents and family members.

Meet Jimmie Allen’s Parents

Jimmie Allen’s parents have played a great role in his career pursuit and rise to fame. This has made the country singer often shower praise on them. Meanwhile, his parents are very private about their details and have not revealed much about their relationship. There are no records of when they met or how long they dated before tying the knot.

When they got married is not known, making how long they have been married unknown. The kind of wedding ceremony that they had was also not revealed. However, there have been no recorded marital controversies. They are proud parents to seven children, including the country singer. Jimmie Allen’s parents are also proud grandparents to Jimmie Allen’s children.

Who is Jimmie Allen’s Mom?

Jimmie Allen’s mother is Angela Allen. Despite having a son who has gained a spot in the limelight, Jimmie Allen’s parents seem to be very reserved when disclosing details about themselves. Following this, details about when Angela Allen was born and how old she is have not been revealed. There is also no information regarding where she was born, making her nationality uncertain.

Since she is known to be a private person, there is no information about who her parents are or what they are currently up to. She has also provided details about her siblings for the public’s knowledge. Though her ethnicity has not been revealed, she is believed to have inherited African-American roots.

It is also unknown if she is educated, as the names and locations of the schools she attended are unknown. Neither Jimmie nor his mother has revealed what she does for a living.

Just as Jimmie credits his father for his efforts in his music pursuit, his mother is not left out. She has also been of huge support throughout the singer’s musical pursuits.

What To Know About Jimmie Allen’s Dad

Jimmie Allen’s father is James E. Allen. As mentioned earlier, Jimmie Allen’s parents are very private about their details, and as such, little is known about them. Based on this, he did not reveal his birth details, but according to his age at the time of his death in 2019, he was 65 years old, meaning that he was born around 1954.

The names of his parents and what they do for a living are unknown. His basic and high school educational background was not revealed either by him or his son. Just like his wife, it is unknown whether he earned a degree or not. What he did for a living during his lifetime is unknown, but he was a music lover.

Before his father’s death, he shared many things with his son besides music. Jimmie did not just inherit his father’s looks but also his sickness. Jimmie Allen had a heart attack at the age of 21, just like his father, who had one at the age of 22, and his grandfather, who had one at the age of 23. His father had a series of bypass surgeries to treat himself, which made the country singer’s treatment easy.

Unfortunately, he died in September 2019, and the cause of his death was never revealed. Jimmie Allen was fishing at Lewes Roosevelt Inlet, one of his favorite fishing spots, where he often fished with his father. The country singer revealed that instead of moving straight to the mortuary to see his father’s body, he chose to do what they loved together: fishing.

The country singer was struck hard by his father’s death and couldn’t listen to country music for two weeks. This was because it reminded him of his father since he was a very strong part of his musical career growth. In one of the shows he had around that time with Rascal Flatts, he bade his fans goodnight without finishing the song.

Jimmie Allen’s Father and Grandmother Influenced His Musical Career 

Jimmie Allen’s parents were not the only ones that influenced his musical career, but also his grandmother, Betty Snead. According to the country singer, his father introduced him to country music using Aaron Tippin’s songs. James E. Allen always played country music on the radio and would punch anyone who dared to change the station on the forehead.

This made Jimmie Allen develop a strong love for country music, and with time, he made it a reality. His love for country music was not only influenced by his father but also by his grandmother, Bettie Snead. She inspired his hit single Best Shot, and he also wrote a song in her memory titled Warrior.

However, she passed away in 2014, and to keep her memory alive, Jimmie always tied his grandmother’s purple scarf on his belt loop. He also inscribed her name, Bettie, on his guitar. To honor both his father and grandmother, he wrote and sang a song to them titled Bettie James.

Jimmie Allen Has Six Siblings

Jimmie Allen’s parents welcomed seven children during their marriage, including the country singer. Jimmie is the fourth child. He has a total of four sisters and two brothers. Having successfully carved a niche in the world of music, it is expected that his siblings will also be in the spotlight.

However, this is not so, as little is known about them. All that is known about them is that they all inherited their African American roots from their parents. Other information, like their names, the schools that they attended, their occupation, and birth details, is not known. What they all do for a living and their relationship status are also unknown.


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