Is Ryann O’toole Married or Engaged? Who Is The Wife or Fiance?

Ryann O’Toole is married to Gina Marra whom she has been dating since 2011. The couple dated for over 10 years and exchanged their marital vows on December 3, 2021.

The relationship that has existed between Ryann O’Toole and Gina Marra is one of the best that has ever existed among people of the same sex. It is assumed that their love for sports has helped them bond more. They both have established successful careers in the world of sports, as Ryann is a professional golf player and Gina is the vice president of a motorsports company. Ryann O’Toole’s fame as one of the best female golf players has brought Gina Marra to the spotlight.

Is Ryann O’Toole Married?

Ryann O’Toole is married to her partner, Gina Marra. It is no longer news that the 2021 LPGA Tour winner is an advocate of same-sex marriage. O’Toole was the only openly gay student-athlete at UCLA throughout her four years as a student.


There has been a rumor that Ryann O’Toole is not married. The rumormongers claim that she is only engaged to her longtime girlfriend, Gina Marra, but going by their Instagram posts and other reports on social media, it can be observed that Ryann O’Toole is married to Gina Marra.

Their marriage was only rumored by the public until December 3, 2021, when the couple decided to share their wedding pictures on Instagram. Ryann O’Toole remarked that despite the difficulties posed by learning who she was, staying true to herself had been essential to her accomplishment as a professional golfer.

She has remained open about her sexuality and as a result, she never had to officially come out like some other people in the sports industry. Currently, Ryann has gained much love and support from her fans for being who she is.

From when the duo started dating until now that they are married, Ryan and her partner haven’t seized any opportunity to show the public how much they love each other on their social media handles.

Ryann and Gina Marra Started Dating In 2011

Ryann O’Toole and Gina Marra have not revealed when and how they met each other. According to some reports the caption “#03 11” which is on one of the pictures the couple uploaded on Instagram meant the month and year in which they started dating. It was also confirmed by other reports that the couple started dating back in 2011. That was the same year Ryann started competing in LPGA and Futures Tour events.


At the time, Ryann had already made her professional debut, which was in 2009. Since they started dating, they have not missed any available opportunity to show how much they love and value each other.

After 5 years of dating, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level and got engaged in 2016. Being that they are open to the public about their sexuality and relationship, they immediately took the news to social media.

At this point, Ryann had started gaining wide recognition not only for her career but also for her sexuality. Gina Marra, who was very proud of her partner and their relationship, also gained popularity.

The Couple Got Married in 2021

After their engagement in 2016, it took them an additional five years to exchange their marital vows. According to reports, Ryann O’Toole and her fiancée took their marital vows on December 3, 2021. It is not known if their wedding was private or elaborate, nor is the venue where they had the event known.

The couple has been married for 2 years and is content with their union. They always take to their Instagram handles to celebrate their anniversary every year. So far, there is no report of any children from either parent.

Who is Ryann O’Toole’s Wife, Gina Marra?

Gina Mara rose to fame for being in a relationship with Ryann O’Toole which later turned into marriage. Though she has not revealed her birth details or age, she has been revealed by many sources to be born in 1979, which means that she is 8 years older than her partner, who was born in 1987.

According to Gina Marra’s posts on her social media handle, she was born in Rome, Italy. However, her month and date of birth have not been revealed, making her zodiac sign unknown.

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There is no doubt that Gina is a private person judging by the fact that many background information about her is not known. However, following her social media handles, we can tell that her parents are from Italy as she often refer to them as Italians. She fondly calls her father “Italian boss” and also adores her mother. Nevertheless, their names and what they do for a living are not known. She has also not revealed any details about whether she has siblings or not.

Gina seems to love her family a lot, as she decided to keep her last name, ‘Marra’ even after her marriage with Ryann O’Toole. Meanwhile, the names and locations of the schools that she attended for her basic and high school education have not been revealed. There is also no information about the college that she attended or her course of study. Although nothing is known about Gina’s educational background, looking at her achievements and career, we believe she is well-educated.

Gina Is the CEO of A Motorsports Company

Ryann O’Toole’s wife formerly served as general manager of GO AZ Motorcycles in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was stated that after 4 months, Parson got ownership of the company, and he employed Gina as its associate general manager.

Based on the reports by Power Sports Business, the company moved over in 2009 to its 26,000-square-foot location in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the United States. This is currently a facility that houses BMW, Honda, Ducati, KTM, Kawasaki, Triumph, Ural, Vespa, and Aprilia. A few months after their relocation to the facility, Gina was appointed general manager of the company.

She became the chief executive officer of YAM Worldwide Powersports in September 2008 and still holds the position to date. She gained further advancement and rose to the top of the Powersports company and was appointed the vice president of YAM Worldwide’s Powersports Division in July 2014. Marra was shocked and delighted that the owner of the company, Bob Parsons, had personally chosen her for her new role.

To date, she has maintained her position as vice president and CEO of the company. Meanwhile, YAM Worldwide’s Powersports Division is a parent company to other subsidiary companies owned by Bob Parson, that cover power sports, marketing, golf, real estate, philanthropy, and innovation.


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