Is Rick Steves Gay and Does He Have Girlfriend or Partner?

Rick Steves is not gay. The American travel guru and author is straight and has been involved in relationships with members of the opposite sex. He currently has a girlfriend who has been identified as Shelley Bryan. Rick was previously married to Anne Steves for 26 years from 1984 to 2009. Following the end of his marriage, he dated Trish Feaster.

Is Rick Steves Gay?

While there are many who believe Rick Steves to be gay, we equally have a select few who say the man cannot be gay given his past relationship records.

The reason his gay rumors suddenly hit the airwaves was that the travel guru was always found in the company of a man after his divorce from Anne Steves. Within the same period, Rick championed a topic called Gay Travel to Europe which fueled the speculations about his real sexuality.

Many wondered if it was his sexual orientation that made him bring up the topic while others saw it as a way of being inclusive in providing both gay and straight with travel guidelines. There was another account that claimed Anne found out about Rick Steves’ homosexual activities and that was her reason for filing for divorce.

To date, Rick never deemed it necessary to dignify all his gay rumors with a response and we cannot exactly say what his real sexuality is.

Does Rick Steves Have a Wife or Partner?

It is true that Rick Steves does not have a wife or life partner right now but it is common knowledge that the American travel guru and writer was once married to Anne Steves.

Born April 4, 1960, Anne who works and earns a living in the health sector as a nurse married Rick in 1984. The couple met sometime in 1982 and their first meeting occurred at a Barstow, California-based restaurant.

The couple’s first time meeting each other resulted in an official date that led to a romantic relationship in no time. Reportedly, Rick and Anna went on to date for the ensuing couple of years, and in 1984, the duo exchanged wedding vows.

Rick Steves
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We were not told the details of their official engagement but Anne and Rick Steves’ wedding was said to be a beautiful affair with family and friends in attendance. The Villanova, Pennsylvania-based St. Thomas church was the venue for their exchange of vows and they held their wedding reception at the nearby, Saint Davids’ Golf Club.

Sadly, the couple’s union lasted for 26 years and came crashing in 2009. Their divorce was finalized the next year on the 5th of March 2010 as it took a while to get their divorce settlements and alimony right.

Who is Rick Steves’ Girlfriend?

Rick Steves
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Rick Steves’ girlfriend is a female American clergy who goes by the name, Shelley Bryan. Shelley was ordained a bishop by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the United States – a position she still holds to date.

The details of the couple’s romantic relationship are not known but reportedly, Shelley and Rick started dating in December 2019 and have been together to date.

Before Shelley came into Rick’s life, the American travel guru and author was dating a lady called Trish Feaster. Trish worked with Rick as his travel partner and she was speculated to be the reason Rick and Anne’s union came to an end but this was never proven.

It was two years after his divorce from Anne that Rick Steves came out to declare that Trish was his girlfriend, thus, it is hard to say whether the couple had something going while Rick was still married to Anne or not.


Is Rick Steves Married?

No, the American travel tycoon is not married at present. However, he was once married to Anne Steves and the duo were together for 26 years.

Who is Rick Steves’ Wife

Anne Steves is the name of Rick Steve’s ex-wife and since their divorce, the American multi-millionaire has never bothered to get married for the second time.

Did Rick Steves Divorce His Wife?

Yes, Rick Steves and Anne Steves are no longer together. The couple filed for a divorce in 2009 and the process was concluded on the 5th of March 2010.

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