Is Noah Reid Gay and is Clare Stone His Wife?

Noah Reid is not gay, nor has he been romantically involved with anyone of the same sex. He married his wife, Clare Stone, in 2020, and they are parents to a son. 

Noah Reid is a Canadian musician and actor who has been able to gain recognition with his work in Franklin and Schitt’s Creek. His role in the movie as a gay character has sparked a heated debate about his sexuality in real life but he is not gay, as he has only been involved with women in real life and is currently married.

Is Noah Reid Gay?

Noah Reid is not gay. The actor cum musician has never been romantically involved in a relationship with a man. Rumors about his sexuality began circulating after he was cast in the television series Franklin and Schitt’s Creek.

Noah Reid was portrayed as a gay character. As perceived by the public, it is unbelievable for someone who is not gay to portray the role flawlessly. However, according to the actor, he had no issues portraying the gay role. This is because, he views sexuality and gender as a spectrum.

In an interview with Evoke, he revealed that there is nothing strange about being gay. Though he found himself playing the gay character, he revealed that he had never had feelings for a man or allowed himself to have feelings for a man.

The actor played the role effectively because it portrayed that anyone can love whoever they want to, irrespective of gender. He also expressed how proud he was to be part of the show. This notwithstanding, the actor is straight and has remained so to this time.

Who Is Noah Reid’s Wife?

Noah Reid’s wife is Clare Stone. She is a Canadian nurse and former actress born in 1992 in Canada. Her month and date of birth are unavailable, thus making her birth sign unknown. The Canadian national is reserved and as such, little is known about her background. This includes who her parents are and what they are up to at this time.

The names of her siblings and what they do for a living have also been unclear. While details of where she spent her childhood are scarce, there is also no information about her ethnicity. In the same vein, all about her education have been kept in obscurity. This includes where she had her elementary, middle, and high school education. However, it is known that she attended the University of Toronto, where she earned a nursing degree, specializing in psychiatric nursing.

Clare Stone was formerly an actress. She appeared in some on-screen projects, including Beautiful Girl, Would Be King, Wild Roses, and others but later quit acting and went back to the university to study nursing. At this time, she is a psychiatric nurse and a researcher.

Clare Stone Became Noah Reid’s Wife in 2011

Noah Reid and Clare Stone met in 2012 at the Canadian police drama, Rookie Blue. The duo were guest stars and portrayed the roles of lovers in the drama. Though they did not mention the exact time that they started dating, it was revealed that they became lovers after Clare Stone enrolled at the University of Toronto.

Their love blossomed with time, which made the actor consider making her his wife. In Christmas 2018, he popped the question to her and she agreed.

On July 25, 2020, they sealed their love at Noah’s family home at Lake Huron. The wedding was a micro wedding, with only 25 people in attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The duo did not involve a wedding planner in their event, but rather made sure that everyone in attendance helped out with the wedding tasks.

Noah Reid was adorned in his Gucci tuxedo which he purchased years ago. Clare, on the other hand, wore a simple but classy Alexander Grecco crepe silk gown. To add more glamour to the fashion statement, she added delicate straps. She adorned it with a tulle veil, good jewelry, and a light natural face touch-up.

Noah Reid and Clare Stone are Parents to a Son

In the summer of 2022, two years after they exchanged their marital vows, Noah Reid and Clare Stone became parents for the first time. They welcomed a son whom they have not disclosed his name.

The couple seem to keep their son away from the limelight, as nothing is known about him, including his exact date of birth and name. At this time, he is living under the care of his parents and receiving loads of love from them.


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