Is Kid Cudi Gay? Myths vs. Reality

Kid Cudi has not confirmed if he is gay or straight, as such, his sexuality is not known. However, there have been a series of rumors that the rapper is gay, but he has chosen not to openly identify himself with any sexuality.

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, famously known by his stage name Kid Cudi, is a songwriter, rapper, singer, record producer, fashion designer, and actor. With his fast-rising fame, the entertainer’s popularity has also attracted public scrutiny of his sexuality. However, this has not in any way affected his career, as he is even gaining more popularity. Read on, as we have detailed all that is to be known regarding the speculations about Kid Cudi’s being gay.

Kid Cudi’s Sexuality

Kid Cudi is not gay and has chosen to keep his sexuality off records, thereby complicating the public’s thoughts. This is because he decided not to identify himself with any sexual orientation. Even though he has been tagged as gay on several occasions and some of the comments from his social media are quite controversial, he has yet to react to any. The rapper still maintained his claims that he doesn’t belong to any sexuality, as everyone is free to be whatever they wish to be.

In the end, Kid Cudi’s sexual orientation is a private aspect of his identity, and since he hasn’t publicly disclosed it, we can’t definitively ascertain it. On the other hand, he has been linked to some women and has no record of a romantic relationship with anyone of the same sex. Nevertheless, his statements and behavior indicate a welcoming and inclusive attitude toward individuals of various sexual orientations.

Kid Cudi’s Relationships

Though Kid Cudi has been claimed to be gay, he has been in relationships with only females. Here is a rundown of his relationships:

Jacqueline Munyasya and Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi Gay

Jacqueline Munyasya is an American who was regarded as Kid Cudi’s childhood girlfriend. She is currently the rapper’s baby mama, as they have a child together known as Vada Wamwene Mescudi. When they began dating and how long they dated before they called it quits are not known. However, according to Jacqueline, they separated as a result of Kid Cudi’s absence and consistent use of drugs and alcohol.

After a series of legal fights over the custody of their child, Cudi was only given the right to visit and provide child support, while the baby mama took the child’s primary custody. Meanwhile, in a bid to be close to the child, Kid Cudi acquired a property in Chicago, which enabled him to be close to the child. As for his relationship with his baby mama at the moment, nothing is known so far.

Jamie Baratta and Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi Gay

Jamie Baratta, an entertainment lawyer, is one of the women who was tagged to have had a relationship with Kid Cudi. According to reports, they started dating in 2009 as just friends but the public saw them as more closer than just mutual friends. It was also reported that the song by Kid Cudi, titled Teleport 2 Me, and the album WZRD by Jamie talk about their relationship. Meanwhile, the relationship was believed to have ended in 2012, which was tagged as a result of their busy schedule, but they did not confirm nor deny the claims.

Stella Maeve and Kid Cudi

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Stella Maeve is an actress famous for her role in Syfy’s The Magicians. In 2013, the actress was listed as one of the people that Kid Cudi has dated because they have been spotted together severally. One of the times she was with Kid Cudi was during the Red 2 premiere in 2012. Meanwhile, since neither Stella Maeve nor the rapper have ever admitted or denied ever dating each other, it remains unclear if the public claims about their relationship are true.

Kid Cudi and Raquel Deriane

Raquel Deriane, a costume designer and actress, was speculated to have dated Kid Kudi. The rumors about their relationship were a result of the extent of their closeness, as they were seen together at public events. Also, Raquel often shows her support for Kid Cudi’s music career by uploading his album and songs to her social media. Meanwhile, their romantic relationship remained a rumor, as neither of them confirmed nor denied it.

Is Kid Cudi Dating?

Kid Cudi is currently single, as there is no news of him being in a relationship. Despite the rumors of him being gay, he once announced that he is unattached and is looking to enter into a dedicated relationship once more in 2022. The singer further disclosed this in an interview with Esquire, that he needs a serious relationship that can lead to marriage and also be able to produce more children. We hope the rapper will soon find a stable relationship, get married, and have more children.


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