Is Kate Mckinnon Kyle Mooney’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Kate McKinnon is not the girlfriend or wife of Kyle Mooney. Although viewers of Saturday Night Live (SNL) are finding it difficult to get over the obvious chemistry the TV hosts share on the show, the two are not dating or married. They are only colleagues and friends who are good at bringing their on-screen characters to life.

Kyle Mooney, in particular, has always been a victim of dating rumors and his exceptional acting skills keep giving him over to fans who really want to know who he is dating. On the other hand, Kate McKinnon is in a relationship with someone else, and Kyle is yet to reveal who the love of his life is.

Kyle Mooney was Rumoured to be Dating Kate McKinnon in May 2022

Kyle James Kozub Mooney, the renowned American comedian, actor, and writer, was rumored to have been in a relationship with TV personality Kate McKinnon Berthold. Just like Kyle, Kate is also a comedian and actress, and they work together on the Saturday Night Live Show.

Fans are constantly blown away by the chemistry this duo shares on screen that sometime in May 2022, the rumor mills went wild with speculation that Kyle and Kate were so in love, dating, and already planning to get married.

This rumor came as a surprise because both actors are secretive about their relationship life, and Kate is openly gay. She is an icon and a model for the LGBTQ+ community and gets involved with events and programs that promote the queer community. She is willing to discuss being lesbian.

Kate McKimmon is the first Saturday Night Live Show actor to come open with her sexual orientation as gay. Notwithstanding, she is also open about her sexual orientation as, according to her, she is gay and proud. This is part of the reason fans were perplexed by the rumors about a relationship with Kyle – who is a man.

However, we have made it clear that Kyle Mooney and Kate McKinnon are not in a relationship. They are both just good friends who know how to laugh and share good memories. Neither of them confirmed the rumor, and Kate is still only gay.

Aside From Kate McKinnon, Kyle Mooney Has Also Been Rumoured To Be Dating Other Saturday Night Show Stars

Despite being private about his relationship life, Kyle Mooney keeps making headlines for being in several relationships. Aside from Kate McKinnon, he has also been linked to Leslie Jones and Saweetie.

Is Leslie Jones Married To Kyle Mooney?

No, Leslie Jones is not married to Kyle Mooney. The rumors about a possible relationship and alleged marriage between Leslie and Kyle is just similar to that of Kyle and Kate. The rumors about Leslie Jones and Kyle Mooney dating (or being married) began to spread in 2017 when Leslie made an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show.

She was asked what her type of man is, and she said she likes a man who is goofy and knows how to make her laugh. When fans began to think of men who fit this description, the first to come to mind was Kyle Mooney, her colleague on Saturday Night Live.

To further add fuel to the already spreading rumors, Leslie and Kate did a comedy sketch on the Saturday Night Live show in 2017 dubbed ‘Kyle & Leslie.’ In this comedy sketch, Kyle and Leslie were in love, got married, and had kids of their own. Their acting looked so real that fans were so convinced that something must be happening between these two off-screen.

Unfortunately for the expectant fans, Kyle and Leslie were in love on screen. In reality, they were not dating, and they had never been in a relationship.

Leslie Jones Has Also Been Rumored To Be in a Relationship with Kate McKimmon

Leslie Jones has also been a target of rumors pairing her up with Saturday Night Live stars. Aside from her alleged relationship and marriage with Kyle Mooney, Leslie Jones has also been rumored to be in a relationship with Kate McKimmon.

Just one viral picture of the two colleagues embracing at the Emmys suddenly sparked a dating rumor up. Bloggers started putting Leslie and Kate on the list of top LGBTQ+ stars who are dating. Surprisingly, most of these blog posts used their names in the title as clickbait.

The Truth About Kyle Mooney and Saweetie’s Relationship

Kyle Mooney’s on-screen act keeps raising dating rumors about him. He makes his act so real that almost any lady he is in love with in the comedy sketches on the SNL shows ends up making it to his alleged dating list.

In November 2021, Saweetie made an appearance in the ‘Promo of the Week’ episode on Saturday Night Live. In the sketch, Cecily asked Kyle whether he knew Saweetie, and he said he knew her until she broke up their engagement.

This was enough to trigger fans who started speculating that Saweetie and Kyle were in a relationship and even engaged. But it was only an audio engagement and nothing more than another comedy aimed at engaging the audience. Kyle and Saweetie have not been in a relationship for all we know.

Who Is Kyle Mooney’s Girlfriend?

Kyle Mooney is not in a relationship that the media knows of. The actor and comedian is a very private man. Just as he knows how to make a lot of jokes on screen and how to put a smile on the face of anyone, he is also good at keeping his private life away from the public.

All the dating rumors about Kyle Mooney have been false, and he has not bothered sharing the identity of her girlfriend with the public. He has never been married and does not have any baby mama that we know of.

Kyle Mooney is good at letting fans know only what he wants them to know. Maybe as years go by, he may decide to let us into what his relationship life looks like.

Kate McKinnon is in a Relationship with Jackie Abbott

We have since established that, contrary to the rumors, Kate McKinnon is not in a relationship with Kyle Mooney. Rather, she is dating her lesbian partner, Jackie Abbott, who is a professional photographer.

Being a very private person, it is difficult to pinpoint when they started dating as the comedian doesn’t even have a social media account. We also cannot tell that details of the relationship as nothing is known.

In fact, their relationship was under wraps until 2021, when they appeared together for the Emmys and also confirmed it snugly on RuPaul’s TV show. It became clear they were dating when RuPaul explicitly called Jackie, Kate’s girlfriend.

Before Kate McKinnon’s relationship with Jackie Abbott, she was believed to have dated Marla Mindelle, a musical theatre actress, and Bari Weiss.

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