Is Judge Judy Gay or Lesbian?

Judge Judy is neither gay nor lesbian but rather is straight. Although there have been several speculations that Judge Judy is gay, the 81 year-old American attorney, judge, and television star has had relationships with men in the past and is currently in a beautiful, decades-old marriage with her husband Jerry Sheidlin. 

Why People Think Judge Judy is Gay or Lesbian

People think Judge Judy is gay or lesbian for a number of reasons. Although Judy Susan Sheidlin, popularly known as Judge Judy, has never kept her love life secret, many of her fans have in the past had a lot of confusion as to what exactly her sexuality might be.

Judge Judy Advocates for LGBT Rights

This is because, both on air and off the air, Judy is a strong advocate for the LGBT community. She is an active member of the LGBT rights activists in the United States and has always been relentless in voicing her support for the community.

In an interview with The View, the television sensation spoke highly in favor of the LGBT. She said that the important thing in a relationship is that the partners are law-abiding citizens who love themselves and that their sexuality should be of no salient import. She also vehemently expressed the same thought in a CNN interview while speaking with Larry King.

She Has Been Seen Kissing a Fellow Woman Publicly

In 2021, fans of Judge Judy were left even more confused about her sexuality after a controversial video of hers started making waves on the internet. In the video, the American author and producer was seen publicly kissing Florence Henderson at a red carpet event.

Owing to the fact that she was already still married to her husband Jerry at the time, most of her fans were even more convinced of the possibility that she might be a bi-sexual after all. However, the pair kissing publicly could most likely have been their way of showing support to the LGBT movement, as both Judge Judy and Florence Henderson are vocal advocates of the rainbow community.

Furthermore, Florence Henderson is also not gay as she has been married twice to two different men. Her first husband was Ira Bernstein (1956 to 1985), and later she married John Kappas (1987 to 2002).

Judge Judy was Once Named a Gay Icon

With all her LGBT activism, it came as no surprise when she was named the Gay Icon of the Week in 2011. And since then, she has relentlessly pursued her fight for the rights of the LGBT community.

Has Judge Judy Ever Been Married?

Judge Judy has been married three times in her life. However, she has only been married to two men because she remarried her second husband after they were divorced for some time. Here is a breakdown of the TV star’s marriages and the children she had from each of them.

She First Got Married to a Man as a 20-Year-Old in 1964

Judge Judy got married to her first husband, Ronald Levy, in 1964. At the time, she was just 20 years old, while her husband was 21. For a while, things were going well for the couple and their children. However, along the line, their marriage got rocky following the condescending view Ronald had of Judy’s marriage.

In an interview with DailyMail, she said that her husband thought that her budding career as an attorney was just a hobby, and he kept saying it over and over again. However, one day he got tired of his condescending opinion of her career and decided to walk out of the marriage. The marriage between them came to an end in 1976 through a divorce.

Judge Judy Had Two Children From Her First Marriage

Before their marriage, Judy and Ronald already had two children; a boy and a girl. Their daughter, Jamie Hartwright, was born in 1966 and is currently 58 years older, while their son Adam Levy was born in 1968 and is currently 56 years old. Her daughter Jamie is a private person who chose to pursue a career away from her mother’s field.

On the other hand, her son Adam Levy has followed in her footsteps and became the New York District attorney. Adam was mixed up in some controversies after he was accused of child rape and meddling with a case. However, his name was later cleared up after he won the defamation lawsuit against Alexandru Hossu, the defendant.

Judge Judy Married Another Man (Second Husband) in 1977

A year after Judy’s first marriage ended, she got married to her second husband, Jerry Sheidlin, a retired New York supreme court justice, in 1977. The attorney’s second marriage was rock steady until 1990, when Judy lost her father. Judy revealed that Jerry was over-demanding and inattentive to her emotional needs at the time and that when she complained about this, he had dared her to leave the marriage if she was no longer interested in it, and she did just that.

A year after their divorce, Judy and Jerry realized that even with all their flaws and imperfections, they were still perfectly made for each other. Judge Judy revealed that although she broke up with Jerry because of his imperfections, in the period of their separation, she realized that all men were the same after all. The couple later remarried in 1991 and have remained happily married for 33 years now.

She Has Three Step-Children From Her Second Marriage

After she got married to Jerry, Judy became stepmother to his three children; Gregory, Jonathan, and Nicole. Although they are not her biological Judy is still as close to them as she is to her children.

Judge Judy Might Be an LGBT Activist, but She is Not Gay

Enough has been said already about the likelihood of TV personality Judge Judy being gay or not, so much so that there are even a few facts to corroborate these rumors being peddled by some media outlets. But from what we have outlined above, it should be taken as fact that Judge Judy is not gay. Instead, she supports the LGBT movement as a rights advocate, as many Americans do.

Seeing that her marital relationships have also been with men/people of the opposite gender, this should put rest to all speculations that she is gay. Obviously, she married another man when she divorced her first husband, who is also a man and has remained married to her second husband to date.

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