Is Dr Cline Still Married and Who is He Married To?

At the moment, it is not known if Dr. Cline is still married to his wife, Audrey, as she lives away from the limelight.  

Dr. Cline is a medical doctor of obstetrics and gynecology who owns a fertility clinic. He gained notoriety after his little secret of inseminating unsuspecting women with his sperm went viral. The medical practitioner who claimed that he carried out the felony on about nine to ten women has about 96 known children from different women, including those that he has with his wife. This act went viral and had many looking out for what his wife’s reaction would be, thereby raising the question, Is Dr. Cline Still Married, and to whom?

Who is Donald Cline Married to?

It is not known if Dr. Donald Cline is still married to his wife, Audrey, who was referred to as Susie in the Netflix documentary Our Father. This is based on her reaction after she found out that her husband inseminated many women who consulted him on fertility cases in the past. Meanwhile, neither Audrey nor the public was aware of his actions until 2014, when one of his offspring, Jacoba Ballard, began an underground check.

Dr Cline

Jacoba Ballard revealed that she looked different from the rest of her family members and decided to find the root. She conducted a DNA test and found seven half-siblings on the internet, which made her conduct more tests. At the moment, Dr. Cline is said to be the father of 94 children, excluding his two sons from his wife. However, Jacoba Ballard seems not to be backing out, as she is still out to find more and is hell-bent on telling the truth.

Dr. Cline was charged with two counts of felony obstruction to justice. Though the medical practitioner did not serve a jail sentence, he was made to pay dearly for it. He lost his license a year after he retired, was suspended for a year, and was made to pay a $500 fine.

What Was Audrey’s Reaction To Her Husband’s Secret?

At the time that this issue was coming up, the medical practitioner told Jacoba Ballard to stop digging up the past, as it would ruin his marriage. Audrey, who was once her husband’s patient, was not aware at the time that the secret resurfaced; however, she later found out and reportedly tagged her husband’s actions as adultery. It was revealed that she highly criticized his actions in inseminating women who came to him without their consent.

Meanwhile, some sources claim that Audrey later supported her husband during his trials and did not believe the accusations. It was revealed that she considered it a farce and tagged it as old news, stating that the accusations were coming from a woman who was upset that she had a life. At the moment, it is not known if she is still married to him or not, as she has since lived away from the media. Meanwhile, since both reports about her reactions to her husband’s actions are complicated, it is not known if she is still married to him or not.

What To Know About Audrey

Dr Cline’s wife, Audrey, lives away from the media, thereby making little to nothing to be known about her. Based on this, nothing is known about her age, nationality, ethnicity, or family background. Information regarding whether she is educated or not is not available, but following her contributions to Christendom, it is believed that she is educated. All that is known about her is that she was a staunch Christian who served as a senior member of the church together with her husband.

It was revealed that together with her husband, they’re taking Growing Kids God’s Way at home as a course in the church and have many parents as their scholars. The couple reportedly baptized repentant church members in their swimming pool. Other than this, what she did for a living was not known, as she maintained a low profile.

Did Audrey Welcome Any Children With Her Husband?

Audrey and Dr. Donald Cline welcomed two children into their marriage, Doug and Donna, though some sources have it that they are four. Meanwhile, Doug is the medical practitioner’s son, who also played a vital role in the investigations about his father and half-siblings. He was the one who organized a meeting with his father and other children after Jacoba Ballard contacted him. Doug was also the first to learn from his father that he had inseminated women who came to him for fertility consultations without their consent.

Dr Cline

Apart from this, other information about Doug’s age and birth details is not known. The names and locations of the schools that Dr. Cline’s son attended were not mentioned, but with his father’s status, he must have graduated from a prestigious university. His marital status and what he does for a living have also been kept from the public’s knowledge.


Donna is Dr. Cline’s daughter, whom he welcomed with his wife. Just like her brother, she also served as a middleman during her father’s investigation. Though her efforts during the heated time were not revealed, she did her best.

Meanwhile, her age and birth details are not known, as she only came to the limelight to be related to Dr. Cline. Donna did not mention the names of the schools that she attended, but it is believed that she graduated from an eminent school following her career. She is a nurse who worked in her father’s clinic, but where she is at the moment is not known. Information about her personal life has also been kept from the public’s knowledge.

What Does Twitter Say About ‘Our Father’?

The Netflix documentary Our Father which chronicled the actions of Dr. Cline, has received lots of criticism from the public, especially on Twitter. It received various negative remarks from critics on the platform, as a user revealed that it was one of the most disturbing things he had ever watched. The majority of Twitter users showed their displeasure at the type of judgment that the medical practitioner received, as they expected a more severe sentence.

It was revealed that his victims did not receive the justice that they deserved, as they felt that Dr. Cline got away easily. Some users further tagged it as a violation and sexual assault.


Who Is Donald Cline?

Dr. Cline is a medical doctor of obstetrics and gynecology who owns a fertility clinic. He gained notoriety after his little secret of inseminating unsuspecting women with his sperm went viral.

How Old is Dr. Donald Cline?

Dr. Cline is 52 years old as of 2024. He was born on December 10, 1938, in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States.

Is Dr. Cline Still Married?

It is not known if Dr. Cline is still married to his wife or not following the felony that he committed against some of his patients.

How Many Kids Did Donald Cline’s Father Have in Total?

Donald Cline has about 96 children in total, including the two children that he welcomed with Audrey and the 94 children that he welcomed through artificial insemination.

How Many Children Did Donald and His Wife Susie Have?

Donald and his wife welcomed two children, Dough and Donna, into their marriage. Meanwhile, some sources revealed that he welcomed other children with her, but at the moment, only two are known to the public.


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