Is Danica Patrick Married? All About Her Relationships

Danica Patrick is unmarried as of 2024. However, she was in a marital union that lasted for eight years (between 2005 and 2013).

Danica was a prominent figure in the world of motorsports. Despite her remarkable career in racing, many still wonder about her personal life, particularly her relationship status, and the burning question has always been: Is Danica Patrick married? 

This article will delve into all aspects of her relationships, providing an in-depth exploration of her dating history, past partners, and current relationship status. 

Is Danica Patrick Married?

Danica Patrick is not married as of 2024. However, we reiterate that she was previously married to Paul Edward Hospenthal for about eight years. Since their divorce was finalized, she has not spoken about getting married again.

Other than the several conclusions that have been drawn about his being a physiotherapist, primarily because of how they met, not much is known about Danica’s ex-husband, Paul, including his date of birth, age, family, and formal educational background.

Danica Patrick Met Her Husband In 2002, And They Got Married Three Years Later

Is Danica Patrick Married
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Danica Patrick met her ex-husband, Paul Edward Hospenthal, in 2002 while recovering from a hip injury. They got married about three years later, in 2005. Paul Hospenthal was a therapist specializing in sports medicine, and Danica sought treatment at his physical therapy office. 

Although it is not explicitly known whether they started dating immediately after meeting, they did get engaged after quietly dating for about two years, and their engagement took place on Thanksgiving Day in 2004. Danica and Paul remained engaged for approximately one year before tying the knot. They got married in 2005, but there are no publicly known details about their wedding, such as the date, location, venue, or guest list.

Danica and Paul’s relationship appeared to be successful for a significant period. They were married for almost eight years, indicating a level of commitment and stability. However, it is worth noting that no specific information is available regarding the overall success or challenges faced within their relationship.

Danica Patrick and Paul Hospenthal Divorced In 2013

Danica Patrick and Paul Hospenthal divorced in 2013, marking the end of their marriage. Following their split, there were allegations of irreconcilable differences and speculation of unfaithfulness. 

Since their divorce, neither has remarried. Paul has largely continued to focus on his practice as a physical therapist. On the other hand, Danica combined her successful career as a racing driver with engaging in a streak of relationships that ultimately led to nowhere.

A Look at Danica Patrick’s Dating and Relationship History

As previously stated, Danica Patrick has engaged in several romantic relationships since her divorce. Some of the high-profile names on the list of people she dated include fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 

Danica Patrick Dated Ricky Stenhouse Jr. For Five Years

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After her divorce, Danica Patrick began dating fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in 2012. They met through racing circles and made their relationship public in early 2013. Their connection was often showcased in the media, given their shared profession. 

The highlight of their relationship included their shared passion for racing, which created a strong bond. They competed against each other on the track and supported each other off the track. Nevertheless, the relationship had its ups and downs, with both experiencing the challenges of dating within the racing world. 

Ultimately, Danica Patrick and Ricky parted ways in late 2017, with reports citing the pressures of competition and personal growth as reasons for the split. Their breakup received attention from racing enthusiasts but wasn’t extensively covered in mainstream media. 

As expected, their split also received significant media attention due to their high-profile status as NASCAR drivers. Fans expressed surprise and disappointment, while the media speculated about the impact on their racing careers.

She Was In A Relationship With Aaron Rodgers For Two Years

Is Danica Patrick Married
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Following her split from Stenhouse, Patrick dated Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for two years, from 2018 to 2020. They met for the first time at the ESPY Awards in 2012 but didn’t start dating until 2018. Their relationship was highly publicized, mainly due to Rodgers’ status as an NFL star. 

Patrick and Rodgers bonded over their shared athletic backgrounds and adventurous spirits. They shared glimpses of their life together on social media, attending events and supporting each other’s careers. They then had to deal with the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship as Rodgers played for the Green Bay Packers and Patrick resided in Arizona.

It came as little surprise, then, for those aware of the challenges they faced when reports about their breakup surfaced in mid-2020. The reasons behind it weren’t explicitly disclosed but were speculated to be due to their busy schedules and differences in priorities. Their breakup was, however, described as amicable, with both parties expressing a desire for personal growth.

Media and public interest was intense given both their celebrity statuses, leading to widespread coverage and discussions. Fans expressed curiosity but ultimately showed support for both individuals.

Danica Patrick and Carter Comstock’s Relationship Lasted About One Year

In 2021, Patrick began a relationship with American businessman Carter Comstock, which lasted about a year before ending in 2022. They reportedly met through mutual friends and a mutual interest in wellness and health.

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Reports say they started dating in early 2021 but that the relationship seemed relatively low-profile compared to Patrick’s previous ones, with fewer public appearances. There were, nonetheless, a few high points in the relationship.

Comstock, the co-founder of Freshly, shared Patrick’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to healthy living. They enjoyed outdoor activities and shared a passion for personal growth. However, as with most relationships, balancing personal and professional commitments presented challenges.

By mid-2022, reports confirmed their split. The media did not extensively report the reasons for their breakup, and public attention was relatively muted compared to Danica’s previous relationships.

Overall, Danica Patrick’s relationships have attracted significant media attention due to her high-profile status as a NASCAR driver and her partners’ fame in their respective fields. The media and the public have closely followed her romantic journey, expressing support and curiosity about her life.


Is Danica Patrick in Any Relationship?

As of 2024, Danica Patrick is not in any romantic relationship, even though she has been in a few high-profile ones like the one she had with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Does Danica Patrick have children?

No, Danica Patrick does not have children. Her eight-year marriage to her ex-husband, Paul Edward Hospenthal, did not produce any children, nor did her subsequent relationships.

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