Is Big Meech’s Brother Terry Flenory Dead or Alive?

Big Meech’s brother Terry Flenory is still alive, although he has survived a long time in jail as well as some rumored shootings.

For much of the 90s and early 2000s, Flenory and his elder brother ran one of the most thriving cocaine smuggling empires in the U.S. under the name Black Mafia Family. They also tried to launder their money through legitimate means such as a record label. Both brothers faced attacks from their enemies. They were also later apprehended and jailed. Terry was released in 2020 and currently lives in Detroit, Michigan, where he has a good life for himself.

Is Terry Flenory Alive Today?

Terry Flenory is still alive. He makes his home in Detroit and continues to live the best version of his life. The ex-drug trafficker and ex-convict has, however, been dogged by death rumors over the years. A simple online search will reveal several unreliable publications declaring that he is dead. This doesn’t come as a surprise give his reputation.

Born in the 70s, Terry Flenory joined hands with his brother to start selling drugs while they were still in high school. They later expanded their business over the years and set up what was known as the Black Mafia Family. They ran a successful drug peddling operation, bringing in drugs from Mexico through L.A. and then selling throughout the United States. They employed about 500 people at some point and reportedly made as much as $270 million.

Thanks to the lucrative trade, Terry Flenory and his brother made several enemies who attacked them in the hopes of killing them. They were involved in a few shooting incidents and this helped fuel the rumor that one of them may have died but this is not so. Terry Flenory is very much alive and so is Big Meech although he is in jail.

The Starz Drama, BMF Has Spurred Interest in Flenory and His Brother 

Terry Flenory and his brother continued their drug dealing until the authorities eventually apprehended them in 2005. They were tried and convicted in 2007 and sentenced to 30 years each in jail.

The reign and fall of the Black Mafia Family happened back in the 90s and 2000s. As such, it faded out of public consciousness as the years passed by. However, the public consciousness of that story has been re-awakened with the several TV shows and docu-series on the issue in recent times. One of them is the Starz drama, BMF. It focuses on the story of the Flenory brothers and the empire they created. Their connection to hip hop is also explored.

BMF was produced by the likes of 50 Cent and debuted on the screens in 2021. It was a smashing success and has been renewed for more seasons. It garnered a whole lot of fans and the series made some wonder if the brothers depicted therein are still alive. Well, the answer is that Terry Flenory is still very much alive.

Who Shot Terry Lee Flenory?

Lamar Silas shot Terry lee Flenory in the eye in episode one, season one of the Starz TV series, BMF, which aired in 2021. Lamar Silas is based on a real life drug lord named Layton Simon. Simon also had dudes selling drugs for him on the streets of Detroit in the 90s and was angered by the fact that Terry Flenory and his elder brother were intruding into his market. He, therefore, marked them as his enemy and on one occasion had a burst up with them.

There is, however, nothing to show that Layton Simon actually shot Terry Lee Flenory in real life. However on the Starz drama, what is portrayed is that Lamar Silas shot Terry Lee in the eye as Terry exits the house of his baby mama. Terry undergoes surgery which is botched and he is forced to seek financial compensation which he gets.

It must once more be stated that this events did not transpire in real life. Terry Lee Flenory may have had a gun fired in his direction, considering the dangerous nature of the trade he was involved, but there is no record of him actually getting shot.

This is unlike his big brother, Big Meech who has been shot on two occasions. There was one incident in which Meech was shot in the buttocks on November 11 2003. Two men including P Diddy’s former bodyguard named Anthony Jones also shot dead on that occasion but Meech avoided jail time as he successfully pleaded that he was a victim as well and not the assailant.

Big Meech was also shot in the neck outside a Chinese outlet in the 80s and he survived as well. Big Meech’s close shave is well documented but there is no record of Terry Flenory being the victim of a real life shooting.

Where is Terry Flenory Now?

Terry Flenory is presently in Detroit, Michigan. He was released from prison in 2020 and now lives a normal life for himself. Recall that he and his elder brother were arrested by the authorities in 2005. They were later tried and in 2007, convicted of running a drug trafficking ring.

The two brothers were sentenced to 30 years in jail and shipped off to a federal prison. Terry Flenory spent the next 13 years in jail during which he sought various legal means of getting out. He finally got a reprieve as a result of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The pandemic swept through multiple prisons and infected many.

The likes of Terry Flenory, therefore, applied to be released on health and compassionate grounds. His application was accepted by the authorities as they also wanted to decongest the jails.

Terry Flenory is now back home in Detroit. He was released on home confinement but from his Instagram posts, it is obvious that he is allowed to go out and attend events. He, however, has to wear a GPS tracking device.

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Terry Flenory has been living a good life since he got out of jail. His Instagram feed is full of posts of him attending numerous social events including ones related to the TV shows about him and his brothers. He has also been spotted hanging out with celebrities and sports stars such as the NBA player, Zion Williamson

Flenory also shares pictures of himself hanging out with loved ones, including his son Terry Jr. He also seems to have a sponsorship gig with Al Wissam, a designer clothing brand for men based in Dearborn, Michigan

From all indications, Flenory has avoided the path that led him to jail and is now a changed man. He will also be eagerly awaiting the release of his elder brother which is scheduled for 2028 after he got a three years reduction in 2021.



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