Is Amy Schneider Married or Dating Anyone?

Amy Schneider is married and happily so too. She tied the knot with her long-term partner Genevieve Davis in a small private ceremony on May 9, 2022.

Amy took to her Instagram to share the news with her fans while also intimating that they would be having a more traditional wedding ceremony and reception the next summer.

Since their engagement in February 2022, there have been several occasions where netizens  speculated about Amy’s marital status. She finally confirmed that she and Genevieve had indeed taken the next step in their relationship in May 2022. This was about a month after she rewrote the record books in Jeopardy by becoming the person with the second most consecutive wins in the history of the game show.

Amy Schneider Is A Member Of The LGBTQ Community

Amy Schneider is a transgender woman whose sexuality has never been hidden from anyone who has gotten to know her in the last few years. In reality, that has not always been the case with the Jeopardy record holder who was born a man named Thomas E. Schneider.

Understandably, she was less than upfront about her sexuality because of her religious family who had raised her in the Catholic faith. Her religion taught her not to put herself first and one could understand why she was not so keen to come out as transgender to her friends and family members, including her mother who she predicted was the toughest person to share the news with.


True to her predictions, her mother told her how difficult the choice would be for her in the long run but she found the strength to reveal her true sexuality from the love and support she received from those around her, including her mother.

While describing her coming out journey, she said that she felt like she had no choice because the choice to continue hiding her sexual preference by wearing her old clothes and answering her old name felt intolerable.

Amy Schneider’s coming out journey began sometime in 2016 and was concluded in 2017. True to her mother’s predictions, she has dealt with similar challenges of hatred and rejection that most other members of the LGBTQ community have had to deal with constantly in this generation. However, she claims that the rewards she has gotten from coming out have far outweighed the perceived downsides.

When pressed about the rewards she talked about, Amy revealed that coming out has helped her become more of herself and fully appreciate life. She revealed that before her transition, she found it difficult to open up and connect with people. She also shared how the choice to transition helped her get on Jeopardy, a game show she had tried but failed to get on in the decade preceding her eventual opportunity.

She also explained her struggles with using the same email address she used before her transition to apply to the show. Her choice to use the same address ultimately paid off. Speaking further about how joining the LGBTQ community as a transgender helped her on the show, Amy revealed that her fans would have found it difficult to connect with her as Thomas because “he” would not have been able to give them something to connect to.

She claimed that her fans would have met the shy and introverted Thomas instead of the now more confident and engaging Amy who romped to 40 consecutive wins on one of America’s biggest TV game shows. These days, Amy Schneider doesn’t struggle with the identity crisis she had before she became Amy Schneider.

She Met Her Wife Through A Mutual Friend

Amy Scheider’s then-new found ability to connect better with people helped her come in contact with the woman she now considers the most important part of her life. Whenever Amy tells the story of how she met her wife, she begins by mentioning the mutual friend who brought them together.


The mutual friend in question had been hanging out at Amy’s Los Angeles apartment one fateful day in July 2020. At some point, the friend had her boyfriend on the phone. One thing led to another and she ended up inviting her boyfriend’s sister to Amy’s apartment to drive her someplace else.

Unknown to either Amy Schneider or the woman who is now her wife, their lives were about to change forever. The woman who walked into Amy’s apartment that day was Genevieve Davis. Genevieve, a nanny at the time, caught and held Amy’s attention and it didn’t take long for them to start hanging out as friends.

The close friendship and easy camaraderie Amy enjoyed with Genevieve led a lot of people to assume that she and Genevieve were dating but Genevieve, who was not as confident in her sexuality as Amy, denied the whole thing and remained adamant that she and Amy were just friends and that she was straight.

Amy didn’t lose hope in the possibility that Genevieve would one day reciprocate her feelings and even though it took seven months from their first meeting, Amy’s hope became a reality and they officially became a couple in February 2021.

Amy And Genevieve Had A Secret Wedding

One year after becoming an official couple, Amy and Genevieve made plans to propose to each other. They agreed that Genevieve would propose sometime around Valentine’s day while Amy would do the same sometime later that month at their anniversary dinner. Genevieve surprised Amy by staging an elaborate proposal at an unplanned date before Amy stuck to the plan of proposing at their anniversary dinner.

At that time, Amy Schneider was already on her way to making history as the most successful female contestant on Jeopardy so everyone knew who she was. Her newfound celebrity status meant that her fans were expecting a public exchange of marital vows between her and her partner, but they surprised everyone by having a small, private ceremony on May 9, 2022, at the Alameda County Recorder, Oakland, California.

For months after the wedding, fans and certain members of the general public speculated about Amy’s marital status before the Jeopardy winner took to her Instagram page in September to publicly inform her fans and the general public that the ceremony had already taken place months earlier. Her message ended with a promise to host a more traditional wedding and reception in the summer.

Amy Schneider Was Once Married To Another Woman

Naturally, Amy Schneider’s recent marital status has compelled us to look into her past relationships. After thorough research, we have come to a definitive conclusion about Amy’s relationship history. Before hitching her wagon to Genevieve’s, she was married to a woman known as Keely Anneken.

Our sources revealed that Amy and Keely were married for more than a decade from 2004 to 2016 before they parted ways after Amy came out as transgender.


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