Get to Know Janet Condra, Larry Bird’s Ex-wife

Janet Condra (born July 1956) is the ex-wife of Larry Bird, the former NBA star, coach, and executive. The couple were married for only a year before they called it quits. The two met in high school, became college sweethearts and later married in 1975.

However, the couple split in early 1976 and divorced later that year. Larry Bird’s ex-wife, Janet Condra had a child with the basketball star, a daughter named Corrie, who was born in August 1977.

Janet Condra’s husband, Larry Bird, is regarded as one of the greatest ever players to grace a basketball court in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The duo’s marriage, though short-lived, was a very significant event that threw her into the spotlight and altered the course of her life forever.

Summary of Janet Condra’s Biography

  • Full Name: Janet Condra
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: July 1956
  • Janet Condra’s Age: 68 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Janet Condra’s Husband: Mike Deakins
  • Janet Condra’s Children: 2 daughters – Corrie Bird and Mandy Deakins
  • Famous for: Being Larry Bird’s ex-wife

Who is Janet Condra and When was She Born?

Janet Condra was born in July 1956. Even though her exact date of birth is unknown at the moment, the former celebrity wife is currently 68 years old. Although she has yet to reveal her exact place of birth in the United States, Janet Condra is an American citizen who belongs to the white caucasian ethnic group.

As previously mentioned, Janet Condra has remained tight-lipped about her early family history, and this has led to the unavailability of information regarding her parents, including their names and what they do for a living, that is, if they are still living. Janet Condra is most likely the only child of her parents. However, it will be a challenge to verify that information without knowing a bit more about what her childhood was like.

In that regard, it is vital to make a mental note of the fact that Janet Condra received her high school diploma from Spring Valley High School, French Lick Hurt, Indiana. This piece of information suggests that Janet may have been born in Indiana, even though it is possible that her family moved to that location when she was still a young girl.

Whichever is the case, we can confirm that Janet was the captain of the cheerleaders at her high school and remained so until her graduation years later. There is no way to tell if Janet moved on to college after high school or the college where she went on to acquire a degree because that aspect of her life has largely been overshadowed by her involvement with Larry Bird.

Janet Conrad was Larry Bird’s High School Sweetheart

Long before they got married, Janet Conrad and Larry Bird had been very close as a couple. Details of the beginning of their relationship would make for very good material for a romance novel or film. To begin with, Janet and Larry went to the same high school, attended the same classes, and while Janet ran the rule of the high school’s cheerleading squad, Larry was the crown jewel of the school’s varsity basketball team.

Janet Condra

It set the stage perfectly for a classic romantic situation between the school’s most popular students. It didn’t take long for Larry and Janet to begin seeing each other exclusively, and beyond being picturesque, there were genuine feelings of love involved. The relationship between Janet and her now ex-husband Larry Bird ran the course of their time as students of Spring Valley High School.

Janet Condra was Larry Bird’s Wife For Just Over a Year

As previously mentioned, Janet Condra and Larry Bird were together for a very long time, although the timeline for their relationship coincides correctly with their time in high school which was around 1973 to 1976, when they eventually divorced.

Janet Conrad walked down the aisle to exchange marital vows with Larry on November 8, 1975, in front of all their family and friends. The details of the wedding itself have been glossed over by the fact that Janet and Larry were married for less than a year as their divorce was finalized on October 31, 1976, roughly 8 days to their first anniversary as a married couple.

Janet Condra Had One Child With Larry Bird

Before their divorce from each other was finalized, Janet was separated from her Larry, and during their final attempt at reconciliation, Janet became pregnant with their only child together. It simply infers that Janet was pregnant when the divorce became official and that the baby was born long after they had gone their separate ways.

The child in question was born on August 14, 1977, just a few months before the first anniversary of Janet’s divorce. The child was named Corrie, and Janet opted to let her keep her father’s last name, Bird.

Janet Condra’s Daughter Was Estranged From Her Father

Anyone who has been through it will tell you how difficult and challenging it is to be a single parent, and for a long while, Janet experienced what it was well and truly like. One of the things Janet had to deal with was her daughter’s desire to know who her father was. She gave vague answers, but as Corrie grew and became more mature, it became increasingly difficult to keep putting her off.

When Corrie eventually found out who her father was, she made every effort to have a relationship with him. Those efforts were, however, rebuffed at every turn by Janet’s ex-husband. He had sent gifts and birthday presents, but Janet’s daughter wanted more, and Larry was not even ready to give that.

The crowning moment came when Corrie didn’t get invited to her father’s retirement party in 1993 despite her having sent him an email to request one.

Janet Condra
Corrie Bird

In his defense, Larry claimed that his strained relationship with Janet contributed to his difficulty in forging a stronger relationship with his daughter. As lame as that excuse sounds, Larry believed it despite his daughter’s concerted efforts to initiate one. Father and daughter are close now, but it will take a little longer than a few years to bridge the gap between them.

Janet’s and Larry’s daughter is her own woman now. The 46-year-old celebrity daughter is currently happily married to an Indiana security specialist known as Trent Theopolis Batson. Their wedding took place on May 17, 2008, in Indiana. Janet Condra has two grandchildren from her daughter’s marriage, and her son-in-law has two children from a previous marriage.

Where is Larry Bird’s Ex-wife Now?

Following her divorce from Bird, Janet Condra largely withdrew from the view of the public. As a result, her current whereabouts are unknown. It would have been easy to trace her whereabouts through social media, but an extensive search has revealed that she is currently not on any of the well-known social media platforms.

There are reports that she later got married to a man known as Mike Deakins and that they had a daughter named Mandy together. Not much is known about the man Janet is currently married to, but the daughter they had together is a singer who has performed at many events, including at Janet’s other daughter’s wedding ceremony.

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