Eileen Gu Parents: Who Are Her Father, Mother, and Family Members?

The only known parent of an American freestyle skier is her mother, Eileen Gu. The identity of her father is yet to be revealed.

While the Olympic gold medalist constantly talks about her mother’s support for her craft, she has never publicly discussed her father. Although there are allegations that her father is a real estate agent named Ray Sidney, we have discovered that he is not her biological father. Find out all about the gold medalist’s mother and alleged father below.

Who are Eileen Gu’s Parents?

Eileen Gu’s mother is Yan Gu, but we could not verify any information about the identity of her biological father. We could only confirm that her father is an American while her mother is of Chinese nationality. At the time of her birth, her parents were unmarried and did not have a close relationship.

As a result, Eileen was raised by her mother as a single parent. Yan Gu was 40 years old when she had Eileen and dedicated her time to raising her. Eileen’s father was not involved in making any decisions regarding her upbringing, education, or career choice.

Meet Eileen Gu’s Mother – Yan Gu, a US Immigrant

Eileen Gu’s mother is Yan Gu. She has never disclosed her exact date of birth but since she had Eileen when she was 40 years old and Eileen is currently 20 years old, it is safe to assume that Yan Gu is currently 58 years old. Yan was born in China although details about the kind of childhood she had have remained hidden.

When Yan Gu was in her early twenties, she emigrated to the United States as a student and enrolled in Auburn University where she earned a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. She later proceeded to Rockefeller University to study molecular genetics. After she graduated from Rockefeller University, she moved to San Francisco to enable her to pursue an MBA at Stanford University.

Yan Gu worked in the financial sector as an investment banker for two companies in California and New York. She also held a position as a Fusion Investment expert in China.

Eileen’s Mother Took her to Beijing Every Summer

Eileen disclosed that her mother took her to Beijing every summer to engage in intensive academic training. At the time, Eileen was in grade five and had difficulty understanding her Chinese teacher. As a result, her mother sent her to grade four to help her further understand her lessons. This act had a very great impact on Eileen as she returned to the US after her summer lessons and rose to the rank of straight-A student.

These summer trips to Beijing helped Eileen keep in touch with her heritage and she speaks fluent Mandarin with a Beijing accent, an attribute that has endeared her to her mother’s people. she also encouraged the boys and girls in Beijing schools to take up sporting activities, using her story as a motivation for them.

Yan Gu has Always been Supportive of Her Daughter’s Career

Eileen Gu’s mother has always been supportive of her skiing career. While studying at Stanford University, Yan Gu attended Ski lessons at Lake Tahoe and she later took on a job as a ski instructor at a resort in Lake Tahoe. While working as a ski instructor, Yan Gu frequently traveled for training and always took her daughter Eileen with her and this fuelled her daughter’s passion for the craft.

Eileen Gu’s mother Yan was her first ski instructor and the Olympic medalist seizes every opportunity to laud her mother’s support for her career. She took her on a weekly 8-hour drive to skiing fields to perfect her craft. Furthermore, Yan revealed that when Eileen was a little girl, she allowed her 15 hours of sleep daily and this helped keep her in the right state of mind to enhance her creativity.

On an Instagram post she put up to celebrate Mother’s Day, Eileen revealed that her mother taught her ambition and work ethic. Both mother and daughter enjoy a very close relationship and Eileen often puts up pictures of her with her mother on important occasions.

Who is Eileen Gu’s Alleged Father?

Eileen Gu’s alleged father is Ray Sidney, an American real estate agent. He is also a co-founder of Google and worked there as a software engineer, although he resigned months before the company went public. After his resignation, Ray moved to a career in real estate and founded a company named Big George Ventures.

Does Eileen Gu have a Relationship with Ray Sidney?

Eileen Gu Parents: Who Are Her Father, Mother, and Family Members?

Though it is reported that Ray is one of Eileen Gu’s parents, Eileen Gu does not currently have a paternal relationship with Ray Sidney. While it has always been public news that her mother is Yan Gu, the identity of her father remained unknown until February 5, 2022, when Ray uploaded a Facebook photo showing him and Eileen when she was still a child.

The photo sparked various reactions from the viewers, who began speculating that Ray is Eileen’s biological father. In response to the curiosity of the fans, Ray Sidney revealed that he dated Yan Gu years after Eileen was born. This implies that he is not Eileen Gu’s biological father but only an ex-lover of her mother who developed a beautiful bond with the talented superstar.

Eileen neither responded to the post nor has she ever spoken about her relationship with Ray Sidney. Apparently, it can not be argued that Ray does not qualify as one of Eileen Gu’s Parents.

Who is Eileen Gu’s Grandmother?

Eileen Gu’s grandmother is Feng Guozhen, a senior engineer at China’s Ministry of Transport. Eileen and her grandmother are very close and she moved with them to the United States to be involved in Eileen’s upbringing.

Feng Guozhen taught Eileen to recite poems from the Tang Dynasty even before she could walk. She also supported her sports activities and cheered her on during her sporting days as a junior varsity basketball player. Feng describes Eileen as a very level-headed young girl who would not let her fame get to her. Eileen currently lives with her mother and her grandmother at their San Francisco home which overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay.

Are Eileen Gu’s Parents Active on Social Media?

Eileen Gu’s parents are not active on any social media platforms. However, Eileen has a verified Instagram account @eileen_gu_ where she has over a million followers. She posts pictures of her mother and grandmother, her skiing videos, as well as pictures of the brands she models for.

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