Does Malika Andrews Have a Boyfriend, Husband, or Partner?

Malika Andrews does not have a boyfriend as she is currently not dating anyone, and has never been married.

However, the gorgeous reporter has been linked with several men who many people have assumed to be her boyfriend, but from what we have gathered, Malika Andrews is still a single lady. Everything you need to know about the stunning woman and the true state of her relationship and personal life is covered in this article.

Malika Andrews Is Not Dating Anyone

Malika Andrews is without a doubt a stunning and beautiful woman who is probably the crush of every man she meets because her beauty and personality are difficult to resist. But it may also be surprising to know that the ESPN sportscaster is still single and unhitched.

Furthermore, her dating history has been under wraps as it is difficult to tell if she has been in any relationship, and who she has been with, also it is not confirmed if she is dating anyone in particular.

Despite her fame, the reporter has always kept her personal affairs very private. She is probably taking her time before going into something as serious as a romantic relationship with the opposite sex.

She Is Rumoured To Be In a Relationship With Dave McMenamin, An NBA Reporter  

While it may be true that Malika Andrews is not publicly dating anyone, there has been a rumor making the rounds in the media since 2022 that she is involved in a relationship with her fellow ESPN reporter, Dave McMenamin, who has been with the channel since 2009.

The rumor about the duo being in a romantic relationship started circulating in May 2002 when they were photographed attending an event together. The picture was published by Getty Image and taken on October 29, 2021 during the premier of Colin in Black and White, a Netflix drama series. As is expected, the photo went public in no time, leaving fans surprised. Since then, fans and followers have been searching for clues to authenticate their relationship.

While there is no concrete evidence yet, the rumor is refusing to go away and many fans even suggest that the couple is engaged but keeping it a secret from the public. This gained momentum after Malika was recently spotted wearing a ring that looks like an engagement ring.

However, Malika and Dave are yet to confirm the rumor or deny the relationship speculation. According to all evidence available, the couple has not suggested any sort of dating, and their communication on social media is mainly platonic.

The pair may be dating as many speculate or might just be two colleagues who are cool with each other with no deep connection involved as people are led to think. Until proven otherwise, their relationship remains a rumor.

Malika Andrews Seems To Be Focused On Her Sports Broadcasting Career

Malika Andrews first began her career as a sportswriter, sports editor, and editor-in-chief for the campus newspaper while she was studying at the University of Portland. However, records also show that the gorgeous sportscaster worked for a year at a legal company with her grandmother who was a lawyer before going ahead to enroll at the University.

While with ESPN, Malika made her debut as a sideline reporter after joining them in 2018 as an online NBA writer. As a sideline reporter, her duty was to cover matches for the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks. After some time, she moved to New York and there worked with the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks as the ESPN reporter covering their games

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In 2021, Andrews had already started hosting NBA Today, an ESPN’s daily NBA studio show. She has always been interested in sports, especially basketball, right from when she was very young, which is why she is very passionate about her job and has been constantly featured on media outlets such as, SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and many others.

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