Does Harry Styles Have a Child?

It is hard to know whether Harry Styles has a child or not and this stems from so many confusing stories on the internet space. While many of the singer’s fans believe that he has a daughter, others are of the opinion that the existence of his child is a result of fan fiction written by one of his fans.

Does Harry Styles Have a Daughter?

The question of whether Harry Styles has a daughter or not is one that has yet to find a satisfactory answer. While many of the music superstar’s fans think he is a father, others believe it is all fake news.

Some People Really Think Harry Styles Has A Daughter

People who think that Harry Styles has a daughter are those who believe the stipulations of the child’s alleged babysitter, Holly Grace Andrews. She said the girl is called Darcy Anne Styles, and she is the product of a fling that Harry had with a female fan years ago when he was still part of the X Factor.

Reportedly, the female fan didn’t want the baby, but she carried the pregnancy full term. After giving birth, she came to drop it at Harry’s doorstep.

It was at this point that the singer brought Holly Grace Andrews into the picture to act as a nanny and stepmother to the girl without the benefit of marriage. Holly reportedly took on the offer and has been taking care of the purported daughter of the musician to date. This sure is a tall take, but there are people who actually believe it.

Harry Was Once Seen with a Baby in a Behind-the-scene-clip

Another convincing reason that fans of the musician believe that he might have fathered a baby is a behind-the-scenes video that leaked in the recent past. In the said video, Harry Styles was seen with a cute baby girl.

The clip came from the music video for the singer’s track entitled “As It Was”. In 20 seconds out of the three minutes of the clip, the popular musician and the baby he was holding in his arms captured the hearts of millions of his fans.

As the video played out, the ex-One Direction vocalist raised the baby Simba-style. He then started playing with his cute pint-sized companion. The baby initially enjoyed the playdate, but later got bored and started crying, which is normal with little children.

Harry Styles was seen beaming as he bade his little friend farewell towards the end of the clip.

The News About Harry Having a Daughter May have Come From Fan Fiction

It is from some Harry Styles fans on Twitter that we got to know that Fan fiction played a major role in the purported existence of the singer’s baby girl.

For the purpose of elucidation, fanfic or fan fiction is a form of fictional story that fans make up about celebrities. They can invent characters like children, parents, and romantic partners for any celeb that takes their fancy.

Reportedly, it was through fanfic that Darcy Anne Styles was named as Harry Styles’ daughter and it wasted no time in flooding social media and has been confusing fans since then.

The Name of Harry Styles’s Purported Daughter Reportedly Came From Harry Himself

Harry was once on a radio interview where the music hitmaker was asked what he would love to name his daughter in the future, and in response, he said Darcy.

Later, the fan, who claimed he had always wanted to name his child Darcy, inquired if it is actually true that Styles also plans to give his daughter the said name, and the musician said it is true. This interview happened as far back as 2012 when Harry was still a member of One Direction, and he has not said any other thing about wanting to give his child any particular name to date.

While the name Darcy came from the singer himself, the middle moniker, Anne, was probably made up by the fanfic, and the last name, Styles came from the singer’s full moniker.

Since then, the full name, Darcy Anne Styles, has struck and has been making the rounds as the name of the musician’s daughter. Important to note that many find this tale hilarious.


Who is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles is a British singer, songwriter, and actor best known for his gig with One Direction music group and his acting debut in Dunkirk.

Is Harry Styles Married?

Harry is not married and has never exchanged wedding vows with any woman. However, the former One Direction member has been involved in several relationships.

Who is Darcy Anne Styles?

Darcy Anne Styles is the purported daughter that Harry reportedly had with a female fan.

How Many Kids Does Harry Styles Have?

No one knows the number of kids Harry has. In fact, it is not known whether he has any kids at all.

Is Harry Styles in a Relationship?

Harry is currently in a relationship with Olivia Wilde, the duo recently worked on a movie together.

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