Does Gabriel Iglesias Have a Wife or Is He Still Unmarried?

Gabriel Iglesias does not have a wife. He has never been married and appears to be single at the moment. 

The celebrated American comedian only had one known girlfriend, Claudia Valdez. They met and started dating in 2008, and after 12 long years together, they decided to go their separate ways. Their relationship didn’t produce children, but Gabriel adopted Claudia’s only son, Frankie Iglesias.

Does Gabriel Iglesias Have A Wife?

Gabriel Iglesias has no wife and has never exchanged wedding vows with any woman in his entire life.

The American actor cum comedian is the type that loves to keep the details of his personal life under lock and key; thus, it is difficult to get information about what is happening in his love life after his last known relationship.

Claudia Valdez is Gabriel Iglesias’s Last Known Girlfriend

Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias reportedly met and started dating in early 2008 but preferred to keep things under wraps at the initial stage of their relationship. They first crossed paths while filming the movie Make a Wish.

However, before the year ran out, they made their first official appearance as a couple at a charity event entitled A Wish for Animal Benefit by Laugh Factory.

While their relationship lasted, the duo lived together in Gabriel’s home in Long Beach, California. Claudia did an excellent job of supporting her boyfriend in his career endeavors.

There was a time that the American actor cum comedian suffered from depression and was heavily into alcohol abuse. Claudia reportedly played a significant role in getting him back on his feet. Gabriel once had a diabetes scare, and Claudia was also there for him the whole time.

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez Ended Their Relationship in 2020

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez’s relationship was enduring as the couple lived together for 12 years before things went south by the middle of 2020.

The breakup was close to the time that Gabriel was reportedly into alcohol abuse coupled with depression, but it is yet to be established whether his alcoholism had anything to do with their split.

Around June 2020, Gabriel appeared in an interview session with People, where he revealed the struggle he had to pass through while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In his own words, the Mexican-American comedian said everything fell apart, and he just had to retreat into survival mode.

Weighed down by his life issues, Gabriel was forced to keep his work on hold by canceling already scheduled shows, concerts, and movie roles and embarked on what he described as an “emotional rebuild.”

By the time he eventually sorted his life out, he had lost over 100 pounds. He returned stronger and healthier, ready to face his work in the entertainment industry.

Who is Claudia Valdez

Claudia Valdez is an actress, producer, and former model. Born in 1980, Claudia is currently 44 years of age. The ex-girlfriend of Gabriel Iglesias is An American citizen with Latina ethnicity. She follows Christianity.

During her formative years, she was interested in following a career path in modeling and acting but waited to complete her studies before entering the entertainment industry. She reportedly experimented with modeling initially and later went into acting and movie production.

Her acting career started in 2010 after she scored a cameo on the set of the movie Monsters, where she depicted the character of a nursing staff working in a maternity word. Claudia’s debut role allowed her to share the screen with some big names in the acting industry.

The mother of one went on to appear in several productions, notable among them are On the Road, Troy, The Legend of Zorro, and more.

Three years after she debuted in the movies, Gabriel Iglesias’s ex-girlfriend launched her career as a producer (in 2013). Today, she is credited as the producer of Mexican films like Monstruo, Infamundo, and Gajes Del Oficio.

Claudia also functions as a production coordinator, taking credit for projects like Beauty and the Beast, El Buffalo De La Noche, Troy, The Legend of Zoro, The Matador, Jarhead, La Zona, and On The Road.

She is pretty good in what she does. She has earned awards and accolades, including the Annual Kids’ Choice Award from Nickelodeon, the American Country Award, and the Silver Ariel Award in the Best Short Fiction Film category in 2014.

Did Gabriel Iglesias Date Reality TV Star, Kimmy Burns

Gabriel Iglesias recorded an appearance on The Celebrity Dating Game in July 2021 alongside contestants like entrepreneur Alexandra Cristin, activist Crystal Wenrick, administrative assistant Kimmy Burns, and more. On his arrival, he informed them that he wished to settle down.

Cristin was the first to unravel Gabriel’s identity when she called him “the fluffy comedian,” in her own words, she said she couldn’t wait to kiss him.

As the matchmaking was going on, Cristin lost out to Kimmy, who touted her chocolate-making abilities and asserted that her best feature was her back.

However, After Kimmy won Gabriel on the show, fans were not intimated with what transpired between them later. Thus, we cannot say whether they dated or not.

Who Did Gabriel Iglesias Have A Kid With?

Gabriel Iglesias did not have a child with anybody. However, he is a father of one through adoption. After he started dating Claudia Valdez, the American actor cum comedian went on to adopt her only son, Frankie Iglesias, and gave the boy his last name.

Frankie is currently 26 as he was born on the 8th of December 1997. The identity of his father is not known, but the youngster is said to be the product of Claudia’s past relationship before she met Gabriel in 2008.

As he was busy with his studies in California, Gabriel’s adopted son was also taking acting classes, and today, the young man is an aspiring actor, musician, and comedian. Though he has no blood ties with Iglesias, Frankie seems to have followed in his footsteps, and Gabriel is super proud of him.

So far, Frankie has recorded appearances on the sets of a few comedy specials by his adoptive father. He has also graced some of Gabriel’s shows on television,  including Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution, Fluffy’s Food Adventures, and more.

From what is obvious, Frankie and Gabriel share a great bond. The celebrated American comedian seems to be very proud of the man that Frankie has become. Gabriel once shared a Twitter post where he was seen urging girls to come and take his only son off his hands. In the same post, the actor said “My son is great! He’s 19 and chills. What a life!. Frankie’s dad also boasted that his son has all his shots.”

Gabriel is forever talking about Frankie in his comedy shows and more importantly, he has declared that the young man is going to be his only child as he has no desire to sire other children. The comedian is also a pet father to his Chihuahua Bruno.


Does Gabriel Iglesias have a wife”

No, Gabriel Iglesias has no wife, he is not married and has never been married.

How many children does he have?

Gabriel has no biological children, but he is a father of Frankie Iglesias through adoption.

What is the name of Gabriel’s son?

Gabriel’s adopted son is called Frankie Iglesias, he has the comedian’s last name.

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