Does A’ja Wilson Have a Husband, Boyfriend or Partner?

A’ja Wilson has never been married, nor does she have a husband. However, she has a boyfriend, Josh Cunningham, whom she met way back in high school and started dating in 2018.

A’ja is an American basketball champion who made her professional debut after she emerged as the best overall in the Las Vegas Aces in 2018. Having recorded outstanding accomplishments in her career as a professional basketball player, a lot of public interest has been drawn to her. Among the things the public wants to know about is her relationship life, as questions have been asked if she is married or dating. Read on, as we have answers to the question about Aja Wilson’s relationship life.

Is A’ja Wilson Married?

No! A’ja Wilson has no record of marriage, nor has she divorced from any marriage. Meanwhile, this does not justify the fact that she does not have a love life. However, in all that is known about her private and relationship life, there has never been any news or event of her getting or being married.

A’ja Wilson has always kept her love life away from social media as she decided to pay more attention to thriving in her career as a professional basketball player. This notwithstanding, her indifference to involving her private life in her fame did not stop her fans from probing to know who she was married to, whether or not she is married or was married, and for how long.

According to reports, there were times speculations saturated the internet suggesting that A’ja’s sexual orientation could be nonconforming since she barely presents any man as her lover.

Has A’ja Wilson Been In Any Relationship?

Since her emergence as a star player, A’ja Wilson has been known to have just one boyfriend, Josh Cunningham. Josh, who also happens to be a basketball player, coincidentally shares many things in common with his celebrity girlfriend, including the same month and year of birth. Their love is best described as a roller coaster as they took time before getting close to each other. The lovebirds both attended the same high school, Heathwood Hall Episcopal High School.

It’s pertinent to note that despite the fact that the lovebirds attended the same high school, they didn’t start talking until 2018, shortly after which they started dating. They began talking only after Aja sent Josh a message to inquire about the University of South Carolina and to learn a little about him. She revealed that he was not much of a talker, and as such, their messages were kind of awkward. Meanwhile, they toured the University of South Carolina together but did not get to attend the same college, though Aja tried talking him into it.

Although they attended different colleges, A’ja Wilson and Josh Cunningham held on to their love, but on a private note, which made it a more interesting fact for the public. They made efforts to attend the same college, as reported by The List, stating that A’ja Wilson, through a text, asked Josh to consider attending the same college with her. However, it seems that Josh did not buy the idea as he still went on with his studies at another university as he did not want to be a source of distraction.

In a report by the Dayton Daily News, Josh revealed that A’ja was more interested in building her school program. Meanwhile, he attended Bradley University, Illinois, but finished his studies at the University of Dayton, while A’ja Wilson attended the University of South Carolina, where she earned a degree certificate in mass communication.

Despite the fact that they didn’t attend the same college, they kept a close relationship with each other. Wilson once revealed that although their long-distance was affecting their relationship, they were using FaceTime and constant texting to keep up. The relationship has lasted for over 5 years and is still counting, and no one has heard any recent updates on the duo, whether or not they are still together.

Are A’ja Wilson and Josh Cunningham Still Dating?

A'ja Wilson

The current status of the duo’s relationship is a mystery. According to some sources, both currently do not follow each other on Instagram. This singular act in today’s world is considered a sign of breakup, but conclusions are not drawn. This is based on the fact that even when it was obvious that they were dating, they never got involved with each other on their social media platforms. At the moment, our fingers remain crossed as we await their comments on their current relationship status.

Meanwhile, there are no records of A’ja Wilson’s past relationships before she started dating Josh. Since her relationship status at the moment has remained vague, it is impossible to know if she is single or currently dating.

What To Know About Josh Cunningham

Josh Cunningham is an American basketball player born on August 11, 1996, in Chicago,  Illinois, the United States, to Latanya and Johnny Cunningham. He was born under the Leo birth sign and raised under the care of his parents alongside his siblings, Nick and Alex, in a firm Christian background.

The basketball player attended Morgan Park High School. He later enrolled at Bradley University, Illinois, but finished at the University of Dayton, Ohio, where he majored in media production.

A’ja Wilson’s boyfriend is an avid lover of basketball and also an outstanding player who plays the position of a forward. He took an interest in the sport at a young age and was a part of his high school’s team. He was the 98th-best player in the nation as a prep senior from 2013 to 2014.

While at Bradley University, Illinois, Josh played with the school’s team and recorded various wins as well as honors. After he transferred to the University of Dayton, Ohio, he received the White-Allen Most Valuable Player award, the 2018 RUDY award, and more. The basketball player was once named to the NABC All-District Second Team, A-10 Player of the Week, A-10 Co-Player of the Week, and more.

Josh Cunningham did not make it to the professional level upon graduation from the university. Since he is a man of few words, he has also not revealed what he does for a living at the moment, but it is believed that he is earning a decent living.


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