The Untold Truth of Diane Alexander (Lionel Richie’s Ex-Wife)

Diane Alexander is one of the many celebrities who have gained the attention of the media in an unconventional way. Her claim to fame came as a result of her high profile relationship with legendary musician Lionel Richie. Their marriage and subsequent divorce further attracted more attention due to the fact it was one of the most expensive divorce cases at the time.

Since that time, Diane Alexander has moved on with life and has reportedly entered into another relationship with another man. Find out the truth about her here in addition to other facts about her background and what career she pursued.

Details of Her Early Life

Diane Alexander was born on the 16th of June 1967 in the United States of America. Despite being a celebrity, not much is known about her parents, childhood, and whether or not she has siblings. This is not surprising as she has been very discreet about revealing details of where she comes from and her family members.

Prior to her well-publicized relationship with Lionel Richie, Diane had a career as a dancer and fashion designer. In addition to this, she also made several appearances on television. First, she appeared in films like Forget Paris and Lake Girls before she was featured in Lionel Richie’s music video, “Dancing on the Ceiling.”

Beyond these few facts, not much is known about the celebrity’s personal life. However, seeing as she dated and married one of the most celebrated men in music, there is no doubt Diane is a woman of many interesting facets.

Diane Alexander’s Fact Card

Who is Diane Alexander?

How Diane Alexander Meet Lionel Richie

Diane Alexander began a relationship with Lionel Richie in 1986 while the music star was still legally married to his college sweetheart, Brenda Harvey. The pair had first met each other at the 1984 Olympic games where Richie performed his song “All Night Long” at the closing ceremony of the games.

As it were, there was a strong attraction between the duo and they soon began their affair despite the fact that Richie’s wife Brenda Harvey was still in the picture. It is, however, important to point out that while the couple was still at the time legally married, they were at the time going through a rough patch and had separated.

Lionel Richie’s relationship with Diane went on without Brenda’s knowledge; however, Mrs. Harvey later found out about it in 1988. Brenda allegedly discovered the couple together at the Beverly Hills Hotel where Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander were staying. She disguised herself by pretending to be room service in order to get access to them.

Brenda was later arrested on the grounds of trespassing, spousal abuse, disturbing the peace, and vandalism after she found the couple at Diane Alexander’s Beverly Hills apartment. All the charges were, however, later dropped. Brenda Harvey and Lionel Richie’s marriage tarried on till 1993 when they finally divorced after almost 18 years of marriage.

After Lionel’s divorce, he married Diane Alexander on December 21, 1995. The two managed to stay together for about eight years before they divorced in 2003. Citing their reason for calling it quits, Lionel stated that when he got together with Diane, he wasn’t working at the time and they both liked who he was. However, a time came when he knew he just had to get back to work. Following this, his schedule began to get a lot tighter with tours and promotions. He began to have less time for his family including being away on their wedding anniversaries.

In the course of time, the husband and wife began to drift away setting the grounds for a divorce which made its landfall in 2003. Diane is said to have demanded $300,000 for alimony consisting of $36,000 for dermatology, $12,000 for laser hair removals, $180,000 for clothes, and $60,000 for jewelry.

Do They Have Any Kids Together?


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HMD to all! I had one of the funniest days of my life with these two! Miles looks serious but he is one of the funniest people on the planet. His loyalty is inspiring and his ability to be grounded with all his blessings makes me proud. I looked for a man that loves me as much as he does. Sofia has a HEART of GOLD. She amazes me with her empathy for others. Taking care of everyone and making sure they’re feeling good and included. She gives so much more then she receives. (Thank you for my fancy gifts.) I thank god for the two of you everyday! The greatest gift today was all the laughter that is embedded in my heart ❤️ The love and friendship you have for each other gives me peace for when I’m not here. I LOVE YOU BOTH! ❤️❤️

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Diane Alexander and Lionel Richie had two children together before their divorce. Though the marriage between the pair is now history, the children they brought into the world are definitely making a mark among their peers.

Their first child, a son called Miles Brockman Richie, was born on the 27th of May 1994, a year before the couple walked down in the aisle in 1995. Almost three years after tying the knot, on August 24, 1998, their daughter Sofia Richie was born. Both kids are currently doing well as models in the fashion and design industry.

Diane Alexander’s Subsequent Relationships

Diane Alexander with her boyfriend, Dave Kenney
Diane Alexander with her boyfriend, Dave Kenney (image source)

Since Diane Alexander’s divorce from Lionel Richie, she has moved on with life and kept away from the spotlight. She is known to have begun a relationship with a Ventura County Sheriff named Dave Kenney. The two got engaged towards the end of 2015 but have not yet walked down the aisle.

Despite her divorce from the famous musician, Diane has remained good friends with her ex-husband. She occasionally posts his pictures and that of their children on her Instagram page which serves as proof of their friendly relationship.

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