DeVonta Smith’s Girlfriend: Who is the NFL Star Dating?

DeVonta Smith’s girlfriend is Mya Danielle Travis as of 2024. Mya is a YouTuber and a lifestyle blogger. 

Devonta Smith, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League, recently attracted public interest in his relationship life due to a slight complication about who he is dating. This is because some online sources have it that DeVonta Smith’s girlfriend is Mya Danielle Travis, while others report that he is dating Mariah Abraham. Keep reading as we have details on the true identity of DeVonta Smith’s girlfriend.

Who Is DeVonta Smith’s Girlfriend?

Devonta Smith’s girlfriend as of 2024 is Mya Danielle Travis. Information about how they met is not public knowledge, but reports have it that the Philadelphia Eagles player started dating her in October 2021. However, there was no official statement from the NFL star in that regard.

Nevertheless, Mya Danielle confirmed their relationship on October 31, 2022, through a TikTok video, a compilation of pictures and short videos about her and the Philadelphia Eagles player. Part of the pictures in the video shows Mya and DeVonta at a gym, bowling, golfing, on a fast boat on a beach, and traveling. It was also accompanied by a background song by Trina I Got a Thang for You and titled My Man My Man… 

Devonta Smith Reportedly Stays With His Girlfriend

According to reports, another TikTok upload by Mya Danielle has confirmed the speculation that she and Devonta currently stay together in an apartment. The TikTok video titled Get Ready With Me For a Date Night, showed DeVonta Smith watering the flowers in the compound. However, this has not been confirmed by a reliable source, as the TikTok video has long been taken down.

Meanwhile, what is sure is that DeVonta Smith and his girlfriend, Mya Danielle, have been spotted at several games together. Furthermore, another act that confirmed that Devonta Smith’s girlfriend is Mya Danielle Travis is the viral picture that shows them kissing during one of DeVonta’s games.

DeVonta Smith and his girlfriend’s relationship is quite deep, as they took to their Instagram to announce that they were expecting a baby. DeVonta also disclosed this in his interview with Fox News, stating that he can’t wait to be a dad. His expression showed much excitement for his unborn baby. The duo eventually became parents for the first time in September 2023 when they welcomed their daughter, Kysé Danielle.

Meanwhile, despite all the news about them that is going viral, DeVonta Smith has decided to be mute about his relationship. His girlfriend has made use of her social media platforms to show how much she loves him. On the other hand, he has not uploaded anything that has to do with his girlfriend on his social media platform. However, the facts remain that he is truly in love with Mya Danielle, but he chooses to keep it personal and not flash it all over social media.

Devonta Smith’s Relationship With Mariah Abraham

Devonta Smith has no romantic ties with anyone named Mariah Abraham. However, an internet search on who the NFL star is dating 

brings up the name Mariah Abraham. Reports say they have been together for some time now.

Furthermore, it is stated that Mariah Abraham is very close to DeVonta Smith’s family, but there have been no pictures or posts from the duo to prove that Mariah truly exists and that they are dating. Nothing is known about Mariah aside from her name. 

The report of her relationship with the NFL player is regarded as a misconception as research has shown that Mya Danielle is his girlfriend, with whom he welcomed a child recently.


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