Is David Muir Gay, Married or in a Relationship, Who is His Wife or Partner?

David Muir may well be a gay man as he was once rumored to be dating his openly gay co-worker, Gio Benitez. However, nothing came out of the alleged relationship and there is no valid piece of evidence to support the claims that he is indeed Gay as he has not openly confirmed or denied the rumors.

The only thing that is certain about the journalist’s personal life is that he is not married and has never been, either to a man or a member of the opposite sex.

Muir, who is one of America’s most beloved anchors on ABC World News Tonight, has enjoyed a career that has lasted over two and a half decades. The New York native has covered several topical news issues whilst reporting from some of the world’s most notable hotspots. He has also interviewed high-profile personalities and has accumulated several awards in the process.

David Muir Has Never Disclosed His Sexual Orientation and Has Never Been Married

David Muir
Muir interviewing President Trump: Image Source

While some reports have claimed that the famous journalist is gay, there is nothing that suggests this is true. Most of the said reports reached the conclusion based on a silly sentiment —David is 50 years old, handsome, and has a successful career, yet with no record of any romantic relationship; so he is possibly gay and yet to come out of the closet.

Some of these reports were probably baiting Muir to comment on his sexuality, but being a journalist, he understands that the best way to handle such issues is to ignore them.

Despite the speculations and rumors, David has never commented on the matter. He has completely left those obsessed about his love life and sexuality to believe whatsoever they want to about him in that regard.

In all of these, what is certain to the public is that the anchor of ABC World News Tonight is not married and has never been. But then, one can only be too sure about that. Given the extent to which David Muir has kept this area of his life private, the only safe conclusion to make regarding it is to admit that nothing is known.

As far as we know, the journalist is committed to his career which has been his lifelong passion. It is often said that success does not happen overnight but over time and this certainly proves true in the case of David Muir. The ABC journalist did not just stumble into his career as an award-winning anchor but laid the foundation from his childhood.

A native of Syracuse, New York, Muir grew up with an unquenchable taste to know the world beyond him and thus spent his evenings watching the news. Young Muir aspired to become an anchor just like those he watched and by the age of 12, commenced an internship at the local TV station.

He did not stop at this but also took up the role of an announcer at his high school, delivering the morning news and interviewing teachers. To further prepare himself for the greatness he aspired, Muir studied Journalism at the Ithaca College, New York. He also embarked on additional studies at Georgetown University and the University of Salamanca, Spain.

He Was Once Rumored To Be In a Gay Relationship With a Colleague Named Gio Benitez

David Muir
Muir and Gio Benitez: Image Source

David Muir officially kick-started his career in 1994, working as a reporter/anchor for WTVH-TV, Syracuse. He spent six years in this role and rose to become a favorite amongst the locals. He also received several accolades for his reportage as well as brilliant interviewing skills.

Following his successful sojourn in Syracuse, Muir decided to seek greater challenges outside. He moved to Boston and joined the ABC-affiliated station, WCVB-TV, in 1999. This particular gig lasted for about three years and it further consolidated his reputation as an excellent anchor/reporter as well as an erudite interviewer.

In August 2003, David Muir was tapped to join the ABC Network. He started as an anchor for their various news programs such as World News Now, World News This Morning, and World News Saturday. He was subsequently promoted to host the network’s signature news show, World News Tonight (with David Muir), in 2014.

Now, the world of broadcast journalism is quite cutthroat and fast-paced and as such, doesn’t leave much time for romance. Muir may have become a victim of this sad reality as he has never been in a confirmed relationship to date.

Nevertheless, it was once rumored that he was is in a gay romantic relationship with a fellow journalist and his ABC colleague named Gio Benitez. The rumor further gained traction after pictures emerged of the two visiting a gay bar together; this was sometime in 2015.

Be that as it may, the speculations were never substantiated as Gio Benitez later got married to his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario. It also meant that no one has been able to substantiate whether Muir is truly gay or was just hanging out with his colleague.

David Muir Has Also Been Rumored To Be Dating Kate Dries

Like David Muir, Kate is also a journalist. She has worked in various capacities in that field since she graduated from the University of Chicago and currently works as the Editorial Director of Features at VICE. Before this, she was a deputy editor at WBEZ, BuzzFeed, and Jezebel. On the 9th of October 2015, Kate Dries had an article titled Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a ‘Monster’ published on Jezebel.

Reading through the piece, one could tell it was intended to be a satire. Dries dwelled on the perceived desirability of David as a romantic partner to report on a toxic relationship with his co-workers.

As the story goes, David was nicknamed “Anchor Monster” by his junior colleagues at ABC after he repeatedly lashed out on them because his rival, NBC’s Lester Holt, was out-performing him in ratings despite his big interviews with Hillary Clinton and Pope Francis which he imagined would have him surpass Holt.

Kate Dries’ piece was misunderstood in some quarters which some platforms boldly reporting that the two were once lovers; this is not true. Apart from the speculated relationships with Gio Benitez and Kate Dries, nothing has been heard about Muir’s love life. The ABC anchor does not seem fazed by his lack of a love life but is happy to dedicate himself to his calling as well as his adorable puppy named Axel.

David Muir’s Fact Sheet

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