Trey Parker
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Trey Parker is an American actor, animator, writer, director, producer, singer and songwriter known for co-creating the animated series South Park for which he has won multiple Emmy Awards. As a musician, his major work has been The Book of Mormon which won a Tony Award in 2011.

Biography (Early Days)

Born Randolph Severn Parker III on October 19, 1969, in Conifer, Colorado, Parker’s interest for animation can be traced back to his love for the comedy group Monty Python and in his sixth grade, he wrote a sketch titled The Dentist which he performed on stage. However, his parents were not pleased with the show as it was a bit creepy with lots of fake blood being spilled as they tried to portray what can go wrong at the dentist. He was not discouraged, rather, he continued to make short films with his friends on the weekends. He also developed an interest in music as a teenager which prompted him to learn how to play the piano and he joined a band called the Evergreen Players.

It was during his days at the University of Colorado that he met Matt Stone a fellow fan of the Monty Python group who later became his colleague and the pair have been working together to date. The pair featured in short films like First Date, Man on Mars and Job Application. In 1992, they set up a company called ‘Avenging Conscience’ which produced the film Alfred Packer and in 1997 they produced South Parker which became a successful TV series over the years. Other TV shows and comedy work of Parker include Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics, Chef Aid: The South Park Album, Team America: World Police and in June 2017, his voice was featured in the animated movie Despicable Me 3.

The actor and animator has won 5 Primetime Emmy Awards, a Chicago Film Critics Association Award, a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album in 2012 and an Annie Award Winner in 2013. He has also been nominated for an Academy award in 2000.

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Trey Parker’s Net Worth

The talented animator, actor, producer, director and writer over the years has recorded major commercial success from the inception of his company in 1992 with business partner Matt Stone. It is recorded that one of his series titled That’s My Bush earns him up to $1 million per episode and in 2007 he entered a contract with Comedy Central alongside his partner Matt Stone which earned them a whopping sum of $75 million. The hit series South Park is also a constant source of revenue that runs into millions of dollars per annum. Also, the musical work The Book of Mormon which debuted in 2011 on Broadway is another major source of income for the animator. His house in Los Angeles is said to be valued at $13 million which he can actually afford as his net worth is said to be $400 million.

Is Trey Parker Gay? 

An obvious answer to the question or any such speculations about Parker being gay is no. He is a straight man who has been in numerous relationships with the female folk. His first relationship on record was with Liane Adamo back in 1988 but their relationship ended in 1992. He later dated Toddy Walters briefly in 1993 then Lisa Faulkner between 2000 t0 2001 followed by Nichole Galicia in 2003.

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Family – Wife, Daughter

Tery Parker

In 2006 Parker tied the knot with a Japanese Socialite named Emma Sugiyama but the marriage did not last as it ended in divorce in 2008. Parker then met Boogie Tillmon and the pair were in a steady relationship for a while welcoming their first child an adorable daughter called Betty in 2013. They eventually got married in 2014.

The animator known for his use of profane language in hilarious ways in his videos released a short clip of himself working with his daughter Betty in 2017 who voiced Ike Broflovski and like her father, she is becoming quite foul-mouthed in delivering her lines.

Trey Parker the brilliant animator was born to father Randy Parker who was a geologist and Sharon Parker, an insurance worker. He has an older sister named Shelly Parker.

Trey Parke’s Height And Body Statistics

Parker has a medium body type is of an average build with a gallant height of 6ft 1inc which is approximately 185cm. He has lovely blue eyes that spice up his appearance.

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